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European Spatial Planning (7.5 ECTS credits) - The aim of the course is to analyze European spatial planning, spatial development and Territorial Cohesion together with policy initiatives.
Master's Thesis (30 ECTS credits) - This constitutes 50% of the programme and involves the preparation of a Master's thesis under guidance of senior academic staff.
To be admitted to the programme, it is necessary to have either: a Bachelor’s degree of 180 higher education credits in a technical, social sciences or natural sciences field that is relevant to European spatial planning and regional development. At the National Investigative Training Academy, we provide students with a unique and convenient online experience that offers a comprehensive online program and the required training needed to begin and maintain their investigative career.
Our Florida Private Investigator “CC” Intern Training Course is state approved pre-licensing course that meets the requirements of the Florida’s Division of Licensing. Savvy Surveillance: This 1 hour course concentrates on surveillance, ethical and legal issues, privacy issues, danger areas, successful communication models, and more, which prepares a student to communicate with their investigative provider concerning surveillance matters.

Investigative Options for the Claims Professional: This 2 hour training course will educate, empower and facilitate the Claims Professional to utilize the best investigative option as it pertains to the claim.
FRAUD-Surveillance and Fraud Training: This 2 hour course provides in-depth analysis and discussion pertaining to the topics of surveillance and fraud. We also offer the online convenience of taking SIU Fraud Training, a state mandated training course required for adjusters, which meets the standards for SIU roll-out programming as well as annual training requirements. Our goal at the National Investigative Training Academy is to provide you with the tools and real-world knowledge to conveniently advance your career in the private investigative field with our flexible online courses.
A flexible, rewarding, empowering career path to become a licensed private investigator is yours for the taking.
Take the next step in your career as a private investigator by enrolling in one of our Florida private investigator training courses.

Students are encouraged to choose topics especially relevant to their first (Bachelor's level) degree or their work experience. Subject to supervisor approval, it is also possible to undertake the Master's Thesis whilst doing an internship in a public authority, a company or an NGO. Relevant work experience is defined as employment or profession where a significant part of the tasks have been investigative tasks, analytical tasks, research or education, dealing with comprehensive planning, development or regional issues, alternatively European issues.

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