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If you cause enough trouble, people will willingly give up their freedom for a more secure world. Since 2008a€™s Iron Man, the main-on-end title sequence has taken on a dual role for Marvel Studios films. With nods to both the graphic stylings of title designer Saul Bass and the innovative work of Silver Age comic book artist Jim Steranko, the Winter Soldier title sequence is one of Marvela€™s boldest efforts to date.
I started out in 2001, right after I finished grad school at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since then, Ia€™ve fostered some great relationships and wea€™ve grown to a bustling 6,000 square foot office.
Ia€™ve known the Russos for many years a€“ wea€™ve done a lot of work with them on the TV side a€“ so it was like catching up with old friends. We only had a week to create the pitch for these titles, so I created a thorough brief with themes and insights from the movie that I felt could translate into a main title. Initially, we pitched it as black and white, but one of our other treatments had some pops of red throughout.
My favorite transition is when we are in the red world and Captain America tosses the shield and it cracks the screen. Therea€™s been a lot of discussion lately about Marvela€™s lack of representation of female heroes. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I have been fielding a lot of questions like this lately. Once we moved into production, the illustrations were referenced but not actually used in the finished piece.
Also, everything was built simultaneously in 2D and stereoscopic, meaning our 3D team was tasked with animating every shot twice. I crafted the rough cut until we had something close to approved in terms of a shot list, then we had a couple editors come in to finesse the timing. We wanted to keep our pipeline consistent, so we only used Adobe After Effects, Nuke, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Softimage.
As the edit was locking and shots were becoming closer to final, we planned carefully to build everything simultaneously in standard 2D and stereo 3D.
Prior to this job, RV was our standard playback tool, which was great because it handles stereo flawlessly and was already proven within our pipeline.

What do you think of Marvela€™s recent strategy of using main-on-end titles to keep audiences seated until the post-credits bumper? The Marvel executives have specifically told me that they are committed to the art of the title sequence.
Now I tend to fall in love with highly surreal movies and work that's not grounded in reality at all. Not only do these finely crafted pieces provide the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with one final flourish of action and one last injection of branding, they also keep the audience glued to their seats until the all important post-credits coda rolls. Perfectly distilling the essence of the Russo brothersa€™ action-packed potboiler, the sequence plays up familiar superhero iconography and pares down the themes and characters to their most basic elements. We saw the film and talked about the technical requirements, but did not get any creative notes. When arranging the boards, I think about what I want to talk about and how I want the conversation to go. The use of positive and negative space also takes the look to another level, using the theory of gestalt to its full potential. If you could design a title sequence for a film about a female Marvel superhero, who would that be?
While I defined the overall direction of the approach, I collaborated on the storyboard with talented comic book illustrator David Mack. Each character was rebuilt in 3D with the proper uniform, technology and, of course, likeness.
It introduced entirely new creative avenues that are not afforded on a typical 2D main title. We thought the stereo pass provided a perfect opportunity to accentuate his physical build. When Victoria Alonso, Kevin Feige, and Louis D'Esposito reached out to us for Guardians and introduced us to James Gunn, the filma€™s director, I was so thrilled. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Captain America club tagged: marvel captain america the winter soldier 2014 ending credit. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Captain America club tagged: photo marvel captain america the winter soldier 2014 ending credit. Stars and stripes, shields and skulls, gears and tentacles, a grand conspiracy unfolding as heroes and villains battle it out in silhouette.

So we worked within a style that has simple, graphic compositions with strong, legible typography.
His bold, graphic illustration style really spoke to us when it came time to illustrate the characters. We developed a handful of robust, custom tools to tackle complex stereo notes on the fly with virtually zero disruption to the pipeline.
We worked up several convergence tests, each varying how far his chest pushed out into negative space. OK, but seriouslya€¦ on the TV side, I love everything from The Brady Bunch to Six Feet Under. Given the morally complex and uncertain world in which the film operates, the stark black, white, and red palette of the sequence provides an unexpected, contrasting backdrop.
Initially, I opened a different company with a couple of partners, but that quickly came to an end. I did press for some, because I find my best work comes when I really understand what the director is looking to achieve, but it was clear that we would have to brainstorm from square one.
Especially in silhouette, where the slightest thing being off will make the person look unrecognizable.
Viewing it with the Marvel team on their 100-inch screen allowed us to set our depth for the scene and, subsequently, the tolerances for the entire piece.
I specifically remember waiting for A-haa€™s a€?Take On Mea€? video to come on TV, recording it and watching it over and over again. Also, not having any materials from Marvel at that point made it essential to bring in a specialist.
Ita€™s like the sorbet of the movie, a palate cleanse before you head back out into the real world.

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