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This education resume was developed using a functional format, which is often the best choice for career changers. One of the biggest and most important sectors in the UK, jobs in education involve everything from teaching assistant to curator and librarian. Most of us always wanted to escape school when we were kids but for some, the love of education never goes away. If you’re an utter bookworm and can think of nothing better than being surrounded by books, then it’s time you found out about a career as a librarian (quietly of course).
If you fancy yourself as Mary Poppins (or Nanny McPhee), a job working with children might be the one for you!
If you have a passion for working with children, especially those with special educational needs, you'll find a career as a Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator really rewarding.
In times of larger classes and staff shortages, teachers need help in educating the minds of the future and keeping the class clowns under control. Whether you want to advertise a single job quickly and easily or search among more than 8.5 million candidates on our CV database, totaljobs can help you. This is an immediate call to anyone with previous experience as a Teacher or Tutor to send in their application for our current need to fill several teaching positions within our workforce.
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Getting an education is the only way you are going to have financial stability,” says Laurie Campbell, executive director of the financial literacy non-profit Credit Canada. In a report released last year, former Seneca president Rick Miner estimated that a decade from now, up to 700,000 people in Ontario will be unemployable because of a lack of education and training.
A study of workers two years after graduation shows that those low-earning or underemployed university grads may have been better prepared for the workforce having taken a skills-focused college program. Hygiene: The single most important duty for any nursing home job is maintaining proper hygiene. Dressing: Many patients who need the assistance of a nursing home require assistance with dressing.
Bathroom Assistance: One of the least pleasant jobs of a nursing home worker is also one of the most vital. Mobility: A vast majority of those living at a nursing home will require assistance with their mobility. Safety: Finally, it is vital that residents in a nursing home are provided a safe and secure environment. Betty was a mom who had completed her Diploma in Early Childhood Development, but had had only part-time, non-relevant paid jobs.

If you're looking for a career where you can actively help people to learn, then our education job descriptions are just what you need to get started. Keeping children safe, happy and well looked after through appropriately meeting their daily care needs, nursery nurses play a vital role.
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The goal: to get 70 per cent of the workforce to attain some level of post-secondary education. Burke’s hopes are pinned on receiving an acceptance letter from the University of Guelph, where she plans to earn a Bachelor of Science before applying for a four-year program at the Ontario Veterinary College.
Learn even more about the many career and personal benefits of being a Certified Professional.
And if new university graduates find themselves in a lower-paying job than expected, they can reassure themselves with the knowledge that the financial benefits of their education become more significant later in their career; university grads see their salaries double on average between the ages of 25 and 54. The needs of the elderly can vary drastically from patient to patient and a great nursing home nurse must be able to meet the all of these needs for this diverse group. The level of assistance needed will vary with each patient, but to maintain a healthy environment in the nursing home, both it and its residents must be kept well-maintained and hygienic. This usually entails simply assisting someone with putting on outer garments that they are no longer flexible enough to easily wear.
This does not just mean physically feeding a patient, but also making sure that residents are getting fed a well-balanced diet on a proper schedule. Bathroom assistance is needed because of the hygiene issue but also because people want to feel they still live with a sense of dignity. They are trusting the nursing home with not only their well-being, but with their valuables. Higher education is not only necessary to get a foot in the door of this shifting labour market, but is also beneficial for long-term employability and earning potential. College and high school educated workers can expect their salaries to grow by 50 per cent over the same period, but because college grads earn significantly more on average, that growth represents more financial benefit to college grads. That said, there are many general aspects to nursing home care that are true across all patients.
This is accomplished through proper cleaning procedures that are both preventative and timely.
Anyone living in a nursing home must be able to trust that they can leave a valuable out in the open without fear of it disappearing.

The six most essential duties in a nursing home job are hygiene, dressing, feeding, bathroom assistance, mobility, and safety. Preventative cleaning is essential to keep the nursing home from developing easily avoided problems.
Some nursing home residents will require significant help getting dressed and anyone working in a nursing home should be prepared to provide this level of assistance. Some will need food carefully prepared to meet a specific need while others may simply need their food cut up so they can easily maneuver the food. A nursing home worker must be willing to not only help clean up when such an event occurs, but make sure the person being cleaned does not feel that they are in any way abnormal or disgusting. Nursing home workers must be prepared to not only assist with mobility through the use of canes, walkers, and wheel chairs, but must provide mobility assistance with patience.
In addition, nursing homes must be diligent to provide a secure environment that is free of internal and external dangers.
The three skill sets used are strong and relevant, helping the resume sample create interview interest. Although high school graduates only enjoy a slight income advantage over those without a high school diploma ($4,300 more annually on average), university graduates earn nearly double what high school graduates do ($23,000 more), according to Statistics Canada.
Timely cleaning means maintaining and sanitizing immediately after a food spill, broken glass, or bodily fluids.
Included in the idea of feeding is that some patients require IV bags to provide them with their daily nutrients. This is one of the toughest aspects of the job but a great worker can do it with care and understanding. Workers must constantly realize that if it is frustrating for them, then it is 10 times more frustrating for the person who cannot move faster.
The building must be secure to prevent someone from entering without someone that works at the nursing home being aware of their presence.
These numbers show that, for most people, university offers the most promising long-term financial benefit. Safety is the single most difficult aspect of a nursing home job, but is unquestionably important for those living there. A 2004 report commissioned by the Ontario Coalition for Postsecondary Education found that while 25 per cent of university grads made significantly more than their high school and college peers, another 25 per cent of university grads actually earned less than the average high school graduate.

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