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Millions of people plan ahead for health issues, car accidents or death by purchasing various forms of insurance, but far too few keep an adequate emergency supply of food and water. If you’re interested in buying food cheap but don’t have the time to clip coupons, try price-matching. In addition to storing the basics, make sure you have some “fun” foods in your emergency food supply.
Keeping a list of all your food storage items is vital so that you don’t have food spoil in your pantry. Acquiring an emergency food supply can be a fun challenge, particularly if you involve your family. Being prepared for an emergency is a necessity, as you never know when a calamity will occur, be it a job loss or natural disaster. When you’re just beginning, you may want to focus on your family’s short-term needs until you get a few days’ supply and then work on adding long-term food storage.

If you think you need to have a year’s food storage right away, you’ll set yourself up for failure before you get off the ground.
There are some terrific websites that help you price match so that you don’t have to take multiple grocery store ads on your shopping trip. Whether you’re an apartment dweller or just live in a tiny house, with a little creativity, you can keep an emergency food supply. You will derive a lot of satisfaction from knowing that you’re taking care of your family’s needs and becoming more self-reliant when you work on your food storage. Regardless of the type of catastrophe, you need to be ready to weather any storms that come your way. Keep in mind that cold cereal has an average unopened shelf life of one year, so be sure and rotate those boxes regularly.
If you have some items that will expire before they can be used, give them to your local homeless shelter.

Having an emergency food supply to carry you through troubled times will insure that your family won’t go hungry regardless of the turmoil around them. No matter what your goal is, remember that partial storage is better than no food storage at all. If you’re low on closet space, try stacking a couple of boxes and covering them with a tablecloth.

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