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You can become a registered nurse by acquiring an associate or diploma program in nursing, or obtaining a bachelor’s degree program. There are several nursing programs that can provide you with a bachelor or associate degree program and a number of diploma programs can take relatively less years to accomplish. There are also higher career opportunities for those who take a bachelor’s program in contrast to a 2 years or 1 year program.
It would take 4 years to complete a bachelor’s degree in nursing and 2 to 3 years to complete a diploma. Both diploma and bachelor’s program include classroom instruction for many hours in a week and they are managed by professionals in the healthcare field.
After you obtain a bachelor’s degree and diploma or associate degree, you must pass the national licensing examination; National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) so you can practice inside the country or state.
Aside from qualifying for the examination, there are several licensing examinations in various States that you must pass to be eligible for state practice.
They work for two years in the entry-level positions, take the benefit of tuition reimbursement and study more. Thus the registered nurse education requirements involved in nursing education includes a 3 to 4 years of nursing instruction and training.
All registered nurses (RN) in West Virginia (WV) are required to complete Continuing Education (CE) in order to maintain state licensure. A new CE requirement for WV RNs is CE for mental health conditions common to veterans and family members of veterans.
Additionally, we also have specific CE requirements related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances. What do you need to know about the continuing education requirements necessary for your APRN license renewal?
There are APRN specific CE requirements that you must meet in order to renew your APRN license.
The CEs required to maintain your APRN license do not add to the total number of CE hours you are required to earn.
Evidence of completion of a minimum of 24 contact hours obtained within the most recent licensure renewal cycle; 12 hours in pharmacotherapeutics, 8 of which may be used for renewal and reinstatement of Limited Prescriptive Authority in accordance with WV19CSR8 and 12 hours in the clinical management of patients from an approved continuing education provider recognized by the Board.
The practice of WV CRNAs is regulated by the WV RN Board. Every CRNA in WV should be familiar with the state nurse practice act, along with the rules and regulations of the state WV RN Board.
Health care around the world has one common goal, to provide the best medical treatment to people who need it; one thing that does differ however, is the training that is required for the various healthcare jobs that are available. Therefore before embarking on what you may think is the right course of training for the healthcare job you are after it is best to take some advice from a careers advisor, or even look it up on the internet. No matter what, there are going to be jobs going in health care, as it is the leading industry in today’s world. If you are interested in being apart of the healthcare system, but you are not OK with seeing people with injuries, you could look into some form of admin position, such as a Medical Records Technician. It could be that you wish to help those people with mobility problems, due to age, sports injuries, illnesses or even because of an accident. This can take many years to complete but the rewards you get when you are helping others can outweigh the time spent studying.

There are so many different areas of health care that you could go into you may find that the education and training you do and be used for more than just one position, or that you can do additional training in a certain area, for example you may train, and then work as nurse for some years, then decide to go into diabetic nursing. Education is very important when choosing a profession in the health care industry and it is taken very seriously that people should become accredited before practicing.
The current average salary for a registered nurse is $74,000 per year according to indeed dot com.
A contemporary education should not be difficult to obtain considering how convenient the education industry has become.
Once you have accomplished any of these degrees, you need to pass the national licensing examination and become a registered nurse. When going through these registered nurse education requirements, you must consider the pros and cons in entering any of the said programs. In a bachelor’s degree program, you would be trained in various areas like leadership and communication, critical thinking, and other aspects of patient care. Oftentimes, individuals who have gone through an associate or diploma degree programs can proceed to a bachelor’s degree program to meet better job opportunities.
A number of the institutes also offer Accelerated Master’s Degree in nursing program which takes 2 to 3 years to complete.
An accelerated master’s degree program is also provided to those who have a higher degree from another field which generally lasts for 2 years.
This particular CE is defined as educational offerings that include information on training on inquiring or inquiring about whether the patients are veterans or family members of veterans, and screening for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, risk of suicide, depression and grief, and prevention of suicide.
The initial course(s) is at least a total of 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement.
After the first 2 hour course, subsequent updates must be at least 2 hours and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year.
The training may be in 1 or 2 courses or a portion of a longer program provided the brochure or agenda describes the content and the number of hours related to the requirements.
We must complete at least 1 hour of this particular CE and may be counted as part of the current 12 hour annual CE requirement, and must be completed on or before October 31 of each year.
An APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice each license renewal period. The CEs you are already earning to maintain CRNA recertification can be used to meet these APRN requirements.
12 hours may count toward the continuing education requirement for the registered nurse license according to WV19CSR11. In addition in some nations where there are many different areas or states the training and requirements can vary.
Also think about the possibility that you may want to move to a different state or country is the training and qualification you get going to also cover you there, think about what extra training you may need to undertake before venturing off or when you get there. Depending on the job that you wish to go for will of course depend upon the length of time it is going to take you to get qualified; you can find that some positions will only take around 6-9 months to complete, like a Massage therapist whereas a full doctorate, Licensed Vocational Nurse, surgeon or similar position could take 5-8 years. The best option is to look at becoming a Physical Therapist, as the average physical therapist income is quite respectable.
It is also never to late to learn a new profession either, with many people changing their career path there are many adult courses that people can look at doing.

These include the following: earning a Bachelors degree in nursing, Associates degree in nursing (ADN) or a diploma. Also, there are times when it becomes essential to obtain a bachelor’s or higher degree for registered nursing, consulting, teaching, and administrative or research positions. Opportunities for career development are also readily available should an individual become a registered nurse. Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Veterans CE Requirement. Please note that this means each WV APRN must complete 12 hours of pharmacotherapeutics and 12 hours of clinical management practice between July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2017. However, they must meet the above criteria for content, be earned in the correct time frame, and be of the required hour amount.
Here you can be part of the team that ensure all records and patient info is kept up to date, and making sure that all notes of any medical care that is given is added to the persons details.
Approximately 45% of registered nurses are over age 50, which leads us to believe that several thousand nurses will leave their careers for retirement in the near future. The initial course must include at least 3 hours of CE related to drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances.
The WV RN Board will only accept CE Certificates as evidence that you have completed the required CE. In some area you might be able to start as a trainee with just a diploma, and be able to work and train at the same time. In addition to the educational requirements, registered nurses must pass the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN) to become a licensed registered nurse. There, a nurse can easily obtain a degree or certification without ever leaving the comfort of his or her own home. Click this link for more detailed information about this specific CE: Guidelines for Drug Diversion Training and Best Practice Prescribing of Controlled Substances CE. Please make sure that the certificate indicates how many of the CE credits awarded were designated as Pharmacology CE credits.
In general though for this type of position you would need some form of degree that shows your knowledge in medical terminology, biology, physiology and anatomy, you may also have to get registered too. In 2009 approximately 16.7% of registered nurse employment was in a nursing home, outpatient care center or home health care setting. The NCLEX exam can be taken through your State Board of Nursing once the pre-requisite educational requirements have been fulfilled. And while online schooling is a wonderful alternative to attending a physical school, even physical schools offer many programs, grants, and scholarships, that make attending school much easier.
Within the next few years it is expected that this number will increase significantly and one third of RNs will be employed in a home health care setting and one fourth will work in a nursing care facility. This increase is due to the millions of baby boomers who will soon be entering retirement age and will require home health care and reside in assisted living facilities.

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