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Every moment comes with its blessings, but often time we focus so much on our challenges that we end up taking our daily blessings for granted.
A time is marked not so much by ideas that are argued about as by ideas that are taken for granted.
All is now set for the take-off of the Tayo Akpata University of Education, Ekiadolor, Edo State as Governor Adams Oshiomhole has emphasized the need to upgrade the quality of teachers in order to improve the quality of learning in schools. Governor Oshiomhole said: “My own personal conviction is that because of the importance we attach to education, the whole idea of upgrading Ekiadolor to a university is that we don’t want to have NCE teachers in our secondary schools. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Who is responsible for fixing education: teachers, parents, administration, the community, the government?
Sophomore year in high school John was chatting at the edge of the soccer field after a game with his coach who had taken an interest in him.
He had said, “Yes, I got a good education once I realized getting a good education was up to me. Responsibility talk involves (1) apportioning of responsibility (as in “Teachers are partially responsible, but so are parents”), (2) uses the past tense (“Research has shown that sociological factors are more important”), and (3) betrays a shortage of the first person singular. When people take responsibility the verbs look to the future and the subject is the first person. With respect to children, I would like to see older people without children volunteering in schools, business people taking on apprentices, other businesses engaging a class or a school in a service learning project, still other companies engaging a class in a research project, or the populace in general voting for more money for education. Welcome to my blog about the delights, mysteries, and challenges of educating our children. Dennis Agbonlahor Committee set up by the state government to evaluate the state-owned institutions of higher learning. So, we are going to move away from where a master’s degree holder is teaching in Tayo Akpata University if he doesn’t have a Ph.D, he will just be a Graduate Assistant because the whole idea is that the people who pass through here must be qualitatively different from NCE holders.

We need to address that so that we can restore integrity to academic calendar and regain the confidence of parents.
For answers to this question notice incidents where individuals have taken responsibility for the education of those in their care.
From then on I took responsibility for my education, and for my success, and that is how I became an analyst at Google. I will say, “No, I am giving an example of what it means to take responsibility for education.
A teacher can take responsibility for figuring out how to inspire students even if the system seems to work against them. I would like to see a reduction in blaming and an increase of responsibility, hence it is less interesting to me that all members of the village SHOULD raise the child. These stories and reflections are based on my 40 years of experience working with students, teachers, and parents as a principal, father, and education consultant.
We will need to have a further interaction on that whether we shouldn’t scale down on the numbers for NCE. So, in terms of starting Tayo Akpata University on a sound footing, they mustn’t engage one non-academic staff more than they need, because it is not going to add value, it will just create an additional burden, consuming resources that would have otherwise been available to maintain third level academic staff.
So that when we post them to our schools, we are sure that they are in a position to impart knowledge to our students and we should be able to measure the output, from the performance of our students in external exams like WAEC or NECO and JAMB, etc. We are not in a position to do that, and I don’t know any rich nation that is doing that with the exemption of Cuba. Where education is occurring, you will see less talking responsibility and more taking responsibility.
That would be nice, but in most schools teachers are not required to challenge you with material that will make you be a success.

Before that pep talk, I didn’t even think I was any good at mathematics, after that talk I realized it didn’t matter.
Parents can take responsibility for creating the conditions in which their children take responsibility.
We have to look at the end product, although we can produce for other states, but our primary purpose is not for export now, it is first and foremost self-sufficiency.
Research shows that student achievement is two-thirds a function of factors the school has no control over.” And so on for 100 years with no fundamental change in our 19th Century school system.
If we want to change this conversation from a fruitless debate to a real attempt at change, we will have to use the word responsible responsibly. Each member of a community can find a way to make a difference and take responsibility for it–examples of such initiatives abound. It is definitely an effort that needs to be carried out as a whole and of course with responsibility so that we do not fail our next generation. The orchestra analogy breaks down because if the clarinetist is not taking appropriate responsibility for the quality of the sound, all an audience member can do is boo or walk out.
The real quality objective is that we want to phase out NCE because no matter what anybody says, the quality of our teachers is extremely important.
Look at the level of performance in WAEC, NECO, JAMB and all that you have to go through with universities now setting up another exam because when you look at the failure rate, somebody is probably trying to play with standard, to pass people who ordinarily didn’t pass, so universities now do their own in-house examination.

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