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Swine flu has become the HOTTEST topic of today, which is worrisome to people all over the world. The emergence of the Asian Tiger economies like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Hong Kong confirms this. By the turn of 21st century, all four had developed into high income economies, especially in competitive advantage. These and the migration of BRIC countries (Brazil, India, China) into the club of industrialised nations are often cited by Nigerian policy makers, past and present, as reason why the country should redouble efforts to develop education and manpower. The NERDC has a mandate to create the enabling environment for educational research and development to thrive, and encourage collaboration with education partners. The Nigerian government and stakeholders have called for a review of the education curriculum to align with development aspirations.
Ade Adeyinka, a professor of education, listed the problems in the educational system to include responsibility and control between the government and society, diversification, unstable curriculum and subjects, relating education to manpower needs, unstable teachers, neglect of manpower sector in the economy, equipment, poorly equipped libraries, scarcity and high cost of books.
Other problems include the rising number of out of school children, especially in the North, because of cultural hindrances or displacement caused by insurgency.
A private school operator, Fred Chiwuba, noted that “many problems litter our knowledge sector. Adeyinka stressed that the effect of the distorted educational system Nigeria has pursued since independence has led to underdevelopment, as human capacity remains unharnessed, and the country finds it difficult to diversify its economy, grow productivity, and multiply wealth. He added: “Underdevelopment is a constellation of circumstances, physical, social and political which contribute to the deprivation of the mind as well as the body.
The NERDC began a review of the primary and secondary school curriculum in 2011 to take effect from January 12, 2015 with the monitoring of the implementation of revised Basic Education Curriculum (BEC).
The monitoring team comprises research officers from the NERDC, federal Ministry of Education, officials from the office of senior assistant to the president on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Task Team, and officials of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The monitoring includes visits to state Ministries of Education and States Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEBS). Obioma disclosed that the next step towards ensuring implementation will include printing and dissemination of primaries four to six booklets of the curriculum, preparatory to take off in 2017. It will also include capacity building of teachers until they are competent enough to implement the curriculum as intended, and the development of an e-curriculum resource portal for teachers and learners. The current BEC, which took effect from 2013, has 10 subjects, a reduction of 50 per cent from the previous one.

For primaries four to six, there are eight or nine subjects – English, mathematics, basic science and technology, pre-vocational studies (agriculture, home economics, and entrepreneurship), religious knowledge, culture and procreative arts, French and Arabic (optional). Another parent, Pius Ukpong, who is also a school teacher, argued that “for effective implementation of modified school curriculum, parents and teachers need to work hand in hand in educational development. In the view of Gregory Nwachukwu, a guardian and businessman, “there are so many issues that are yet to be addressed in the education sector, especially at primary and secondary levels.
The NERDC received inputs from the ICPC, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), Consumer Protection Council (CPC), and National Orientation Agency (NOA). Each remains in maturation arrest at the crossing-over stage until ovulation Each month one is ovulated Meiosis I not completed until ovulation Polar body Meiosis II not completed until fertilisation 2 nd polar body Zygote Oocytes, time and the completion of meiosis There may be a lengthy interval between onset and completion of meiosis (up to 50 years later) Accumulating effects on the primary oocyte during this phase may damage the cells spindle formation and repair mechanisms predisposing to non-disjunction. As the number of people being affected continues to rise, it is very important to take precautionary measures in order to keep ourselves healthy and hygienic. As medieval societies give way to industrial ones, the place of modern education becomes of great priority. These nations maintained exceptionally high growth rate, in excess of 7 per cent a year, and rapid industrialisation between the 1960s and 1990s. It has been argued at various fora that the current curriculum is no longer relevant in meeting national needs. The states have their own systems different from that run at the federal level,” he explained. Subjects such as information communication technology (ICT), entrepreneurial studies, natural medicine, and French are compulsory at junior and senior secondary. There is also talk that another set of modified curriculum will be implemented by 2017 which emphasises practical technology in primary and secondary education.
Before, most schools, especially those that did not have up to six classes did not bother to teach computer studies. If they are saying that they are making a syllabus that will apply to Nigerian schools, what about the North, are you going to force them to study French? Are the mission schools adapting to a national syllabus that imparts worthy national values beyond the creeds and codes of the missions and individuals that established them? She is trisomic for the portion of chromosome 1 distal to 1q25, the translocation breakpoint, and monosomic for chromosome 22 distal to 22q13. The short arms of all the acrocentric chromosomes (13, 14, 15, 21, 22) contain similar DNA.

If one chromosome has an inversion compared to its homolog, they usually form a looped structure.
The non-disjunction involves only the single pair of chromosomes (meiosis I) or the single chromosome (meiosis II) shown; all the other chromosomes (not shown) disjoin and segregate normally. During prophase 1, matching chromosome segments pair, resulting in a cross-shaped tetravalent containing the normal and translocated copies of chromosomes 1 and 22.
Some have migrated from less developed to developing nations due to the impact of investment made in education in the last decades of the 20th century.
Inappropriate recombination between two non- homologous chromosomes produces the fusion chromosome, which functions as a normal single chromosome in mitosis.
Only one of the two copies of chromosome 22 contains the sequence that hybridizes to this probe.
It consists of two successive cell divisions, producing four daughter cells (although in oogenesis only one of these develops into a mature oocyte; the others form the polar bodies). Each of the 23 structures is a bivalent, consisting of two homologous chromosomes, each having two chromatids. Are our children not supposed to be learning our laws and Constitution in secondary school, is it inbuilt in the civic education programme?
Meiosis has two main functions: to reduce the chromosome number in the gamete to 23, and to ensure that every gamete is genetically unique. Education creates awareness in the population that makes them self-reliance and self-dependent .
Education is such source that increases if it is distributed , Large number of International NGO are providing free education to the orphan students of developing Country . I have provided education to students of SOS children Village for many year in the beginning of my teaching Career . Education has the power to create stability and equality in different religions , caste people .

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