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WHY GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILL IS ONE OF THE KEY FACTORS IN MAKING YOU SUCCESSFUL FOR GRABBING A JOB? Communication forms the crux of everyday living, both for personal and professional matters. The elements of language play as the base and sustain the process of communication and especially for professionals   who are working.
In interviews, your personality counts the most but the moment you interact with the other person your whole character comes into notice. 5)      Try whenever you get a chance to speak up as this will help you get rid of your conversational fears gradually. Start helping yourself and you will find the whole atmosphere around you merging together to help you succeed. Learn the art of communicating and become a social star and leave your impression as a memorable person wherever you go!! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Effective Communication is a process where a message is received and understood by the receiver in the manner that the sender intended it to be. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
In this simple scenario, the people reacting in 2nd and 4th ways here lack the clarity in their own minds on how to react to this situation.
As a result of this, improving communication skills is one of the very important practices one will do in the course of preparing for an interview. You get clarity if you have the knowledge towards the subject matter you are communicating.
How to be clear on the topic you speak, to attain that clarity you need to have knowledge on that topic, not having that required knowledge makes you unclear and your confidence level can come down.
You should either read a book or blog or a website and communicate the knowledge to your brain by yourself or speak or listen to a person who has attained that knowledge, your knowledge improves by your communication. Thought is more powerful than thunder, every great thing ever done by man on this earth emerged from a single thought.
Welcome to Graduate Skills one of the series of Futures workbooks, which help students choose and prepare for their careers.A  Like the other workbooks in the series you can dip in and out doing the exercises which are most relevant to you. The aim of this workbook is to introduce you to the concept of graduate job skills and enterprise, looking at which career path you decides to follow.
Enterprising graduates will tend to have more career success as their skills and adaptable attitude can be transferable to any employment situation. Whether you plan to get a job, freelance, travel or set up your own business, you can use this workbook to help you assess your job skills now and learn how to develop those skills to take you to where you want to be. Throughout this workbook, we examine eight key a€?enterprise skillsa€? and for each skill we provide examples, definitions, advice and practical ways to help you develop these skills over a period of time. Equally the skills, behaviour and drive of the individual responsible for starting and running a new venture has a major impact on its level of success. Have a look at this basic entrepreneurial test on the following page, which consists of 25 statements in total. For each of the statements in the test, select the number on the scale that most closely describes your personal feelings. You are well on your way to developing a true entrepreneurial mindset and will easily be able to adapt your skills and attributes to any employment context. You certainly show signs of being able to identify your own skills and have many that would be valuable to employers.
Having looked at the skills on the previous page, can you identify those skills you would like to develop? One way of identifying which of those skills you need to develop and work on is by trying to evidence each skill in a STAR format. Imagine you were in an interview and your prospective employer asks you to give an example of a time when you have displayed this skill.
Think about your experiences in university, school, work, social or any setting where you have been able to demonstrate this skill. As an example look at the following extract from Duncan Bannatynea€™s autobiography a€?Anyone can do it: My storya€? published by Orion Books 2006. I noticed that most of the kids at the high school had bikes and, as the only kid without one, I felt incredibly left out. The local paper shop was known as Jennya€™s newsagents, after its owner, I went in and asked for a paper round but Jenny looked down her nose at me and said, a€?therea€™s none availablea€? I didna€™t believe her and instinctively knew that she thought I was a scruffy urchin who couldna€™t be trusted. I wrote my mums name at the top of the list and then started knocking on doors, asking if anyone wanted a paper delivery. As soon as I woke up the next morning I went straight back to Jenny and asked again for the paper round. There are opportunities everywhere; all you need to do is get into the habit of looking for them.
At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Describe the action(s) you took and keep the focus on you and your contribution even if it was a team activity. You can use your initiative in any situation and it can be defined in a variety of ways such as: a€?a beginning or introductory stepa€? or a€?readiness to embark on a new venturea€?. Mary was interested in research right from her undergraduate diploma but found her work as a nurse and later, after retraining, as a midwife did not provide many opportunities for research. Mary needed to work on her own initiative to find alternative ways of pursuing research, whilst continuing her current job. Mary found a series of funders, including the NHS Executive Research Fellowship Scheme, and by the Smith and Nephew Nursing Foundation Trust. Think about situations you have been in that have prompted you into action or given you an idea that you have implemented.
In a job interview situation, employers will often ask you to describe a situation where you have used your initiative and what the outcome of that situation was. For a set period of time make some notes as to remind yourself when you have shown initiative, regardless of whether you think the outcome was positive or negative. Creativity is the ability to do old things in a new or different way, or to see new solutions to problems. Everyone can learn to express greater creativity by developing skills and competencies. Be a€?unlimiteda€? - Get into the habit of seeing no boundaries; decide that there are no taboos.
Decrease your stress levels, stressors such as noise, interruptions, clutter, routine and mundane tasks can all seriously decrease your ability to be creative.
At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Building self confidence at any stage in your life is based on success and positive experiences. Then allocate some time to sit and write down all your key achievements and skills gained over the last five years a€“ include educational, sport, social a€“ anything that has happened in your life that you are proud of or that you feel you have learned something from.
Seek positive feedback by asking friends, family, peers, colleagues etc to each name three positive things about you.
Once you have been through the above three activities, you should be in a position to see where the gaps lie and areas where you need to develop.
Set yourself a small, realistic goal in line with the above, keep this goal attainable and contained and dona€™t overextend your expectations of yourself the first time out. Next, set a slightly larger goal, something a bit bolder and enough of a stretch to put you slightly out of your comfort zone.
In the USA, banks often look for a number of previous business failures before granting new loans to potential entrepreneurs. Here are some facts about a well-known man who used perseverance to overcome the odds and finally achieve his goals! Beginning at age 31 up until age 60, this man failed in business twice, was defeated in legislative races twice, survived the death of a loved one, suffered a nervous breakdown, lost three congressional races, lost two senatorial races, one vice presidential race and was finally elected President of the United States at age the age of 60.
This man was Abraham Lincoln a€“ and his fighting spirit epitomises the word perseverance!

Another example closer to home is writer Joanna Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books, who persevered against the odds.
Read an entire book that you feel will be useful for your future career, cover to cover, in one week or less.
Pursue any ideas or innovations you may have had with friends, family, tutors or work colleagues.
Practice your perseverance skills by the methods above, or some of your own, for a set period of time.
Try talking to someone new, spark up a conversation with someone on the bus or standing next to you in a queue, find out a little bit about them: how many siblings do they have?A A  What is their job? Draw up a mind map of your current contacts (sometimes called friends!), how many are you in touch with right now?A  How many do you need to get back in touch with?A  Send them a short email or letter getting back in contact.
When you wear a name tag make it visible so when you shake hands, the nametag is right there next to your face so that it can be read easily. Consider joining an e-networking platform and then invite friends, family and colleagues to join. Whenever you get the opportunity practice your networking skills for a set period of time.
Tom Savage, creator of Blue Ventures and Bright Green, is a social entrepreneur who after leaving university worked as an innovator of ethical entrepreneurial ideas supporting community based conservation. It is important to understand and be able to reflect on your approach to making decisions.
Entrepreneurs are often cited as being very intuitive and able to make decisions with no fear of the risk involved. Take two or three different types of decisions you have made over the last few months and answer the following questions. At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
Face to face selling will be a vital skill for you in the future, whether or not you go into business for yourself. BUTa€¦.You do not have to be a sharp-suited, fast talking a€?salesmana€™ or a€?saleswomana€™ in the conventional sense. To achieve this goal, I needed to track down a product which was (a) accessible, (b) cheap to purchase and (c) something of value to students. Now that I had my product, all I needed to do was understand and eliminate my competition. Although, I did not double my money in a matter of a day, I did come close to achieving this in a matter of weeks.
Whenever you get the opportunity, practice selling & negotiating for a set period of time. Go back over the eight skill areas and identify the main skills where you feel confident and competent at. Where would you like to be in the future?A  Now think about the enterprise skills that you feel need some improvement. Now you have made some steps to improving your a€?enterprise capabilitya€? you may want to think about the bigger picture. There are several topics in the Series of Futures workbooks looking at self-assessment, job selection methods and effective communication with employers. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. If you look at the current scenario, English as a second official language throws open doors of employment to many individuals in various sectors.
Fluency in language has its basic roots when you learn the art of communicating well and that too with perfection. If you wish, then learning can become fun and things can turn out to be easier and interesting at any point of time.
Numerous questions start firing at you regarding the identity of the message and unfortunately you are stuck in the classroom and cannot call back.
Make an attempt to go out of the class creating a reason, find out about the call and come back to the class.
The class is important and the message is anonymous, they want to learn about both the class and the message but they fail.
Even after being employed, communication skills are playing a vital role for one to flourish in an organization. But you can focus and speak only on the things which you are knowledgeable so that you will be clear in your conversation.
You might ask me a question now, I have the knowledge, I have the clarity and I also confidently communicate with my friends and other people in the society.
You might want to print some of the exercises and include them in your personal development plan or e-portfolio. Ita€™s not just about starting a business; enterprise skills or attributes are as useful in employment as they are in self employment. However the skill of being able to spot new opportunities, having a a€?can doa€? attitude and the determination to take ideas forward to success not only applies to budding entrepreneurs but can be a vital part of your own personal development and ability to progress in any career. Graduate employers see enterprise skills as essential when recruiting and need to see evidence of students flexing their entrepreneurial muscles through work experience, participation in projects, sports, competitions, volunteering and so on. You demonstrate a positive way of thinking and would prove an asset to any organisation large or small. You have potential to run your own business but need to push yourself if you want to demonstrate entrepreneurial capability. You will probably be happier and more successful working for someone else and being told what to do. The following are the enterprise skills that this workbook aims to help you put into practice. I had been asking my dad almost all of my life for a bike but his answer was always the same a€“ we were still poor a€“ so I decided that if he couldna€™t buy me a bike then Ia€™d have to buy one myself.
I also knew there were people in Clydebank who wanted a paper delivered because my mum was one of them.
I started with the neighbours who all knew me, and when they said yes I grew in confidence and carried on knocking on doors until the evening.
As you go through your daily routines a€“ bus, train, work, university, gym, pub, shops etc a€“ think a little deeper about what is around you.
Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself when you have practiced spotting opportunities, regardless of whether you think you have found a new opportunity or not.
One of her ideas: a 'Maternity Cooling Gel Pad', used to alleviate perineal trauma associated with stitches after childbirth, is now a commercial product known as the 'femepad' and is available for women from most high street chemists, Mothercare and the National Childbirth Trust. These may be in university, work or at home and may be times where you have gone above and beyond what was expected of you. For example someone working part time in a bar may show initiative by suggesting a new process that means customers are served more quickly.
At the end of this time, write up your best experience in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). The more creative you are, the more good ideas you generate and good ideas are vital for business success. If you are continually saying that you are not creative or you have no imagination, then these words will turn into a self fulfilling prophecy. Have the belief that with a bit of focus you can find a creative solution to all of your problems.
Try to minimise these and allocate time in your day for relaxation, free thinking, and daydreaming. Expose yourself to a variety of new activities and situations that are different to your usual routine.
Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself when you have been creative, regardless of whether you think this creativity will turn out to be useful in the future.
It is about the belief in yourself and your own abilities and that belief will enable you to make decisions, explore new ventures and take calculated risks.
It might sound embarrassing but youa€™ll be surprised at the good things you will learn about yourself.

Please refer to the Futures Workbooks a€?Your Skillsa€™ and a€?Personality and Valuesa€™ for further help with this. Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself of the situations, regardless of whether you think the outcome was positive or negative.
Many people have achieved great success in the face of huge odds by refusing to give up and by continuing regardless towards their goals. She wrote her first book when she was a penniless single parent with a small daughter, living on benefit. Persuade and influence them of your great idea and work on achieving your goal no matter how small it may be. Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself when you have persevered, especially when others have given up, regardless of whether you think the outcome was positive or negative. Networking is the process of building contacts and support networks to assist you at all stages in your career. If you have a part time job while you are studying it may be useful to find out how the company operates as a whole, not just your section. Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself when you have tried to network with someone regardless of whether you think the outcome was positive or negative.
He feels that using established on line networks such as MySpace and Facebook is a crucial part of becoming and being an entrepreneur.
Often this is far from the truth and it is the a€?calculationa€? of that risk that determines the decision. I also wanted to try my hand at entrepreneurship and to see if I could do what Sir Alan Sugar did a€“ which was to double my money in a matter of days.
After 20 minutes of Google searching, the penny dropped and Flash USB memory sticks became the obvious answer. Co-incidentally the university was also selling USB memory sticks and for the prices they were charging, this may as well have been day light robbery.
Make some notes as you go along to remind yourself when you have tried to sell someone something, or negotiated, regardless of whether you think the outcome was positive or negative.
Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. Be confident in knowing that you are worth speaking and your conversation adds worth and impacts the listener.
Now, the ultimate question is what is this communication skill all about and how to improve it? If confidence is not added to the communication, the communication will not carry the expected importance. If your mind has a blueprint of what to speak, you are clear and that gives you confidence as well. However, during an interview or a presentation or any sort of public speaking I get nervous and my knowledge is not at all communicated well. To become a successful business owner you may need to consider how you might handle insecurity and risk. However even working for someone else means you need to demonstrate more of the above attributes. I knew a couple of kids at school had paper rounds, so I thought Ia€™d get one and save up. I ended up in streets I didna€™t really know, cold calling complete strangers, not that I knew it was called cold-calling in those days.
It was my first taste of entrepreneurialism, and looking back, I can see that it was also my first mistake in business: I now realize that my list of names was very valuable to Jenny and I should have sold it to her rather than giving it away.
Be conscious of the fact that you have ideas within you a€“ they just need to be uncovered.
When reviewing your notes, you may discover about 90% of your ideas are daft or unworkable but don't worry, that's normal. By giving yourself a change of scenery, you give your creative, right brain a chance to rejuvenate. And so forth until youa€™re in a slow and steady forward march, building self-confidence step-by-step. At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). Appear interested and enthusiastic to learn about what other job holders in the company do.
At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result).
During the course students talked to each other about their aims and objectives and what they were hoping to achieve.
Maybe you take a different approach depending on what the decision is and what impact the outcome of the decision will have on you and others around you. Visit the Careers Service and use a€?The Interviewera€? DVD to give you real life practice. On this basis, given that I had done well to negotiate a good unit price for the sticks, I was able to undercut the university and in return make a healthy profit. At the end of this time, write up your experiences in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, Result). A salesman’s confidence on the product plays an important role in the number of sales he makes, because people do not buy the product if he himself doesn’t seem confident about it. You may or may not be correct, but you should be clear on what you are speaking in order to be confident.
Stage fear is termed as one of the world’s greatest fears and you can be free from that fear only when you confidently practice. A Many graduate employers now look for enterprise skills in their new recruits, for example graduate recruiter 3M quote.. Work on becoming more self aware and reflect on the skills you need to become more employable and more enterprising and take action to develop them. I made my mind up that I was going to find a hundred households that wanted a paper delivery. I had to knock on about 150 doors to get my 100 names, but by the time it was getting dark I had them. Bear in mind that this skill is about more than having physical creativity - ita€™s about thinking of how things can be done differently.
When she finally finished her book, after many months, she sent it off to an agent who rejected it as being too long for children. Simon was sitting next to an American postgraduate student who had just completed an MA in Business Administration. If I did lose my initial investment, yes, it would have been a shame but whilst going through this process I picked up sales, negotiation and planning skills. Also nervousness might not make you seem confident, but the fact that you are clear about what you speak reduces your nervousness. From that moment on I was a small boy on a mission to buy his first bike and I rushed home to get a pencil and paper. You can demonstrate this by giving examples of times when you came up with new initiatives, which challenged existing practices. Joannaa€™s reaction was not to change her book; she simply sent it off to other agents until she found one who loved it.
Off late, the word “Communication Skills” is creating a lot of buzz especially in IT industry and also termed as a very important aspect to crack an interview. The rest as they say is history and Joanna is now one of the richest and most successful women in the UK. He had numerous contacts in the industry and during his time there had worked in casting and HR departments. At the end of the job hunting course he suggested they both went out for a drink so he could talk about his experiences and share ideas about CV preparation for the film industry.

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