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Highest Education Level Attained (Populations Age 25+): The data represents the percentage of people in the area over age 25 who have attained a particular education level.
Education Index: The Education Index for Zip Codes and places are comprised of a combination of socio-demographic characteristics. Education Enrollment (Population Age 3+): The data represents the percentage of people in the area over age 3 who are currently enrolled at each type of learning institution.
Index score: (100 = National Average) for an area is compared to the national average of 100.
DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane says that race remains a significant indicator of income level in South Africa. Speaking to the DA Students’ Organisation (DASO) at the University of Cape Town on Wednesday, Maimane said that black South Africans are still being disproportionately withheld from opportunities that most white people take for granted. Maimane said that people living in secluded suburbs, who bypass the townships created by the racial segregation policies of Apartheid, too easily ignore the plight of the unseen masses who reside within them.
He said that the reality is that for those children born into a black household, on average they will have less access to quality services, including basic services like water and sanitation, than a child born into a white household – and will generally receive an inferior education. A year ago, StatsSA research found that the unemployment rate increased from 22% to 25% over the past 20 years. Under the expanded definition of unemployment, however, the number of unemployed rose by 3.5 million between 1994 and 2014, with the unemployment rate at 35%. The expanded definition includes those who are unemployed and who are available to work, whether or not they have taken active steps to find employment.
StatsSA showed that in the first quarter of 2014, approximately 25% of South African workers were in a skilled occupation, namely managers, professionals and technicians. Compounding the dire labour market situation of black Africans, is that an even larger percentage (87.4%) of those that are unemployed have been looking for work for one year or longer, StatsSA said. Maimane pointed out that broad definition unemployment has not dropped below 30% since President Zuma took office. The DA said that overcoming the legacy of racial economic exclusion requires more than just B-BBEE policies that enrich a small group of individuals.
According to Dr Anthea Jeffery, Head of Policy Research at the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), BEE only benefits approximately 15% of the black population. Job creation is not the end, but the means to overcoming the injustices of the past and building a society in which reward is proportionate to effort, the DA said.
Staff WriterBusinessTech's Staff Writer is directly plugged into the South African Internet backbone, and spits out press releases and other news as they receive it. As an Analyst on unemployment, I have tried several times to have a one on one meeting with the DA Leader, and all other political parties, about an unpublished paper that I have written on an alternative path to deal with unemployment, but in vain. If the leader of the opposition had to make time to have a 1 on 1 over a cup of tea to discuss unemployment with every Tom, Dick and Harry he would never get anything done. I challenge you to publish it, get some feedback on refining your ideas and then pull together a group of people who are willing to implement it.
The usual route for ideas is to publish academically (journal or similar) with a peer-review process.
Another option is to self-publish on a blog or similar (I maintain a blog purely for this purpose). Finally, if all of these fail, you can always shorten your manuscript to three paragraphs and publish it as a letter to the editor in many newspapers.
You can also use a different argument, in that, even if all white people would lost their jobs and replaced by non-whites, the figures on unemployment remain the same.
The only difference between the two is that one is predominantly white and thinks that if only they were running and applying the same techniques as the ANC it would be different.
With all due respect, you cant expect to compare a township spaza to the history of Western economics. There was an article from Dawie Roodt in which he had a 3 point plan to make things right in this country. Actually you are wrong, race has nothing to do with the country’s problems, racial issues are just the venting of frustrations in utter helplessness against a corrupt paralyzed government.
You forget the blacks that suported apartheid and gained from it (to name three – Winnie, Stella Sicgau and Bantu Holomisa) and the whites that suffered cause they opposed apartheid. 90% of the richest people in the world have less than a standard 8 , the problem is this country is killing growth by forcing everyone down to the lowest denominator, so the future looks really dark. With the current education I’m worried about the future employees one is going to get.
And before Apartheid and colonialism, blacks only had mud huts and animal skins as clothes… Whose was fault was that?? Even if every white job is given to an unemployed black person you will barely make a dent in the black unemployment rates.
I’m all for transformation, but what these graphs show me is that affirmative action was a waste of time and effort.
How many black tenderpreneurs are there, or how many black rich business leaders are there? Also I would like to suggest that all who earn more than R 15000 should pay into a fund, 2% of their wages, black or white, so all people have the feeling that they have contributed in the uplifting of SA, and expand the telecommunications, Eskom, Railroad and other state owned businesses. The thing is the present government is so inapt that we should wait for new leaders to take over to run such a fund, because most of the funds will go to committees to decide how to run it, and no funds will be available to expand anything.
My point was that in the olden days when whites ran the country the white business people created with the help of the NP an university. The biggest mistake they made was not to include the blacks, but if they included the blacks, the NP would never have ruled the country, as the whites were afraid of losing their jobs.
Anyway, just look at the rest of Africa – i often wonder if the unwashed masses are hard wired to be treated like the downtrodden second class citizens they find themselves to be ?

DENIAL: a defense mechanism characterized by refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, or feelings. Conditions in the county are worse than in other parts of the country and continuing to slide, said Ann Curry-Stevens, the lead researcher and an assistant professor of the graduate school of social work at Portland State University. I knew Portland was far from a progressive-utopia on issues of race, but this report (and the recent shooting of a local anti-fascist activist) make me realize that the problem is much worse than I’d thought. The most appropriate point of comparison with Portland is somewhere in the South–weak labor movement, history of legalized segregation, highly active and mobilized racist movements. Progression in education starts at entry level and the highest level that can be achieved is level 8.
The whole point of these screening and progress monitoring assessments is to provide an objective, accurate, and reliable framework in which to make student-focused decisions about the appropriateness of the preventative efforts. As shown in the figure below, three levels of intervention (primary, secondary, and tertiary levels) are available to support students.
While I’m using the generic levels of prevention, some schools have organized the levels so that they include multiple tiers or layers. At the primary level, all students are provided with high-quality general education instruction and progress is monitored regularly. Since the primary level is a common experience for all students, it is clearly the most important foundation to successful RTI implementation.
The secondary level applies to some students who demonstrate inadequate responsiveness despite receiving high-quality core instruction at the primary level. A small percentage of students do not respond to this secondary intervention and are provided with a more intense intervention at the tertiary level. Several unanswered questions remain regarding tiered interventions at the secondary level, including the proper class size and the frequency and duration of each intervention. With regard to the class size, most educators would likely agree that as the interventions increase in intensity, the group size should decrease.
Regarding length of intervention, NRCLD recommends for elementary schools that the secondary and tertiary levels of intervention last for 9 to 12 weeks and be repeated as needed (Johnson et al., 2006).
A collaborative team with whom I work have implemented a pilot RTI for third grade struggling and at risk learners. How might reflective analysis of a single grade pilot RTI model be used to facilitate a school-wide implementation? Do you know of any college LD blogs, groups, or councilors who could help me find college students to participate? I am in northern california in the Santa Cruz Mountains, however, much of this could be done online, and via the phone. I don't think this question necessarily goes with the feed here, but not sure where else to put it? West Virginia does not provide direction in or require specific Tier II or Tier III programs for intervention in math. This information came primarily from Marilyn Burns’ book, About Teaching Mathematics: A K-8 Resource (Math Solutions Publications, 2007). These index scores are not based statistically upon the performance of specific schools, programs or colleges located in these areas. A score of 200 indicates twice the national average, while 50 indicates half the national average. Between 1993 and 2008, the number of black South Africans in the middle class more than doubled but remained a relatively small portion of the total population.
Broadening economic participation requires that we create an entrepreneurial culture that places small businesses at the forefront of job creation,” aid Maimane. There is only one way out of unemployment, get off your lazy butt and work without striking and destroying everything owned by the hands that feed you. This allows the experts in the field you are in to ensure that a certain level of quality is maintained. Secondly nearly all the Charities and help to uplift people has come from those very people- people who care. To make an insightful comparison one should compare like for like, segment based on area, qualifications, experience etc. If the government makes racial slurs lets just keep marketing it without stance and opinion? May I add that the situation will remain as long as the ‘root causes’ of poor teaching, poorly equipped schools, the curriculum not being oriented to produce the skills needed, the pathetic management from the ANC and SADTU must all go back to basics of putting students needs first!
The only option is to put frameworks in place that make it easier for businesses to grow and create more jobs! Government should rather put more money into helping previously disadvantages people start their own companies and create new jobs. There are plenty but they do not seem interested in expanding and plowing the money back to create more job opportunities. The business whites also created a bank called the Volkskas bank which made loans to white entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.
The child-poverty rate for Native Americans is 46 percent, for African Americans 41 percent and for African immigrants 56 percent.
There’s never been much in the way of working class political activity in Portland, but there are a plethora of middle-class radical protest groups as far as the eye can see. It’s really not much like anywhere else in the North other than the abundance of honkies. There are different routes you can take through these levels and many different types of qualification.
You may have heard RTI referred to as a “tiered system of instruction,” in which each tier provides increasingly intense services to students.

We use those assessment data to decide if a student’s placement level should be maintained, increased (more intense), or reduced (less intense).
These levels reflect the same organizational framework applied in public health and community psychology intervention planning. For example, a school might have two tiers within a level; this would suggest that they offer a similar level of intensity but might have a different organizational schema. If our primary level curriculum and instructional practices are not meeting the needs of at least 80% of the students, improving this level has to be the focus for professional development, curricular decisions, instructional practices, incentives, resources, budgetary allocation, and other school improvement tools. These students are given an intervention in addition to their general education instruction, and progress is continually monitored. In some RTI models the tertiary level consists of special education; in others it results in a referral for special education evaluation upon further evidence that the interventions are not effective. The intensity of intervention and frequency of progress monitoring increase as a student moves through the levels. However, a meta-analysis by Elbaum, Vaughn, Hughes, and Moody (2000) did not support the belief that individual one-to-one tutoring is far superior to “small group” instruction. Additionally, they recommend three to four intervention sessions per week, each lasting 30 to 60 minutes.
I was absorbing what I was reading, but it helped even more to be able to look at the diagram and fully understand the different levels. My focus is Holistic Health and Nutrition as it relates to Beauty, Brains and Creativity in the College LD population. I've put together a helpful collection of free whole-class reading, spelling, and grammar assessments.
But the composition of the lower classes remains predominantly black,” the DA lead said. Not once have I read of ANC members going out of their way to expound all the good done by whites in this country over many many years. We came from Blacks being disadvantaged, did a full 180, to everyone-except-blacks being disadvantaged with affirmative action. I had nothing to do with apartheid nor my parents or any other relative of mine so why must I suffer for my skin colour today?
The results of screening and progress monitoring assessments are used to decide students’ appropriate placements among these levels, either to prevent academic or behavioral difficulties or as an intervention framework for students experiencing difficulties. One tier might have a standard treatment protocol while the other has a problem-solving protocol – and together they make up a single level of intervention.
For many schools, this secondary level will be the “test” of whether or not a student will be responsive to instruction that has proven itself successful. The size of the instructional group decreases, ranging from entire class participation at the primary level to individualized attention at the tertiary level. So far I am only keeping data and collecting feedback that could be used for a variety of projects. I want to interview Women in the LD population to find out what would spark their interest on the topic of holistic health and nutrition as it relates to Beauty, Brains and Creativity. The problem is that, this country is stuck with this high rate of unemployment, and we have got to find other alternatives to deal with the problem. How can we grow as a country, if the majority group cant deliver and that is while they are in charge of the system? Although these studies were conducted at the elementary level, these results may also apply to secondary school students. I therefore challenge the DA leader to invite me to his office so that we have a fruitful discussion regarding unemployment and provide practical steps in dealing with the problem and forget about using the race card. Currently the industries that can supply work to these under skilled masses are under pressure due to both market, structural and policy weaknesses (once again mostly caused by our own current politics). Think about how sanctions in 80’s forced local companies to do things locally which stimulated growth.
On the other side of the coin, one group waits for something to happen, the rest makes it happen.
Unfortunately the majority are easily swayed and will not immediately understand your point of view. There was a lot of injustices but the principle of doing things locally will benefit all in the long run. Thus in the analysis as example, one should look at the extent to which those who do not find work in South Africa (want to, can and do) find opportunities somewhere else. So yes, there are legacies we must acknowledge as it gives certain groups better opportunities than the other, which must be corrected but are not, as the politicians do not like the stats. Did the black people all of sudden forgot that they used to be segregated, politically and economically? But high level analytics, quick actions and promises and bold statements that cater for the most votes is what really works for politicians. Why should white people think that black people will easily wipe the slate clean after 20 odd years? It’s funny when I read so much on the many on line forums the racists comments that eminent from both races (black and white) and people think that in the real world we are all goody good. And yes, the black graduate from varsity or the ones able to vote will get then ANC back into power.
Not because they are corrupt, full of empty promises, do not create jobs but because they are black and they (black) will NOT want to see a white person run this country.

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