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Erin McDonough, 34, is an assistant professor of emergency medicine and assistant director of the Emergency Medicine Residency program at the University of Cincinnati.
When people first meet me, they think that I’m going to be a push over, or a little girl who doesn’t know what she’s doing. I mean, would I love better hours and being off on weekends and holidays and having like, the kind of regular hours that everybody else has? At the same time I take a lot of pride in that we are kind of a safety net for everybody, and that anybody can come in and get any of their questions answered, no matter how inane or ridiculous their questions may be. I think some of the things that shock me are things that people do to themselves, from a mutilation standpoint and that sort of thing. I have a temper, and emergency medicine has taught me to control that because people are so sensitive to the way that you react to them, so it’s been a struggle. Based on what I see in the emergency department, I would say that I definitely have an appreciation for how incredibly random life is and how a non-eventful day is a day to be thankful for.
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The body representing doctors who work in hospital emergency wards, warns they will need more training to treat patients unsupervised in future.
The College of Emergency Medicine believes the training programme introduced to fast track its doctors to consultant is too short. Now the European Working Time Directive has reduced the number of hours doctors can work - doctors say they need that extra year back. A&E consultant Dr Jalal Maryosh said: "It is better for our trainees to spend more time, because by seeing more patients, even if it is the same scenario, they will get more experience.
Commenting on the changes which have prompted today's call for an extension to the length of the training programme, Don MacKechnie of the College of Emergency Medicine said: "The changes have obviously all come gradually over the last few years.
Reponding to the call for an extension to the length of the training programme, the Department of Health issued the following statement - "There is no evidence to suggest that training has been compromised through the introduction of the working time regulations.
A & E or the accident and emergency division of a good hospital needs specialized manpower to handle emergency cases.

She is also a member of the Stroke Team, Air Care, and she’s an emergency room doctor.
I’m confident in what I do, and that confidence, I think, comes across when I have the chance to demonstrate it. My life is a lot more complicated and challenging than it would be had I picked a different career, but it just feels worth it. The problem is, though, I get the benefit of all the good stuff, and I can’t get the benefits of all the good stuff without the bad stuff. I remember just feeling like an idiot and being very concerned about pleasing my fourth-year residents. I could spend every non-clinical day I have in the office doing work, but obviously you’ve got to take some time for yourself every now and then. So when I walk in in the morning, I want it to be a busy day, I want to see some interesting cases, and I want to be able to teach the residents a lot. The first time I had to tell a family that their loved one came in with a cardiac arrest and had died, I cried.
I interact with all types of people from all types of racial and socio-economic backgrounds, and so I think that has made me less judgmental. In return, partners share their front-line perspectives of the local media environment with the NMB’s student journalists. In return, partners share their front-line perspectives of the local media environment with the student journalists. Presence of mind and experience coupled with medical expertise in such critical conditions saves many lives. Like, being able to rely every year that I’m going to be at Thanksgiving dinner with my family, be at Christmas dinner with my family, be off on my birthday, that kind of stuff?
So while something’s going on, I never really think, ‘Oh my God, I could totally harm this person.’ You just kind of do what needs to be done. I’ll still fly a shift every now and then, mostly to just help out if it’s tight staffing for the residents, help them decrease their load a little bit. That stuff, while I might think, ‘Wow, that’s pretty impressive,’ it doesn’t necessarily shock me anymore.

I have a tendency to develop an emotional attachment to patients that I treat on the stroke team because I just end up spending so much time talking to them. This division is active 24 hours and caters to all kinds of situations from burn injuries to heart attacks as soon as a patient arrives. So we understand the importance of this make sure only the deserving candidates get to serve in this position. I’m much better at having social plans, spending time with friends, doing that sort of thing; going out to dinner, drinking some wine. Part of our job is to follow up with them a day later, and I’ll be ridiculously happy if they’re doing a ton better because of what I did for them.
No Betadine or anything to ensure the wound itself was clean and disinfected before sealing it up. Once the initial care is taken and the patient is safe enough then he is transferred to a special ward. Technology and workflow differs from country to country but with a bit of training and exposure medical professional get acclimatized to the new experience. As mentioned they do everything soup to nuts from MRIs and x-rays very white glove service.
Two days later I have to visit Centra Care because there is swelling around the laceration and visible puss under the glue, and I needed antibiotics.
The nurse at Centra Care was shocked at the treatment I was given (not given) at GuideWell.
The GuideWell Doctor also used a TON of surgical glue, which the RN at CentraCare said was was unnecessary. He covered my entire eyebrow so I will lose my eyebrow in this process also because the first doctor was careless. I went to the emergency room for something similar and was never admitted and had $5000 in charges.

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