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We work with schools, colleges, universities and education services such as University of Bristol, Cardiff City Council, Cardiff School Services and Bristol City Council. UKATAUK Asbestos Training Association was created by those in the industry who had the vision and belief that it is possible to improve and maintain higher standards for asbestos training through a monitoring system. General Elevator Maintenance Course Continuing Education Unit - Zack McCain : Elevator World Inc. Enter your email address to receive timely product alerts, special offers, discounts, and more.
Representatives from local skilled labor employers and educators listen as Construction Maintenance Education Foundation Manager of Safety and Technical Training William Fuller leads the group on a tour Performance Verification Center facilities that provide for the testing and certification of industrial workers Tuesday, June 28. Fully equipped stations provide facilities for the testing and certification of industrial workers at the Construction Maintenance Education Foundation Performance Verification Center in La Porte seen during a tour Tuesday, June 28.
The Construction Maintenance Education Foundation Performance Verification Center provides facilities for the testing and certification of industrial workers seen during a tour of the facility in La Porte, Tuesday, June 28.
We plan and carry out many onerous aspects of educational premises management – whether as part of ongoing management or at a time of change – leaving no detail to chance.
Click logo to see UKATA website.ARCAThe Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) only admits members who can demonstrate high standards of workmanship and health and safety management.
Lower Tensioner Thread makes 1 full turn clockwise around the base of the knob – make sure it runs in the V-shaped groove of the spoked wheel. Sewing Controls Basic Sewing Controls On this page, learn the function of the important sewing controls. Pattern Menu helps manage designs Setting Menu allows you to make useful changes to the design. In order that your machine sews each color block with the correct color in the correct order, you can set that color sequence in the Needle screen, shown here.
Any changes made to a design in the Setting screen will be saved with that design and will be remembered as long as the design stays in the control panel memory. As an example, this is useful when sewing applique, where sewing needs to pause after the marker stitch has been laid.
Set sewing position by stitch# - Useful if you remember the exact stitch # where the machine left off sewing Use the Position function if you wish to start sewing a design at any point other than the beginning.
All ARCA members are independently audited at least twice a year and have to maintain appropriate levels of insurance for the work they undertake.
Click logo to see CHC website.UVDB VerifyAchilles Verify Category B2 enables demonstrates capabilities in delivering key services on sites, and involves evaluation of our company’s management system and site assessments.
This course is based on Chapter 2, General Maintenance Practices, of the Elevator Maintenance Manual, 2nd Edition by Zack McCain (not included).
Clean, protected electrical power Thread must pass up from cones through guide holes in thread tree and through every specific point along the face of the sewing head.
UPPER THREAD -Proper Thread Routing: All threads must be routed correctly at all points along the path through the sewing head. Control Panel 2 General Tips in Navigating Main Menu Screens Press MENU to access the sub-menu. Thread color palette: shows the colors that the machine thinks are installed on each needle. Set number of rows and columns Spacing between columns Spacing between rows Toggle between sew by row or sew by column The Setting screen allows you to perform some useful modifications to the current pattern. However, it can also be done more simply in the Needle screen (see page 12 in this chapter) Choose color block # where the frame-out occurs.

2.Choose a hoop type – either square, round, or if choosing a 3 rd party hoop, use User for a custom size. Click logo to see ARCA website.SafecontractorSafecontractor, the health and safety accreditation scheme, reviews and audits the health and safety policies, procedures and documentation of contractors. He is the 1995 recipient of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Safety Codes and Standards Medal and was named a fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in October of the same year.
Main Screen Information Control Panel 2 next 4 colors in sequence Active needle: shows that the current design is at the origin and ready to begin. Selected needle number: move the arrow to a needle number and press SET to change the assigned color.
The selected color block will highlight to help confirm the part of the design youre setting the color for. The control panel can store a maximum of 1,000,000 stitches of designs, or 99 designs total. Re-size design (no stitch processor Satin pull compensation Rotate by degrees Rotate or flip (in 90 deg. Toggle auto origin on or off Set offset distance in mm for X and Y values Set offset to a corner of the design Set offset distance by using the arrow keys (sewing arm moves, letting you eyeball the offset) The Setting screen allows you to perform some useful modifications to the current pattern. Set frame-out by moving sewing arm Set frame-out movement numerically by entering exact X and Y values in mm The Setting screen allows you to perform some useful modifications to the current pattern.
Using a safecontractor accredited supplier means you can reduce the time spent in reviewing health and safety pre-qualification questionnaires.
Click logo to see Achilles website.ConstructionLineConstructionline provide an up-to-date register of pre-qualified suppliers for construction contracts.
McCain is also a Certified Elevator Safety Inspector in accordance with ASME QEI-1 by NAESA. UPPER THREAD – complete route through moving head -Proper Thread Routing: All threads must be routed correctly at all points along the path through the sewing head. View Design: This option displays the design full-screen with any current changes youve made to it. Position Function lets you jump to any point in the design Frame Function allows you to fit and locate a design in a selected hoop.
Control Panel 2 Important Main Menu Screens: Needle Screen NEEDLE First match the thread color palette to the actual thread colors installed on the machine. The Pattern screen lets you choose from these designs if you wish to sew a design other than the current active design, as well as perform other design management functions such as deleting, re-naming, duplicating and locking designs. HOW TO USE THE FRAME FUNCTION Follow the 6 steps on this page and the next to use the Frame function. Click logo to see website.CHASContractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) assesses a company’s health and safety policies and performance. McCain has served as course director and instructor on numerous courses for ASME, has had several articles published in ELEVATOR WORLD magazine and has written several books. Actual sewing speed – machine sews at speeds up to max allowed speed, but slows down based on stitch length. Youll only need to do this once for all colors, then only for any time you replace thread cones with other cone colors. Move the arrow to a color block: Here, you can see that the arrow is pointed to the first color block. Design Information – shows: - Design name & number - Stitch count - # of color changes - Height in mm - Width in mm - Distances from origin point to top & bottom edges - Distances from origin point to left & right edges This pattern is locked, preventing accidental deletion or modification.

CHAS members have proven safety management, saving buyers both time and resources in qualifying them as suppliers. McCain received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Lamar State College of Technology (Lamar University) in Beaumont, Texas. Make sure to: -Pull all threads – to ensure thread feeds smoothly and turns the break sensor, and all slack is removed from around thread cones -Dock all thread ends from each needle onto the thread-holding spring. Press MENU to access the sub- functions on t he right side, then arrow down to the Palette icon. Control Panel 2 Important Main Menu Screens: Needle Screen NEEDLE Designs sew in a sequence of color blocks. Click logo to see CHAS website.Security Industry AuthorityMSS Group holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services. Take-Up Levers Thread makes 1 full turn clockwise around the base of the knob – make sure it runs in the V-shaped groove of the spoked wheel.
It takes a holistic view of how well an organisation is managed and an approved organisation must demonstrate to an independent assessor, on an annual basis, that it has met defined standards.
Applique: Pressing the SET key when the arrow is next to a particular color block sets a stop command (marked by an asterisk * ) causing the machine to sew that color and stop before continuing. Click logo to see SIA website.LegionellaThe Legionella Control Association have accredited MSS Environmental to supply all forms of Water Treatment and Legionella Management, including chemical supply and Legionella Risk Assessment. Click logo to see website.ISO 14001ISO 14001, an environmental management system, enables MSS to implement environmental policy and objectives and ensure continual improvement. Click logo to see ISO website.ISO 9001Through ISO 9001 MSS demonstrates the ability to consistently meet both customer and regulatory requirements, and to ensure processes are in place for continual improvement.
At worst, the needle & needle bar may strike the side of a poorly-inserted bobbin case, breaking the needle and possibly putting needle depth out of adjustment for that needle. Click logo to see ISO website.NDA Estate’s Supply Chain CharterThe NDA Estate’s Supply Chain Charter fosters good working practices between all clients and contractors working at NDA nuclear sites. CHECKING TENSION Machine Setup Make small adjustments – no more than a ? or ? turn in either direction before re- checking tension. Members commit to open and fair behaviour that underpins better communication and encourages mutually beneficial relationships and drives improvements through better planning and co-operation.
Sewing arm movement move pantograph arm with the 4 blue arrow keys, hold FF at same time for quick movement Color Code Items in black – function only when machine is stopped.
Click logo to see NDA website.HSEThe Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is an independent regulator that acts in the public interest to reduce work-related death and serious injury, and is responsible for enforcing health and safety in workplaces. Click logo to see HSE website.ExorWe hold exor accreditation for our asbestos removal and asbestos consultancy divisions.
To navigate to other color blocks, press the up or down arrow key until the pointer moves above the top or below the bottom of the 5 shown.
Exor provide an accreditation service that ensures companies are reliable, financially stable and compliant with all relevant legislation. They check and independently validate all supplier information giving clients absolute confidence that their suppliers meet the required health and safety, environmental, technical, legal and financial standards.

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