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This education resume was developed using a functional format, which is often the best choice for career changers. Using a quote at the top of this teaching job resume is a dramatic, eye-catching beginning that immediately creates interest and shows the reader the candidate's value. Numerous high schools are starting to incorporate job skills training into the special education curriculum by teaching students how to create and sell products to students and faculty at school.
One example is Freedom High School’s special education class that magically converts into an elegant Italian bistro with student “cooks” and “waiters” by noon. The students practice customer service with teachers, take reservations, prepare meals, clean up, and run the cash register—all valued job skills they may otherwise never be taught. By not only learning these job skills, but also practicing them in everyday transactions, the students acquire basic job skills that can help them one day land a real entry-level labor position such as a grocery, janitorial, retail, or warehouse assistant. Williams High School’s special education class has also started teaching job skills by selling canine treats to students and faculty. Similarly, the students learn how to successfully follow directions, socialize with customers, and sell a product—the most basic job skills needed for any position. For further job skills training and transitional programs for students with special needs, check out our First Job Survival Skills, JobSmart, and Transitions curricula. Transitions Curriculum: most extensive,flexible,comprehensive #WorkSkills program avaliable!
This education sample cover letter was developed for a client who had earned an Early Childhood Development Diploma.
Betty was a mom who had completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Development, but had had only part-time, non-relevant paid jobs. Use quotes in your resume if appropriate; however, be sure to back them up with a letter of reference from a former supervisor.

By creating a job-like setting within the classroom, students learn basic job skills they may otherwise never learn.
Lights are dimmed, flameless candles are “lit,” and Italian music soars through the air and Voila for $5 teachers and staff have an onsite cafe.
By mimicking the working world inside the comforting walls of the school, the students with special needs are taught valuable job skills in a welcoming, non-threatening environment surrounded by friends and faculty.
They see them as customers now, so they really take some pride in that,” says Bernice Blankenship, a special education teacher at Freedom.
Just as the student employees serve their customers fresh soups and salads at Freedom High School, Williams’ students join the workforce by baking and selling dog treats. With continued efforts taken to teach job skills in special education classrooms, students with special needs will have a better chance of getting a job in the future.
If you have work experience as a teacher and have completed other relevant courses, these may be worth a mention too. I devise programs, according to syllabus requirements, that develop previous knowledge and encourage students to explore new and interesting possibilities.
When the quote is discussed in an interview, you will have written verification to add credibility.
They also have afters school taco Tuesdays and Wednesdays and run a coffee cart with pastries in the morning. They’re going to be their parents’ responsibility for the rest of their life unless they can get some job skills,” says Janelle Grimm, another special education teacher. I encourage students to construct their own learning in an environment that stimulates and helps students to realise their full potential.
The reader gets a strong feeling of Betty's character, and how it's a perfect fit for this field.

This resume sample was selected from numerous educational resumes we have developed for job seekers in this important field.
The three skill sets used are strong and relevant, helping the resume sample create interview interest.
There are a number of skills that a good teacher should have and it is good if you can show that you have these from the cover letter. These include communication, organisation, creative, imaginative, analytical, time management and interpersonal skills.
It is possible that skills in IT, drama, sport, modern languages, community or art could be favourable and so these are worth a mention as well. Teaching has long hours and needs a lot of commitment, so if you have not worked as a teacher before, you will need to ensure it is clear that you are able to happily cope with this.
I was particularly interested in this job because of the reputation for the school being particularly focussed on drama. I have a background in drama, having attended a stage school each Saturday morning for four years, while at school. Since graduating from xxx after getting my PGCE, I have been working at xxx school on a part-time basis.
I feel that I have great teaching skills, with lots of patience as well as creative skills.I am hoping that this job will help me step in to a fill time job as a teacher. I hope that it will accommodate me for many years as I plan to stay in the area and really relish the idea of working at the school, one that I have admired ever since I heard about it.I have enclosed my CV for your perusal and am available for interview Wednesday ? Friday each week.

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