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To be educated, by dictionary definition, is to ‘show evidence of schooling, training or experience’. If each day is the same for a child and they are constantly being treated as no different from the child either side of them, they will start to think the same.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to quit whatever course you’re on and start a riot in the streets. My question is, are the opportunities it provides really of value to the creative minds at our fingertips? But understand, that it’s these comments that are silently shooting down the minds of future Walt Disney’s and Steve Jobs; chipping the armour that protects our ideas. Because with the emphasis of schooling, comes an emphasis not on the individual and individual thinking but a purpose, a purpose that benefits the government alone. To make matters worse, after a while you won’t have the time to think such thoughts because everyone around you is in the same boat and it’s a hard task finding colour when everyday is the same. Because it educates people for the now, when right now things are moving so fast towards the future. Why teach the minds of today about just the things available to us, and not teaching the minds of today about how to use them? They won’t know how to work in their field in the future because they have no experience and quite often, no relevant education either, because their field was too unique to provide for. But why should a writer be told that she has to get a qualification in Science, rather than Creative Writing because the teachers are far too busy to teach the subject to a group of five and they don’t trust you alone to teach yourself.
The minds of today, are now too focused on studying to draw, to write, to create, that the spare time they do have is exhausted. The emphasis on work gets greater and greater until we’re forced to bring the work home with us.
And why, even then, are those with strengths in individual working forced into group settings and vice versa.
But it’s hard to break the boundaries, when these boundaries are followed by near enough everyone around us. What I wanted to share with you today was a issue that has been boiling in my heart for a while.
I can’t change the world with this blog post alone, but hopefully I can change something in someone else’s world out there and encouraged them to learn outside the classroom, and to encourage those around them to learn outside of it to. Remember, if people don’t believe in you, that’s okay, its their right; but it doesn’t mean you have to believe in them either. Did you know that you our students and Jemicy can benefit from the following corporate programs? Amazon Smile – Register at AmazonSmile and select Jemicy School as your designated charitable organization. Box Tops for Education – Cut off the “Box Tops” logo from specified General Mills products and send them to school in a baggie labeled with your child’s name.
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Seems like all the participants in the conventional schooling process are hating it more and more! My comment ended with a link (as I usually do) to a blog piece I had previously written last October, “Let’s Have Real Discussion about Education Policy”,based on a snippet of a speech by President Obama on education policy last August on the 2012 election campaign trail at Canyon Springs High School in Las Vegas.
Obama was using the classic rhetorical approach of staking his policy vision above the fray of petty political bickering, as part of the tried and true general election strategy of reaching out to undecided voters in the center between more polarized Democratic and Republican positions. This is a beautifully written piece containing many interesting and thoughtful quotes by bright individuals who seem to understand learning.
My commenter shared her credentials of over 30 years work in schools with young people who are burdened with the problems she mentioned above.
It is easy to teach those who are willing to learn, those with supportive families, those who are of higher intelligence – they are usually curious and creative and only need a little guidance. But I’m convinced that there are many other kids who do not, whose natural love of learning is blunted by being constantly directed by adults (through academic rewards and punishments) rather than following their own muse. I believe that path forward starts with moving away from rigid standardization (maybe “regimentation” is a more appropriate word) of school curriculum and the assumption that a learning environment for young people involves constant direction and instruction by adults. How do we transform education when government entities drive the educational bus, not trained educators? I think that path forward to a solution starts with having a broad discussion about the full range of educational options, beyond the present assumption that all real education is a formal process that requires students to be sitting in front of teachers engaged in constant instruction and direction of their learning. Just as we have moved away from the idea of our society as a “melting pot” to one of a “salad bowl” that champions diversity in our culture, we need to champion real diversity in our education system. I think the Metlife Survey shows that, our teachers and principals as true education professionals, are increasingly disheartened by this trend.

Instead, they could be energized by having more elbow room to enact a much broader spectrum of educational approaches beyond just conventional instruction of a standardized preset curriculum.
In my opinion, what we teach our kids, or choose not to teach our kids, is completely political.
To simply pass a state law that every public school large or small must be able to accommodate the developmental needs of every sort of young person with every sort of special need is a political act. To sum up here, I continue to be convinced that the solution lies in each community being able to provide for many educational paths, by providing an array of profoundly different educational venues, rather than just many instances of the same OSFA schools. But the fact that our our society has begun to embrace cultural diversity does give me hope that we can now finally embrace educational diversity as well. We’ve all seen just how well a one-size-fits-all approach to education has worked so well yes? For our oldest, who is gifted, and has been working with and at a computer since he was 2 years old (yes, you read that right), we did a lot of work in math, a decent amount of science, copious amounts of reading, and he and his dad have always done the computer thing together. I’m not saying I have all of the answers, but I am saying, that this is what needs to start happening in our schools. In detail, the report revealed the growing educational deficits facing American schoolchildren at that time. And despite the fact that the world won’t change and improve if all of the minds within it are fuelled the same; the emphasis on formal schooling, is these days greater than ever before. The system, our parents, and the world are constantly telling us we have plenty of time to do this and that, that whatever dream we have can wait until we’ve focused in on our studies.
Well these ideas that I preach to you to protect from the world as best you can, are constantly moving forward. And it’s important that creative minds understand this; because we have to teach ourselves to write and to draw and to cluster our thoughts. And you can preach to them all you like about what you’ll give up in terms of your time, money, and energy. In Nursery, because our authority in changing things lacked, we were allowed to be whoever we wanted to be.
But they will be so busy flying through the questions that they won’t have time to educate themselves, or get ideas, take opportunities, grow a personality. We have to reach out, to fight to learn what we want to learn and encourage ourselves to be unique. To not feel the guilt that we feel for writing when we should be studying, particularly when we have teachers and our future bosses breathing down our necks because they don’t believe we’ll do anymore than get a job. To remind you of the creative person you are, and show you that there is more to life than an education and a job. Look for any possible advantages that you can find in order to manipulate your learning your way.
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In addition, we offer real-time assessment services and a variety of professional development to ensure effective implementation in the classroom.
Discovery Education impacts the way students learn, breaking down barriers and moving beyond static textbooks to a digital delivery they already embrace.
Peter Gorman's (Superintendent CMS) goal was a 3-5% gain in science scores over a very short time frame.
It rekindled my frustration with the mainstream approach to endless inside-the-box “reform” of our public education system rather than making some real substantive changes. Will we have to let the whole thing go down in flames before we get out of our state of denial and really transform the system, rather than this endless reform?
What is missing is what is missing in almost, if not all, political, theoretical, and editorial writings – how do we do what needs to be done?
Though she is focused on kids with learning difficulties and I more on kids she refers to as “willing to learn”, I strongly believe that both groups are suffering in our standards-obsessed OSFA schools.
I mean, the absolute chaos our educational system has nothing to do with the approach right? A gift, I would even go so far as to call it a luxury, that public school & private school teachers just do not have. To some degree, every parent, or at least every parent that is even remotely involved with their child’s education to some degree, is a homeschooler of sorts.
But I can tell you a bit about how it looks for us in our family so that hopefully you can gain a bit of insight and go from there. It emphasized that America could fall even farther behind other industrialized nations if it failed to act.
No one can deny from its importance .no matter development cannot be denied but  The overall  performance of any country can be concluded from its literacy rate and 90% developed  nations have high percentage. And yet, what we often ignore, is the fact that many of the idols we look up to and learn from were high school drop-outs themselves; such as Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. It can provide some good opportunities to its students and lays the foundation they need to make the leaps that they want to make. But as the years progressed, more and more boundaries are added to control the wandering mind. We don’t even bother to acknowledge the multiple intelligences that follow us into adulthood. And although this means their achievement and their happiness may be easier and quicker to achieve than yours.

With award- winning digital content, interactive lessons, real time assessment, virtual experiences with some of Discovery's greatest talent, classroom contest & challenges, professional development and more - Discovery is leading the way in transforming classrooms and inspiring learning.
A pilot program using Discovery Education Science led to double-digit gains in science scores year-over-year in CMS.
Only when someone can provide a viable solution that our governmental entities will accept and fund, will we truly transform education. Every teacher I’ve ever known has gotten into the profession with the noblest of intentions and really wanted to ignite and fuel the spark in young minds. He is also methodically organized, interested in learning Japanese and working on it in his own unique way, and has been taking things apart and putting them back together since before he turned 3 years old. As a matter of fact, she refused to learn how to read until she was good and ready (and did fine once she was ready), but would draw for hours. I think there can be, and needs to be, a way to give teachers the freedom to teach in a way that the classroom before them learns.
Without the highest number of educated people, a country can not become advance and can’t survive in the competitive world of growing technology. It is the process of being sat down in a classroom, surrounded by the same people, in the same clothes, drip fed the same information that the same lecturer taught the year before, day in, day out.
But what I’m saying is that children are born with the outstanding capacity to innovate, something that should be seen as one of the greatest national resources we have, but at the moment its also one that’s ignored. And as creators, we are naturally building on one another to provide for the ever-growing minds of our audience. Because you’re a hell of a lot more aware as a teenager of who you do and don’t want to be, what your good at, what your bad at than you are when you’re four.
Ensure that although you’re getting a solid backbone of education behind you, you are never compromising your true dreams and hopes. You have to make your own way in life; you can’t just rely on what’s given to you on a plate and expect to go great places with it, because you wont. Discovery Education has worked with school districts across all sizes and demographics and consistently delivers results. Composite retest scores on North Carolina's science end-of-year exam for grades 5 and 8 increased by 26 points. In the meantime, people like me will continue to do the best we can for every child for whom we are responsible, with fewer resources and more regulations. I’ve seen it time and time again with kids who are in public, private, AND in homes where homeschooling is treated like merely school at home and not tailored to the needs of the child.
They had no clue the nightmare of red tape & tied hands they were getting themselves into. And no matter which way you choose, at the end of the day, someone is responsible for making sure your child learns. Which means effectively, even you, their parent, while they are at home, can tailor how you do things while helping them to how they best learn.
He spent the better part of a few months exclusively learning web design and coding and is about to wrap up his first job, working from home, for pay, in web design and development and has others lined up.
Being computer oriented like his dad and his brother, the last time his computer went wonky, instead of waiting for his dad to take it apart and clean it out, trouble shoot, and fix it, he went ahead and did the first two things for himself. She’s taken courses with a master art teacher, does anime drawings, and is hoping to open an online art store at some point in the future. Ways which reaches each child where they are, and helps nourish and unleash the gifts that the child brings to this world. We evaluate our services on both the qualitative (student engagement, teacher satisfaction and impact) and quantitative measures (test scores). Over the past four years, we’ve broken through the traditional stalemate that used to exist between the left and the right, between conservatives and liberals.
But rather than being bound by red tape and busy work that teachers unfortunately cannot get away from in the system such that it is, homeschoolers do have the luxury to tailor things as needed. He got the entrepreneurial bug from me, so he also has other business ventures he’s starting as well. He probably would have done the last part for himself too if he hadn’t had to wait on his dad to order a part for him.
She is also passionate about animals and volunteers with a local rescue in hopes to get further knowledge and experience as to what it takes to run a rescue, as she has hopes of running a big cat conservation and rescue center someday.
And but in replace, they threw us a once a month course meant for children four years below us, just to show our parents that they had thought for the minority every now and again. Every day, everyone learns the same things to suit the concrete purposes and to fit the concrete roles that the government want us to fill. Teachers, being mostly women in a society where most leaders were expected to be men, have never been treated as real professionals and trusted with running public schools.
And this goes for both public and private school teachers, although the latter does seem to have slightly more grace in what they are able to do in a classroom when compared to their public school counterparts. If you're having medical issues or a medical emergency, please contact your doctor or nearest hospital. Knowledge is a very great power for the success and human beings got this , so they are able to control mighty things in this universe.Literacy rate in Canada is highest as compared to all the countries and this nation is considered most literate than other nations. If you have legal concerns, contact your lawyer.All content on this website is subject to copyright. But we’re also demanding more accountability, including the ability of school districts to replace teachers that aren’t cutting it.

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