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I am a Canadian academic of Italian origin with qualifications in medicine, psychiatry, literature, and philosophy, and interested in the cross-cultural aspects of all of these.
As I am parking I notice a Muslim family walk into the restaurant with the mom's whole head covered including everything,except a slit for her eyes. First, it is almost never ever crowded, but here in this little tiny restaurant were wall to wall Muslims in every manner of dress.
I stood there surveying the scene and wondering to myself why this place was packed with Muslims in particular.

A family whom I took to be from Africa somewhere had on caftan like clothes and that style that is common to Africa. The father wore what appeared to be shockingly sapphire blue silk robe with a little pill box hat. The woman was at the buffet the same time I was twice, made eye contact with me twice but did not smile at all. In fact, she turned to the somali women who were at the buffet waiting their turn and asked them a question about the food even though I was closer and not a foreigner.

That I found a bit odd as it was far more likely that I would speak English than they (if one were to venture a guess). I was enjoying knowing that this was a special occasion for them and that undoubtedly they were thrilled to be able to eat.

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