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LED Architecture Studio has developed Techno Box, a sustainable temporary housing solution for populations affected by natural disasters and other emergencies.
The semi-octagonal units are light, designed for easy assembly and extremely versatile for use in a wide range of settings. Shading devices contribute to creating a comfortable indoor environment by regulating light and offering privacy. When no longer needed, the structures can be relocated to another disaster site, used to expand permanent facilities, or repurposed to provide housing for students, immigrants or the homeless.
A slew of converted shipping containers are expected to help ease a growing homelessness epidemic in cities across England.
City officials spend a lot of time and energy worrying about how to keep homeless people off public furniture and out of certain common areas, when they should be considering how to better manage the issue of homelessness in general. Homelessness is on the rise, and millions of people across the world do not have a safe, dry place to sleep at night, let alone to perform basic tasks of personal hygiene or prepare themselves for potential employment. Portable and water-tight, this concept for homeless housing by Paul Elkin could meet the demands of a certain segment of the homeless population that prefers to remain transient. Portable and temporary, this unusual-looking design by Italian firm Zo-Loft provides a safe storage space for one’s belongings during the day, and expands into a tent at night.
Fanciful, but definitely fun, the Tin Man No.11 design by Kacey Wong takes a less serious look at how portable, wheeled trolleys could provide a safe and relatively comfortable home base for people who live on the streets. The Sleepbox was actually designed with the intention of providing a compact space to take a nap, in environments like airports, but the design could easily be adapted for homeless housing as well. Designed by a 12-year-old boy, the Home Dome makes use of a waste material that happens to provide a lot of insulation from the weather. Many homeless people gather discarded materials that have value, like aluminum cans, in bags or shopping carts in order to make a little bit of money. Another idea that considers the need for many homeless people to push their personal items or gathered valuables around in a cart is the Pump and Jump. Tiny mobile homes that can easily be carried around by a single person, these Instant Housing Shelters by Urban Nomads consist of a metal container with a pop-out tent-like structure, fitted with wheels. Homeless people need much more than shelters and even community support – they need health care, too.
The Shelter Home for the Homeless also considers more than just putting a roof over the heads of people who don’t have one of their own. Like the SleepBox, the Mini Capsule Hotel was not designed as a solution for homeless housing, but it could be adapted for such a use. Vacant lots, billboards, rooftops and even dumpsters are hacked into inhabitable spaces in these examples of often-illegal guerrilla housing.
Urban centers typically discourage homeless people from sleeping public spaces - without necessarily providing alternatives. In cities around the world, people are feeling the effects of a weak global economy and homeless populations continue to rise.

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At first glance, you would never imagine that Japanese architect, Shigeru Bana€™s bridge over the Gardon River in Southern France was made of cardboard tubes. Utilizing cardboard spools used in the shipping of carpets, cloth, and other items, the architect realized that they were strong enough for temporary housing for survivors of the earthquakes in Turkey (2000), Bhuj, India (2001), and Haiti (2010).
Ban has builtA projects ranging from bridges and exhibition pavilions to emergency housing shelters with something that would normally be tossed aside and placed in landfills, but he doesna€™t call himself a€?an environmental architecta€™ as his peers have dubbed him. Though Bana€™s portfolio also showcases more permanent shelters of a much wider scope, his thoughtfulness of using recyclable and renewable materials is a new trend in architectural design. With imagination like this, we could reform the entire planet, giving it an artistic and sustainable theme that takes trash to treasure, and gives prominence to green living like never before. England and Wales Prepare to Ban Smoking in Cars with Children Present 14 foods that improve mood naturally 4 reasons why you get an upset stomach One thing that could seriously be hurting your healthy diet Is shop-bought baby food ‘too sweet’?
Designed in the wake of the recent and devastating earthquake in L’Aquila, Italy, the temporary structure consists of modules designed for a maximum of five or six residents, ensuring the comfort, privacy and sense of security that disaster victims need. They can be assembled individually or combined horizontally or vertically (up to two units high) for a variety of dimensions and purposes. Internal water, electricity, heating, cooling and dehumidification systems rely on solar and photovoltaic panels, heat-recovery boilers and tanks for potable water. The number of homeless youth has tripled in the UK in the last few years, prompting groups like Charity Forest YMCA and Brighton Homeless Trust to convert shipping containers into affordable housing.
One area of focus is homeless housing, whether simply meeting the immediate needs of people who live on the streets or providing a more long-term, forward-thinking transitional living spaces.
Resembling an extremely compact version of an RV, this low-impact structure contains fold-away furniture, a mattress, a toilet, and even a kitchen.
Architect Tina Hovsepian created the Cardborigami shelter from recycled cardboard; it starts out as a flat package and expands into a sort of paper tent.
Russian architects Arch Group envision the Sleepbox as a unit that could be rented for a period of time between fifteen minutes and a few hours, with bedding that would be automatically changed between users; it would be particularly useful for layovers that would normally result in travelers snoozing in uncomfortable chairs. For his entry in the Design Squad Trash to Treasure competition, Max Wallack won $10,000 and a Dell laptop computer for the structure, which is made of discarded plastic bags filled with styrofoam packing peanuts.
Designers Barry Sheehan and Gregor Timlin re-imagined the potential uses of that cart, creating a large, highly visible yellow push-cart that also functions as a shelter. The housing unit contains a retractable padded bed, a first aid kit, mirror, whistle, multi-tool, flashlight and a plastic hood with a viewing window.
It aims to improve their quality of life, with a community that emphasizes social interaction. Atelier Van Lieshout created the six-bed dorm-style hotel for an outdoor installation at Design Miami in 2009.
Its design is simple, though elegant, and the bridge can soundly hold twelve people at one time.

Using these spools, bamboo sheeting, and rock foundations, Ban was able to erect structures in hours to house those who would otherwise be without an abode.
The World Architecture Festival features one finalist and an entireA skyscraper made of sustainably-grown bamboo.A And Al Johnsona€™s Swedish Restaurant and Butik has a green roof where cows can still graze. Their design aims to create a community atmosphere, further reinforced by the presence of small gardens attached to each unit, providing much-needed distraction and nutritional food for residents. The presence of renewable sources make it possible to lower the environmental impact of these temporary communities and increase awareness among members of the community. These 14 designs for homeless housing provoke thought as to how we can meet the needs of disadvantaged people living in our own communities, and ensure that the situation is only temporary. The skyscraper includes compact dwelling units as well as shared amenities like laundry, storage, showers and kitchen facilities.
Theoretically it could be built at a very low cost, eliminating the need to sleep out in the open. The rolling design enables it to hold up to 250 pounds of personal items, and the push-handle also functions as a brake. The material was chosen because it is inexpensive, lightweight, sustainable and naturally insulated. Imagine if these units could be placed in cities, perhaps sponsored by the local community, for people who don’t have roofs over their heads.
Affordable and easily transportable, the units could also be used for emergency housing in the event of a disaster, or recreational camping. Designed for the Paramore district of downtown Orlando, Florida, the Homeless Health Care Clinic is inexpensive to build, and sustainable. The shared spaces in this sleek design include leisure rooms and spaces for occupational workshops. It’s organized in a way that promotes social interaction between its residents, allowing these people to see that they are not alone.
Wong came up with the design after doing a field study on homeless people in Hong Kong, finding that many people do have jobs, but due to the high cost of living in the city, are forced to live on the streets near their place of employment.
Hovsepian plans to refine the design to make it waterproof, fire-retardant and more comfortable.
The architect also takes the homeless mana€™s cardboard box to a new level with his emergency housing design. 10 Healthy Ways to Replace Conventional Wheat Bread The Types of Tooth-Coloured Fillings How Much Vitamin D is Too Much?

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