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An April 12, 2012 post, Why Don’t We Make Learning a Computer Language a Requirement in High School?
Sending college graduates out into the 21st Century workforce without a firm grasp of not only how to obtain, process, and synthesize digital information, but also of how to turn that information into new knowledge that is shared back through digital channels, is doing a huge disservice to the students, potential employers, and society as a whole.
Colleges and universities have an obligation to prepare their students for lifelong learning and for the leadership roles they will assume when they graduate. Colleges and universities must demonstrate the use of the most significant approaches to problem solving and communications to have emerged since the invention of the printing press and movable type.
Information technology can help colleges and universities fulfill their missions to help students connect ideas and disciplines broadly, think critically, act responsibly, and communicate effectively.
Twenty-first-century workers must be well prepared and confident in managing technology and its role in all segments of the economy. Prospective students and their parents need to understand the importance of information technology and expect it to be integrated into the curriculum.
Technology is easy to integrate into a curriculum because it can make learning fun and engaging, but it also presents a moving target for educators because of the constant changes and advances that it undergoes.
The tools and software are the vehicles through which these deeper understandings of technology are delivered.
Social Dynamics – Students need to use technology in ways that increase communication and support the creation and dissemination of new ideas.
Critical Awareness of Relationships of Power – Finally, because of the power of ICTs and the ubiquitous nature of connected media, students need to be made aware of the power of the media, the reality that it creates, and the inherent biases and prejudices that may be replicated and enhanced through technology.
Outside of technical colleges and universities, we are not seeing a move towards centralizing technology in the curriculum. Bachelor's degrees: While the type of degree can vary, a four-year degree is necessary for an entry level position designing video games, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
A college curriculum meant to meet video game designer requirements usually blends computer and game design theory with contemporary programming languages. You can also take the more lucrative computer programming route, by learning C and C++, as well as at least one assembly language. Project management and team collaboration are other important skills to work on during your studies. Candidates with a bachelor's or master's degree in computer programming, computer science or design with a video game concentration will be best prepared to enter the field.
A demo reel or design portfolio is an important element that employers look for in would-be video game designers.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, BS Degree in Games and Simulation Arts and Sciences, Sept. These schools offer particularly quick info upon request, and we have written detailed profiles for each (click school names to see the profiles). College Search Tools: Find colleges by major, tuition, location, athletics, and many other parameters. Employment And Career Training: Info including salary and job growth statistics, by metro area. Ontario school boards are striving to implement consolidated Growing Success-compliant assessment applications. Extending the value of marks and anecdotal comments, teachers can attach pictures, videos and other media files to capture evidence of student learning. Photos, videos and other files of student work may be uploaded to capture evidence of learning. Teachers may view and interact with evidence of learning for each student to support criterion-referenced assessment.
To be a literate individual in the Information Age means to be fluent with advanced information and communication technology. In the classroom, educators should incorporate technology that allows students to collaborate with each other, the instructor, and experts beyond the walls of the classroom. They create the hottest new game titles in a variety of genres, including fantasy, sports, combat, education and fashion design. As you choose an undergraduate or graduate degree program that will meet video game designer education requirements, there are several approaches you can take. Once you are in college, an internship in video game design or programming is worth pursuing as it can help you build your reel and possibly lead to video game designer careers.
Reels should show evidence of scenes, levels or complete games that you've designed or contributed to as a team member.
Department of Labor, "Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition," Graphic Designers, Sept. Department of Labor, "Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, May 2013," Computer Programmers, Sept. Department of Labor, "Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, May 2013," Software Developers, Sept. Advanced Assessment is a revolutionary and comprehensive mobile classroom assessment tool that allows educators to assess student performance and to meet the growing demands for data-driven decisions across the class, school, and district.

Colleges and universities are not providing this foundation for their graduates unless they require that every student formally learn the most effective ways to leverage these technologies so that they may use them to transform themselves and the world they live in. This constant state of flux is one of the reasons that incorporating a technology core into a college curriculum is so difficult.
Understanding the basics of message design, information architecture, and presentation best practices are all skills that professors can impart to students that will serve them in any field they pursue after graduation.
Teaching students to be not only critical consumers of information, but also self-critical creators of information will help them to produce a technological world that is built on cooperation and societal advancement rather than exploitation and self-interest. At worst, it is viewed as an irrelevant (to education) piece that students already have a firm grasp of. You can pursue a degree in computer programming, computer science, art and design, or visual communications with an emphasis in video game design. A portfolio is appropriate for those who want to enter the field as artists, animators or 3-D modelers. While it is true that most college students have an understanding of the basics of hardware and software, technology itself is much more than that, embodying a set of cultural knowledge and practices that go beyond any individual piece of technology.
Specific video game designer requirements vary depending on the company or internship to which you are applying.
Definitions are no longer fixed but rather can be changed based on what the majority of individuals thinks.
This knowledge is far more important to students’ long-terms success after graduation.
Find out the requirements well in advance of application time, so that you can assemble the correct materials and put your best foot forward. This is a powerful new paradigm for understanding the world around us, but also one which can be leveraged by the ICT literate student to change the very nature of meaning. Our institutions of higher education have an obligation to prepare students to be leaders in the world, and being tech-literate is a necessary skill for the 21st Century leader.

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