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Simply squeeze these instant ice packs until they pop and shake for instant ice relief that last 30 minutes. The instant ice pack provides fast relief for bruises, swelling, muscle spasm, pain, headaches & minor injuries. This Emergency Ration Pack is an excellent addition to any kit whether you are a Soldier, Bushcraft Enthusiast, Mountaineer or Hill Walker.
A compact hermetically sealed aluminium package, which can be used as a brew pot, containing, high-energy food, coffee set, fuel, purification tablets, compact survival items and instructions.

This hermetically sealed aluminium pack contains a variety of food and survival items including instructions. Contents: Plain mint cake, Oxo cube, Chocolate bar, Coffee x 2, Milk x 2 Sugar x 2, Sweets x 6, Solid fuel tablets, Matches, Foil tray, Poly bag, Water purifying tablets x 6, Whistle, Pencil, Survival instructions, Wire for snares and a Button compass.
A surprising amount of gear and if you added a small knife it is probably more useful than any other survival kit.
To always have an emergency kit you can just leave in the bottom of your Bergan until you need it is a great piece of mind.

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