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Two homes in Monterey Park were badly damage by fire Friday afternoon and a third home sustained minor heat damage. Smoke was visible from several kilometres away and flames could be seen shooting up from the roofs.
It was initially unknown if there was anybody home in the second house but it was later discovered that the six people living there, were not home at the time of the fire.
To retrieve your password, enter your email address below and your password will be sent to you. Russian Navy flagship “Pyotr Veliky” this week engages in rescue and emergency training in the Kara Sea. The Russian Northern Fleet will be ready to assist in emergency situations along the Northern Sea Route, the Navy leadership clearly signaled in this week’s training in the Kara Sea. In the exercise, the 250 meter long nuclear-powered battle cruiser “Pyotr Veliky” successfully rescued the crew in a fictitiously wrecked ship under harsh weather conditions, a press release from the Navy informs.
As previously reported, the “Pyotr Veliky” left its home port of Severomorsk on 12 September. About 200 million rubles have been stolen from Zvezdochka, the Northern Fleet yard in Severodvinsk. Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Northern Fleet’s “Admiral Kuznetsov”, has finished repairs and is ready to leave the port of Murmansk.

The Finnish Defence Command is starting a three-day evaluation visit to Alakurtti, the base for Russia’s new Arctic special forces.
BarentsObserver follows the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press (click for Russian version). A planned modernization of Gazprom?s Prirazlomnya platform will increase production capacity from 22,000 tons to 100,000 tons per day. The first is the CERT basic training course — Introduction to Community Emergency Response Teams. Anyone who’s purchased high-school and college textbooks knows how expensive they are, so when the class is complete, it seems like a waste to let the books collect dust.
Nichols Hills Pack and Ship buys textbooks from students and residents of Oklahoma City, OK for cash—no online selling or waiting for your money. If you are a student with used books or know someone looking to put some money back in their pocket by selling their textbooks, Nichols Hills Pack and Ship is your textbook-buying resource in Oklahoma City, OK. The two vessels maneuvered in relation to eachother and applied international standardized communication frequencies.
According to the Navy, more than 7000 people and as many as 20 vessels, both surface ships and submarines, are involved. Interior Department cancels two future offshore leases in Chukchi and Beaufort seas and will refuse requests from oil companies to renew existing leases.

Gently used textbooks are in high demand, but it’s a challenge to find someone who wants the books you have.
We celebrate free speech here, and therefore individual posters take full responsibility for the content and message of their threads and comments, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this website. If you would like to post your own threads, just contact one of the staff so we can verify you as a human. Kendall St. This is free and open to the public, but you must attend all classes to receive certification.
CERT members do not take the place of first responders, but train with them so they can offer support. They also participate in non-emergency projects that help improve the safety of the community, including local events for which they provide traffic control.

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