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Keeping Emergency Survival Kits at school for students and administrators is an essential part of maintaining a safe school. With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. Following a catastrophic disaster during school hours, students and school administrators may be stranded on campus for days to weeks until roads are cleared for safe driving. Not only do you want to keep your students to be safe, but also it is your responsibility to take measures to protect your students from forgeable dangers such as natural disasters. School ER™ Survival Kits are designed to contain everything students and administrators need to survive for 3 days when confronted with an emergency disaster situation at school.
Backpack on Wheels - Upgrade your kit with a backpack on wheels to make transporting your survival kit easier.
Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit with additional emergency supplies specifically designed to prepare your home for a hurricane.
The ER™ Hurricane Kit contains hurricane supplies to protect against damage or injury that may occur due to a hurricane. As witnessed by the brutal forces and devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is essential to prepare your home for a hurricane when living in hurricane country. Survival kit designed for the classroom with all of the necessary emergency supplies to prepare for any disaster.
But don't waste your time and money constantly replacing unreliable store-bought items when you can get a kit designed by emergency preparedness experts to last and be ready when you need it. The Safety Lockdown ER™ Survival Kit comes with a 72-hour survival supply to prepare a classroom to evacuate or shelter-in-place for safety following a disaster.

An ER™ EMERGENCY READY First Aid Kit containing comprehensive first aid items designed for disaster related and other substantial injuries for up to 75 people.
The ER™ EMERGENCY READY Trauma Central Supply Kit contains a comprehensive set of emergency first aid supplies for treating more serious injuries such as profuse bleeding, broken bones, and burns.
This kit is recommended for a large group to use as a centralized supply for emergency response first aid treatment following a disaster. Following a disaster, carry this trauma first aid kit to a safe location and set-up shelter for treating disaster survival victims starting with the most severely wounded or injured by prioritizing treatment using included triage tags.
The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 5 business days from the time of order. Deluxe EMS-style Trauma Kit by Nutristorea„?When disaster strikes, ita€™s difficult to predict in what circumstance you may find yourself.
If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference. And, if the school building suffers structural damage, students may be forced to shelter outdoors and endure the elements.
Failure to maintain standards of protection opens administrators up to liability if losses or injuries occur because of their failure to act.
Being prepared ahead of time is the best insurance plan you can have to protect ourselves, our children, and our coworkers should a disaster strike.
Use the additional shelter, rescue, and other supplies contained in this emergency kit to stay safe, warm, and dry in a hurricane. Hurricanes strike with unimaginable force and severely damage structures and roadways leaving people stranded without immediate rescue attention.

The container stores safely anywhere inside or outside your school and can be used for emergency sanitation purposes. Failure to maintain standards of protection opens administrators up to liability if losses or injuries occur because of their failure to act. It is packed in an air-tight, water-proof hard-plastic container with an easy-to-carry handle for easy evacuation. The estimated delivery time will be approximately 1 - 2 business days from the time of order.
An additional Shipping and Handling fee will apply to shipments going to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.
Roads may be shut down, communication systems may not function, and if you, a neighbor or someone you love needs serious medical attention, very few people in the world have what is necessary to treat injury immediately and potentially save a life. If you found yourself in this position, most first aid kits found in the home or office would be insufficient. To be fully prepared to take action, you need a comprehensive, EMS-style Trauma Kit that provides many of the essential tools and resources that trained professionals utilize in emergencies. Our EMS Trauma Kit provides detailed instruction for use on components and will empower you to be the one who provides help when ita€™s needed most.

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