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Today, we’ll see how artists gradually added some bulk and realism to their work from 1000-1400. Now, a constant concern of the Romanesque time was how to create lighting in these buildings. One wonderful work of Romanesque embroidery is the Bayeux Tapestry, commemorating the French Norman Conquest of England in 1066. Each Gothic cathedral is wonderful and unique; but it is too much to detail their full development here.
The great Gothic painter, from 1305, is actually called a proto-Renaissance artist because of the sense of weight and realism he ushered in. I got the impression that Chartres also marked the transition between Romanesque and Gothic. I made high quality prints of most of the paintings and printed your post out for me to read while students looked at the prints, and then we all discussed them. Art appreciation, it turns out, is a great aid to reviewing the basics in a much more attention-keeping way than other themes I tried. I started the summer series with the 19th century Realism of Manet in the 1860s because that's where the development of abstraction begins: with the flattening of the picture plane. I'm just (re)learning Romanesque, after inadvertantly posting an example, so thank you so much for the thread!Well, you were the inspiration for this post; I'm so glad you've enjoyed it. As with the sites of many if not most European cathedrals, the site of Chartres was previously known as a pagan (Druid) worship site. Seeing patterns quickly and spotting opportunities fast is key in all business and entrepreneurship.
In the first of the team activities students had to choose a new destination for United Jetways, that would be both popular and profitable.
Students spotted quickly where competitors were charging much more per seat than it cost them, and realised there was money to be made by undercutting them and therefore attracting lots of new customers.
When it came to marketing their airlines students showed a keen awareness of their competitors and a flair for entrepreneurship.
After successfully attracting customers, the last of the team activities was to maximise the profit to be made once customers are on a plane.
The Christians saw the soul as more important than the weighty, physical body, and thus their works were flat and filled with the gold of paradise. There were some beautiful portable objects fashioned by the roaming tribes of Vandals and Goths, but we’ll skip ahead. The stripes from here and from Aachen may derive from Islamic architecture (such as the Cordova mosque in Spain).
This is even more difficult because I can’t be in the front of the class motioning to the buildings themselves. One cannot put a window into a barrel vault, just as one cannot remove a stone from an arch without it collapsing. There is not a great deal of Romanesque sculpture that is not connected to a church, and most of the painting of this time is tied to illuminated manuscripts. It is over 200’ long and has wonderful, imaginative and lively figures gesturing, fighting and even cooking. One can even visit many of these castles as a tourist in Europe, either for the day or overnight.
The forgiveness of Christ took the place of the damning images from the Romanesque churches. Giotto painted a series of frescos on the walls of the Arena Chapel in Padua that are wonderful in terms of color, composition and human content.
This is the second in this new chronological series of art history, from the beginning of time on. This is probably one of the lectures that is least open to comment, but I hope that's not true.
The facade is part Romanesque, since (I believe) it may have been re-used from an earlier Romanesque church on the same site.
Denis, but I think the original choir is now completely overshadowed by the newer nave and clerestory of the High Gothic period.

Students are more interested in talking about composition, values, relationships, and elements of famous paintings, plus it all applies to their own work.
A sacred spring was believed to have run under the ground on which the Druid altar once stood. Openings don’t last for long as they’re quickly filled by competitors so remaining alert and aware is fundamental to success. They had to consider the cost to the company per seat, the average number of seats on a plane that were normally sold, and the price their competitors charge. Additionally, students spotted where demand outstripped supply and where regularly all seats on the planes got sold, and therefore realised they could charge more for their seats than their competitors and still be guaranteed sales.
Discounts and deals abounded and students thought through their offers in detail, trying to maximise their appeal by offering small extras like another 5kg of luggage for free for people travelling on ski trips.
My connection to spiritual twentieth century abstraction received mixed results, but that’s fine.
There were also some fine things made under Charlemagne around 800 A.D and under the Ottonians in Germany in the tenth century. You may also notice that t Hildesheim the walls are mostly bare; there are no columns to connect the arches below to the windows above. The rounded entrance to most of the churches (the tympanum) is often decorated with sculpture of the Last Judgment.
They are not much more expensive than a normal hotel room and have much more atmosphere (and sometimes an accompanying medieval dinner). In time, he became an abbot: Abbot Suger, who once presided over France when King Louis VII went off on the second crusade. Pointed arches replaced round arches, allowing more height and the development of pointed vaults with ribs. His figures are well shaded (or modeled) and are no longer the flat, elongated figures of the Bayeaux Tapestry. I have made this pretty specific because I realize that some FReepers use this for home-schooling. Construction of the Cathedral started in 1075, when the town arrived to the climax of its importance. Also unique to the sculptures on the outer walls of Chartes are the alleged clues to the location of the Ark of the Covenant, mentioned in Graham Hancock's book, The Sign and the Seal.
Too many people miss La Ste-Chapelle, with all that lovely stained glass, and it's just a 10 minute walk from Notre Dame. Last week students from Isaac Newton Academy had to make snap decisions in a series of team activities to turn around a failing airline, United Jetways, at management consultants Oliver Wyman. As they were given information on a multitude of destinations students had to quickly look for patterns in the data to assess where they might make the most profit.
These monumental buildings were not only used for church services, but they were also places of fortified protection in case of barbarian attacks. This is continued into three dimensions in the barrel vault across the nave, the wider central aisle.
Abbott Suger saw rich, beautiful visual objects as a way to approximate the glory of heaven.
They grew ever higher and higher, until reaching 144’ to the top of the rib vaults at Amiens Cathedral. In fact, as you walk right around Chartres Cathedral, you can see the development of sculpture from the 1194 west façade (or entrance) to the south portal (1205) and the north portal (1210). For the first time since Roman times, he is actually looking at live models and drawing from them. They had a public art display that consisted of fiberglass horses decorated in various ways like the cows on parade in Chicago and Kansas City.
When I was there a few years ago, much of the outside was not able to be viewed due to restoration scaffolding.
The facade dates from before 1194, the date in which there was a fire that destroyed all but the facade and one bay of the cathedral. Often there are two stories: the main story (called the nave arcade because of those arches alongside the nave,) and the second story called the gallery.

Madeleine at Vezelay, France has such groin vaults and thus an upper clerestory of light (in addition to the lovely Medieval striping we’ve seen before).
The elongated, skinny and non-realistic figures tell the story very well, especially the imaginative depictions of Satan and hell. Since the Gothic style was born in 1144, I think the facade is still Gothic, but definitely Early Gothic.
They are both octagonal structures, but there is a much more complex spirituality, use of space and mosaics in the earlier San Vitale.
At this time, the gallery allowed additional space for the pilgrims (and others) to gather upstairs for the service.
Denis was being rebuilt, the new choir contained pointed arches, rib vaults, and stained glass windows. Instead of the wide gallery on the second level, they developed a shallow level called the triforium, first seen at Chartres. For the first time, he uses the backs of figures and imbues them with emotion and character.
The Obradoiro Facade (to which lateron were added Barroque elements) and the towers Torre de las Campanas and Torre Through the Obradoiro Door you enter the so-called Old Cathedral, a Romanesque crypta with the first vaults of groined arches that were ever built in Spain. Also when driving to Chartres from Paris one sees it in the distance long before the other buildings in the town-- it is very prominent in its setting, no doubt reflecting its relative importance all the way back to medieval society. The arches are only barely pointed, and the facade is not nearly as busy as later cathedrals (like Amiens or Reims).
The little figures are not very realistic, but the narrative is very clear, and that’s what they were striving for. They could also walk around the ambulatory, or aisle around the choir (or central, most sacred section of the church). Flying buttresses channeled the weight and energy from the ceiling out to the pier buttresses, so that the walls could open up to stained glass windows.
His work is incredible and has inspired those as diverse as Masaccio, Michelangelo and Matisse (whose bright color and simplified compositions may be said to reflect some of Giotto’s work, however abstract they are in our eyes). The sculptures of the Portico de la Gloria, another entrance door, are considered some of the most important works of medieval art. Knowing a little of the history of those places and the events and culture of the time makes them all the more fascinating.
Thus if mass was going on, others could walk around the mass and light their candles in the chapels off the apse (the rounded east end of the church) or the transept (that part that makes a cross of the church). It has never played a large part in the medieval architecture courses I have taken and taught, perhaps because it is a mixture of styles. But because of the rose window (even heavy as it is with stone) and the pointed arches, it is definitely early Gothic.
One of my colleagues also adds studio projects to the art history classes (like drawing perspective) but I have so much to say about the art history that I just don't make time for it. I'm also not a great fan of the busy Baroque style, so that's a second reason that I (probably unfairly) ignore it. But I do show cubist, expressionist and surrealist slides for my painting classes and a variety of other things for my drawing classes. Much prettier than Salisbury or Westminster (to my taste)-- more fundamental colors, less pastels and yellows.
In many French cathedrals, the glass was taken down during WWI and again during WWII to protect it from being destroyed by war.
They were originally to have pointed caps on them but, as was often true, they ran out of money. There are actually three different styles of English Gothic: Early, Decorated and Perpendicular.
English Gothic is more horizontal and, in its later styles, has some of the wildest vaulting I have ever seen.

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