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Each kit features a spray bottle of water, cleaning fluid, shop towels, ziploc bags, cleaner wax, a microfiber sponge, and antibacterial hand wipes – in short, everything to need to handle some serious shit. Has a unique funnel inside the bag with a "one-way" valve that prevents accidental spills making the pouch leak proof, even if turned upside down.
Used by travelers, on a construction site, utility workers, military, FEMA for disaster relief, and in many other situations. The power outage in Venice was a great reminder of how paralyzing life can be when basic services are not available.

A 4 person, 3 day survival kit supply of emergency supplies packaged in a 5 gallon pail and designed for the home or office. This complete emergency survival kit contains the following items which are recommended to keep your cat alive and happy during a disaster.
Poncho is dried and packed back in for the next time, but the entire kit, hand crank radio and supplies give me incredible peace of mind. When the lights went out tonight, I new I would have light, battery power, water and supplies for myself and my pets for days if necessary.

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