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This rugged camouflage backpack is full of emergency supplies that will ensure that you are prepared to survive if you find yourself stranded or injured in the wilderness or other remote location.
We didn't realize that we couldn't purchase an adapter for our iPhone 6 in order to charge it on the manual charger which came with the kit. When hiking, biking, boating or hunting you never know when there will be an emergency situation.
You never know what unexpected emergency might arise when you are out hiking, biking or exploring the great outdoors. The Ready America 3-Day Deluxe Emergency Kit is designed for a family of four and contains all the life-saving supplies and more that a family will need to survive for those crucial 72 hours after a disaster. Be prepared for any emergency with the Ready America Grab 'n Go Emergency Kit with the 2-Person Backpack and the Emergency Power Station.
Ensure the survival and comfort of your family with this well-stocked emergency kit in an easy-to-grab-and-go backpack.
Unique to this kit are three extra items, an emergency power station, duct tape (10 yards) and a multi-function pocket tool with pliers. Each kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain 2 people for 3 days according to the American Red Cross recommendations. The emergency kit contains four 2400-calorie food bars (5-year shelf life), 4 liter sized waters (5-year shelf life), 4 emergency ponchos, 4 survival blankets, 1 emergency power station, 10 yards of duct tape, 1 multi-function pocket tool with pliers, 1 first aid kit (107-piece), four 12-hour emergency lightsticks, 4 pairs of nitrile gloves, 4 pairs of safety goggles, 4 Niosh N95 dust masks, 4 packs of pocket tissues, 1 pair of leather work gloves, 1 emergency whistle, 12 pre-moistened towelettes, 3 bio-hazard bags and one 4-person backpack. Be prepared for what Mother Nature dishes out with a Ready America, Cold Weather Survival Kit by Ready America.
The Cummins Power Generation Cold Weather Start Kit is specially designed and manufactured for use with the RS20A home standby generator. Life+Gear guarantees that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the entire life of the product.

The contents have been carefully selected so that you can survive the first critical 72 hours of an emergency. Unfortunately we had already taken things apart, added things and made it impossible to return them. Ita€™s wise to always be prepared for the unexpected by having the Ready America Outdoor Survival Kit on hand.
The kit contains enough food and water to sustain a family of four for the critical first 72 hours of an emergency situation. It contains more than what you need to survive the crucial first 72 hours whether stranded in your home, your car or in the wilderness. Credit CenterSpecial Financing Available Everyday* See Offer & Details Make a Payment Get It InstalledThe Home Depot makes home installation and repair easy.
Each 4-Person Backpack kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain 4 people for 3 days according to the American Red Cross recommendations. When winter comes, cold weather emergencies are also a possibility so you should be prepared for them. Our one-person emergency kit contains essential items such as lifesaving food and water, survival blankets and body warmers, tools to dig your vehicle out of the snow and more. Whether it be hiking through the foothills or evacuating your home in an emergency, the Life Gear Grab n' Go Backpack gives you peace of mind. This guarantee does not cover damage caused by accident, unreasonable use, modification of the product or normal wear and tear.
Carry your kit in your car or RV, on your boat, or keep it handy for hunting, hiking or just exploring.
Carry your kit in your car or RV, on your boat or keep it handy for hunting, hiking or just exploring.

Food and water are the most critical supplies for survival and this kit includes a food bar and water pouches. It is always wise to be prepared with the Ready America Grab-and-Go Emergency Kit 2-Person Backpack. Winter brings its own set of cold weather emergencies and you need to be prepared for them.
This pack gives you the basic essentials for a day trip but would need food and water added to be any longer than a day pack. The large camouflage backpack contains more than the essentials you will need to be safe and survive, including 1 Emergency Power Station, 1 multi-function pocket tool with pliers, a 3-pak of utility flames with a stove, two 2,400 Calorie Food bars (5-year shelf life), 6 Water Pouches (5-year shelf life), 1 bottle of Water Purification Tablets (purify 25 qt.), 2 knit caps, 1 light stick, 1 safety vest, 1 five-in-one Survival Whistle, one 33-piece first aid kit, 2 survival blankets, 2 ponchos.
The large camouflage backpack contains more than the essentials you will need to be safe and survive, including two 2,400 Calorie Food bars (5 year shelf life), 6 Water Pouches (5 year shelf life), 1 LED crank headlamp, 1 pocket knife, 1 fire starter fuel pouch, 1 light stick, 1 five-in-one Survival Whistle, 2 survival blankets, 2 ponchos and 1 waterproof matches.
An LED crank-powered headlamp, a light stick, a survival blanket and a knit cap will help keep you warm and safe. The pack seems to have the basics needed in an emergency and room to add any extra things if you want. Keep this backpack, full of carefully selected supplies, in your home, your car, your cabin, boat or your RV. We've recently had flooding and my kids are all active skiers and snowboarders and always on the road.
The supplies in your backpack from Life Gear will help you stay a step ahead in being prepared for an unexpected disaster or emergency.

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