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Kindergarten math is more than just worksheets, so CKA is here to help with plenty of ideas to help make your math instruction fun, engaging and hands on! We’ll be adding more math activities regularly, so check back soon to see what’s new! For this activity, students are asked to bring in 100 pennies (counted at home, as a homework assignment) to spend in Zero the Hero’s Store. Today’s Tuesday Teaching Tip comes to us from CKA President-Elect and kindergarten teacher, Kimberly DeMille.
Parents often ask their kids what they want to be when they grow up, but Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) takes that question very seriously. Learning how play — rather than sitting at a table for long periods of time under the watch of lecturing teachers — is actually beneficial to children. The contribution of parents is crucial to a top performing kid: set high standards and hold your kids to them. A Montessori education brings independence, confidence, curiosity and an eagerness to learn. Parents know how key a single teacher can be in their child’s education, but schools say the best outcome for kids is the result of a group effort.

There’s always lots of griping going on about what’s wrong with education, but truth be told, what happens at home directly impacts what happens at school. Make your home a pleasant “school” when it comes to homework, so everyone gets in on the learning. When your child has a learning disability, you really need to know what to expect and what to do so she can succeed. Education jobs are those jobs which are directly or indirectly related to the field of education. For a person looking for any such job, it is important to have a strong CV with most attributes and requirements met. A person should be clear about the kind of job he is looking for and accordingly design his CV. He must have required knowledge, skills and educational qualifications in order to apply for the job profile.
With ample, experience, it gets easier to grab the job, thus the experience details must be clearly mentioned in the resume. A person must be keen on providing education and must set a good example for the students or authority which is under him.

Students are invited to wear their snow gear to school (caps, hats, mittens, boots, scarves).
A new initiative called My Tomorrow tackles the task of preparing high schoolers for what happens after they graduate.
This may be more clearly understood as the work related to teaching and providing education at a lower or higher level. Thus there are many different jobs that can be generated within it and the education job descriptions lays down the skill sets needed to work in the field. Is Ohio combining Ohio standards with the Common Core standards or using the Common Core standards only?
The scope for people in this field has seen some rapid increase in the last few years as a result of growing popularity of attaining education.

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