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New Delhi, August 04, 2014: The Japan Education Fair 2014 held today at Hotel Lalit, New Delhi turned out to be an extremely successful event with more than 1300 students and visitors attending the fair from schools, colleges, etc.
Representatives from nine Japanese universities and one Japanese language school participated in the fair organized by Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) and co-organized by Ritsumeikan India Office in collaboration with Embassy of Japan, The Japan Foundation, MOSAI (Mombusho Scholars Association of India) & The University of Tokyo. The universities had displayed booth for counselling to attend the student’s queries.
The Japan Education Fair 2014 presented a good opportunity for those seeking higher education in Japan. Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) is an independent administrative institution established under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). JASSO comprehensively administers scholarship loan programs, support programs for international students, and student support programs. Ritsumeikan, established in 1900, is an integrated academy with a rich culture of individuality and international awareness accommodating a total of 48,000 students.
Little interest in the language is not the sole concern—though that is a considerable problem—but the very institutions under which it is taught, according to The Japan Times.
English is given little importance in school entrance exams, which weigh heavily on grammar and translation with no speaking component. Some of the problem stems from a lack of real speaking experience on behalf of the Japanese teachers—an issue that may be partially addressed by new standards that will require English teachers to study abroad.

A curriculum that jumps from one thing to another without taking into consideration the difference in level of each student has often created confusion in the classroom. Parents’ sentiments on the matter are no different, with many saying learning English is a complete waste of time.
Major Japanese condiment maker Mizkan Group will take over Unilever’s pasta sauce operations under the Ragu and Bertolli brands starting next month. A premier source of English information and lifestyle content for people living in and wanting to find out more about Tokyo. The fair also witnessed a heavy footfall from the parents who had accompanied their wards in order to help them chart a successful career graph.
Kiyofumi Kawaguchi-Chancellor of Ritsumeikan University, Japan added, “It is wonderful to be associated again with the education fair.
To keep them engaged and to give a glimpse of Japanese culture Origami, Tea ceremony, Japanese dolls, Robot, & other videos were showcased.
The purpose of these programs is to foster the development of creative individuals who, rich in humanism, will become the leaders of society in the next generation, while at the same time to promote international understanding and exchange. The current Ritsumeikan Academy has campuses in Kyoto, Shiga, Hokkaido, and Oita and encompasses two universities, four high schools, four junior high schools, and one primary school. However, another problem stems from the fact that native English teachers frequently don’t speak Japanese, or are not allowed to speak Japanese in class, which can make it more difficult for students to understand.

Takeshi Yagi, Ambassador of Japan to India, commented, “It is a privilege to be here and it is pleasing to see so many students turn up to be a part of the fair. Japan has a lot of leading universities in most of the academic fields including natural sciences and engineering. Many reputed universities of Japan have lent their support by agreeing to be a part of JEF 2014 and we thank them for their support. It’s like an additional recess period,” Tomoko Inoue, mother to a junior high school student in Osaka who observed a class where students were taught the English alphabet. The inauguration was followed by a seminar on Study in Japan which gave lot of information about the country, scope of education, cost of living for the students, etc. In recent years, both the Indian and the Japanese governments have acknowledged the importance of trade and exchange of goods and services between the nations.
A common aspect of the participants is the focus to develop internship programme, fieldwork and skill development programmes. We realise Indian students have a lot of potential to excel thus giving them an opportunity to visit and study in Japan which is home to some of world’s biggest corporate houses.

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