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Keep your own 72 hour survival kit ready in case of emergency is recommended by all emergency management agencies like FEMA, National Security, Fire Departments and other authorities in charge of public safety. We pick five popular pre-made 72 hour survival kits and compare, what they worth and whats inside to help you choose. Cheapest from all five, this kit contains base layer of survival items like food, water and survival blanket for using it as shelter for one person. Large enough to hold additional personal items and extra food and water supplies, this bug out bag contains almost everything you would imagine having into your survival bag, including even emergency preparedness guide with worth to read survival tips, in case you need additional information and hints. First aid kit contain 2 antiseptic towelettes, one iodine pad, six alcohol pads for disinfection, ten cotton swabs and a lot of band aids plus other medicine supplies, 53 various first aid items in total.
You may find that extra water would be good addition to this kit, but take a note that water is heavy and can overweight your bag so one bottle with fifty water purification tablets can be a answer for water cleansing on the run. It’s always better have some backup or if you looking for extended period two or even one person survival kit, this would be a choice. When things get tough it’s better have your survival supplies ready to grab and go without looking for additional stuff. One 1 liter capacity Lexan water bottle and one bottle with 50 Aquamira Potable Aqua water purification tablets for additional water cleansing and supply. Individually sealed four N95 respirator masks, two pairs of rugged work gloves and one deluxe first aid kit along with one basic hygiene set with dental care items like four toothbrushes, toothpaste and bathing set of washcloth, comb, ten tissues, 24 wet naps, one roll of toilet paper and shampoo for keeping your body clean and in shape even in harsh times. Other supplies included into this set are all weather magnesium fire starter, multi tool knife with can opener and various blades for different purposes, 5 in 1 survival whistle with precise compass, signaling mirror, waterproof compartment, fire striker flint and whistle itself. Have enough food and survival supplies for you and your family is a must to be sure that at even very significant disasters you have more chances to survive.
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This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. Having one of these for each person in your family would be ideal, and it would ensure that you are ready for a minor emergency.
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This Inventor Created An Engine That Runs On Water Instead Of Gas & Then Got Thrown In Jail For It! These handy 72 hours emergency kits are a great idea to help survive droughts of power, natural disasters or any other short-term mishaps. Supplies for safety and self-sufficiency for 72 hoursThe Relief Pod Deluxe Emergency Kit is stocked with first-aid and safety supplies for one person for up to 72 hours or two people for up to 36 hours—critical time during an emergency or a disaster. If you live in an urban area, the last thing you want to do in an emergency is to draw attention to your emergency supply. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. At this moment you have enough food in your fridge, power for your electronic gadgets and light, clear water to drink and enough water to take bath, like millions of other people around you with all this comfortable modern life opportunities, but are you ready in case disaster strike?
This is a good way to start your preparation to survive as it require only choose already composed supplies kit which you think fit your needs best.
Price can vary as low as $13 bucks for basic set with food, water and blanket till up to 200$ for complete disaster survival kit with a lot of useful items like light sources, various emergency tools and personal protection supplies.
Manufacturer rated 5 years storage shelf life for food and water supplies, this kit is US Coast Guard agency approved as earthquake survival kit. This is a good starter kit for your custom kit as contains all basic survival supplies you may need in first and for right price.
If you looking for ready kit to store at your vehicle, workplace or home this is a way to go, although I would add some additional items like not expensive LED flashlight with spare batteries, some fire starting tools and portable emergency radio just to complete this set. Food section of this backpack contains two 3600 calorie high energy food bars and 12 x 125 ml water pouches, food and water has 5 years shelf life and is approved by US Coast Guard agency as reliable emergency food and water source.
Just throw into this kit some additional batteries for your flashlight and radio and you have almost complete go bag to store at your vehicle or other locations. Designed to sustain four persons or small family for 72 hours with all needed to survive supplies like food, water, shelter, basic protection and tools this survival kit has same items set like in Deluxe Emergency Kit-2 Person reviewed above, but multiplying some of them by two, so you have 4 x 3600 calorie high energy food bars, 24 x 125 ml water pouches, four N95 respirator masks, 4 x 8 hour lasting chem light sticks, 4 emergency blankets and ponchos, two tube tents. Although most expensive from all 72 hour survival kits, this one is packed into two bugout bags with everything and a little bit more to make your life easier when disaster strikes. For sleeping and shelter you have four reflective emergency sleeping bags, two tube tents, four emergency ponchos and 50 feet of rope, enough to make your shelter comfortable enough to have some sleep and rest which is very important at stressful emergency situations. Whatever you choose, know what you have in your bugout bag and if possible get some kit extra to test everything out to avoid misunderstandings when you really need all this stuff. The information provided on this web site are for educational and informational purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified personnel. It features food and water that is sufficient for 4 people and have a five year shelf-life.

It contains enough food to last one person three days, supplies to make a fire and cook food, and it gives you the ability to filter your water.
If you ever experienced blackout or shortages of essential supplies like food or water due natural or man made disaster, you know that recommendations have at least basic supplies are very important for you and your household.
Of course you can make good emergency food and other supplies list by yourself, but this can be time consuming and require additional planing.
As emergency light sources this kit have one large flashlight with two DD size batteries (included) and 2 x eight hour lasting chem light sticks, personal protection section has two N95 respirator masks and one pair of heavy work gloves.
Multi tool knife would be useful for various tasks like quick field repairs, canned food opening or shelter building. Comprehensive 48 page preparedness guide with survival tips, various checklists are included into this 72 kit. Keep one in your home, office, and RV so you’ll be ready to go with supplies to help you stay safe and self-sufficient. 3000 The Survival Kit are high energy food bars with essential minerals and vitamins sealed in six individually vacuum sealed bags.
For emergency shelter and body heat saver you can use combination of two emergency blankets, two emergency ponchos and fifty feet of rope or set up lightweight tube tent included into this set.
Another all in one multipurpose device in this set are 5-in-1 red colored survival whistle which consist from compass, fire striker flint, signaling mirror and waterproof case for matches or other small valuable items along with lanyard for wearing it on body or fasten to your other gear. All items are packed into two handy go bags with still some free space for personal items you would possibly like to include to customize and complete this set. The black, discrete backpack is meant to look like an ordinary backpack to help you blend in. Extended lifespan food with 5 year shelf life, four coconut flavor 3600 calorie high energy food bars and 24 x 125ml water pouches, both US Coast Guard agency approved. Inside the kit, you will find supplies that will help you meet the basic needs of four people for up to 72 hours or two persons for 144 hours. If you are looking for a kit to keep in your home, your car, or at work for bugging out in an emergency; the Urban Survival Bug-out Bag is the kit for you!

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