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We eat from trenchers (plates), usually with a spoon or simply fingers, assisted by a knife. Forks have not yet become popular in England, except as a tool for holding large pieces of meat while carving. Napkins (not serviettes) are slung over the shoulder or arm, often secured with a pin — not tucked into the neck or laid on the lap. A well-set table is laid with a carpet, then a white damask cloth, trenchers, and bread (one loaf for every one or two diners).
In a fine house, a servant or two takes a ewer and basin to each diner so they can rinse their hands before eating. When the meal is finished, any broken meats that remain are given to the servants or distributed to the poor at the kitchen door. While I am assured that it has fallen out of fashion, it may at any time rear its awkward head again. The people that came to the Middle Colonies were mainly people searching for religous freedom. The Middle Colonies had rich soil, allowing the area to become a major exporter of wheat and other grains. Abundant forests attracted both the lumbering and shipbuilding industries to the Middle Colonies. The Victorian age in British history is named after Queen Victoria, who was Britain's queen from 1837 until 1901. In Victorian classrooms, children could easily find the countries of the Empire on a map because they were coloured pink or red. The Industrial Revolution changed Britain from a land of small towns, villages and farms into a land of cities, large towns and factories. Some Victorian houses were built to look like mediaeval castles, with pinnacles and turrets.

This was a group of workers in the countryside, doing jobs like weeding, sowing seeds, and harvesting crops. Temperance organization which tried to stop people, especially children, from drinking alcohol. A school run in her home by an elderly woman, known as a dame, where children were taught basic reading and writing.
A group of men who travelled around Britain to investigate the working conditions of children in both factories and mines. Boys' schools, started in the Middle Ages as an alternative to Church schools and giving free education to some boys. The era of rapid and great change in industry and manufacturing with the growth of factories, beginning in the late 1700s.
These were pieces of slate (like a flat stone), sometimes set inside a wooden frame, used for writing - with a special slate pencil.
Disease causing fever and, in those who did not die from it, leaving 'pockmarks' on the skin.
Place where people without means of support (usually the very poor, young and elderly) were sent to live; they got a food and a bed in return for work.
Through Gerald's paternal line, he is the direct descendent of several American Colonists emigrating from England, Holland and France all during the 17th century.
People who put a fork right into their mouths are either too, too fastidious, too Italianate, or terribly brave.
The lumber and shipbuilding industries enjoyed success in the Middle Colonies because of the abundant forests, and Pennsylvania saw moderate success in the textile and iron industry. They liked the idea of having the people celebrating their own culture so that way they could keep the cultures very much alive in the new world. These industries, along with the presence of deep river estuaries, led to the appearance of important ports like New York and Philadelphia.

She had her first bathe in the sea, while on holiday on the Isle of Wight with her husband Prince Albert and her children. In 1882, he was sold to an American circus despite thousands of letters from children to Queen Victoria begging her to keep Jumbo in England. In Victorian times, coal heated homes and provided steam power for machines, trains and ships. Gerald was a native of Wayne County, NY and a long time resident of the greater Rochester vicinity.
They also thought that it was also okay if you wanted to celebrate other culture, so it basically was a free world.
Also, the Middle Colonies were often called the bread basket because they often grew and sold wheat.
No TV, no computers, no central heating, no cars (until the last few years of Victoria's reign). It's time to find out how children (your great-great-great-grandparents perhaps!) lived more than a hundred years ago.
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