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The '2016 Trends in Executive Development: A Benchmark Report' has been published by Executive Development Associates (EDA).
While the need for leadership remained steady, the new results indicate a slight shift in how leaders approach challenges with a new emphasis on cognitive readiness and a continued emphasis on critical thinking. Since its inception four years ago, the Centre for Executive Education (CEE Global) have worked hard to thoughtfully develop great human resource management and leadership development solutions that truly address critical business needs of today's organisations operating in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) business environment. In the 10th edition of the HR Vendors of the Year (VOTY) Awards this year, Human Resources magazine’s long-running annual vendor rankings report recognised and celebrated the best of service providers for HR professionals, this prestigious award honours the most esteemed HR Vendors and promotes excellence across the plethora of HR services and solutions. Following our Chairman & CEO, Prof Sattar Bawany's appointment earlier last year as Adjunct Professor with the Curtin Graduate School of Business of Curtin University, we are pleased to announce that he has been appointed to serve on the Curtin Business School (CBS) International Advisory Board. Curtin University is one of the Asia-Pacific region’s largest multi-national, multi-cultural business schools. The CBS Advisory Board network forms one of the most extensive advisory groups of any Australian business school. Prof Sattar Bawany, CEO of Centre for Executive Education, delivered an impactful and engaging session on "What it takes to be a quality of life changemaker?" at the Sodexo's inaugural Global Quality of Life (QoL) Conference moderated by Arianna Huffington, Chair, President, Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group on 6 May 2015 at Conrad Hotel, New York City, New York, USA. To aid executives and managers in overcoming challenges associated with younger generations, new research from The Centre for Executive Education (CEE) analysed the attitudes, behaviours and workplace preferences of both Generation Y (ages 20 to 34) and Generation Z (ages 16 to 19) employees. Surveying 304 respondents from both Gen Y and Z in Singapore, the report broke down what both generations look for in an organisation, what factors encourage them to stay in the company, how they like to be led, and the type of organisational culture they prefer.
While Gen Ys looked for career growth and advancement, Gen Zs viewed job satisfaction as a priority.
Gen Zs also preferred greater workplace flexibility, better balance between their work and home life with telecommuting facilities or a work-from-home arrangement, whereas Gen Ys favoured traditional hours and method of working.
When it came to talent retention, 75% of Gen Y and Z indicated they expect to remain with an organisation for less than five years. Gen Ys also stated they would switch jobs if they were promised higher pay, while Gen Zs were more swayed by better perks and benefits.
Both generations stated they expected their leaders to be effective communicators and good listeners, with 95% of Gen Z and 85% of Gen Y citing their ideal manager as a coach or mentor figure. The report also found while both generations value company leadership and employer’s branding, job titles and in-house training were not major areas of consideration for them. Gen Y favoured working with a supervisor that they can respect and learn from, Gen Z placed working with people they enjoy as a top priority for an ideal work environment. Findings reveal Gen Z is realistic, less motivated by money and more loyal compared to Gen Y.
Gen Y seeks career growth and advancement whereas for Gen Z job satisfaction is a priority. Gen Z prefers greater workplace flexibility, better balance between their work and home life with telecommuting facilities or a work-from-home arrangement, whereas Gen Y favours traditional hours and method of working. 75% of Gen Y and Z indicated they expect to remain with an organisation for less than five years Gen Z generally expects to stay in their current position for at least 3 to 5 years.
While both generations value company leadership and employer’s branding, job titles and in-house training are not major areas of consideration for them.
Gen Y tends to switch jobs if they are promised higher pay, while Gen Z is more swayed by better perks and benefits. Gen Y favours working with a supervisor that they can respect and learn from, Gen Z places working with people they enjoy as a top priority for an ideal work environment.
According to Professor Sattar Bawany, CEO of Centre for Executive Education (CEE), who is also the Principal Investigator for the Research, the study highlight attributes that distinguish Gen Z and Gen Y employees from a talent management perspective. He notes that in light of the desire of both generations to be involved in activities and initiatives related to various societal issues, employers are recommended to tap into that interest by involving them in charitable activities.

Additionally he says “Flexibility is vital to managing Gen Y and Z, especially if your organisation comprises a multigenerational workforce.
The Research aims includes identifying the unique values and belief systems that Gen Y and Z embody, their attitudes to work and life, their highly ambitious and inquisitive nature, and how to best fit them in organisation locally and around the world in the context of today’s economic reality and diverse workplace.
Survey data was collected from 304 respondents from both Gen Y and Z in Singapore during the period of September 2014 to January 2015. Centre of Executive Education (CEE) is a premier network of established human resource development and consulting firms around the globe which partners with clients to design solutions for leaders at all levels who will navigate the firm through tomorrow's business challenges. The International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) and Centre for Executive Education (CEE) are proud to announce partnership with Human Resources, the organiser of leading Human Resources conferences. International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) is a not-for-profit professional member organisation whose mission is to provide practicing managers with the opportunity to participate and to be part of the process of improving managerial performance and effectiveness in all areas of business, industry and public administration.
Now in its 3rd year running, the Talent Management Asia 2015 is tailored for leaders and HR managers who need to stay abreast of the talent management trends and be equipped with results-proven strategies. IPMA is also endorsing the Asia Recruitment Awards 2015 which is to be held on 12 May 2015 at A’loft Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 28 May 2015 at InterContinental Hotel, Singapore.
SINGAPORE - A survey to find out what makes Generation Y and Z employees tick at work is being done now by human resource network CEE Global.
The research aims to find out what attracts and retains workers from Gen Y - those born between 1980 and 1994 - in their current workplaces. With this data, the network seeks to equip organisations in better managing younger workers. Organisations which participate in this survey will get a copy of the final report when it is published in November.
The Research aims to find out about Gen Y at work – what attracts them to their organisation they are serving, retains them and drives or engages them as well as what they expects from their leaders.
The survey also aims to discover what Gen Z (those currently studying in tertiary institutions) looks for in selecting their prospective employers or organisations and what are their expectations from the employee engagement and retention perspective. Our objective is to help organisations become better equipped to manage their younger generation of employees. The answers will be kept confidential and the record kept of the survey responses does not contain any identifying information about the respondent.
All of the information will be treated confidentially, the data will be stored at CEE Global and no individuals or their responses will be identified. These highly interactive, informative and practical sessions provided CAG participants with a deeper understanding of what the generational differences are, how those differences impact their own perception and communication style, as well as on intra and inter team effectiveness within CAG to create an organisational climate which is more harmonious, productive and mutually respectful to both colleagues and external partners.
This session included research findings on how to engage a multi-generational workforce, and how best to leverage on the strengths that each generation of employees bring to the table to create real value to the CAG partners and the organisation as a whole. For details on the Testimonial from CAG and other clients on Executive Briefing Sessions on Multigenerational Workforce related themes, please visit here.
14 February 2014 - CEE Global Strategic Partner, Executive Development Associates (EDA) and Pearson TalentLens announce the release of the 2014 Trends in Executive Development Research. For three decades, this text has been the leading introduction to HRM for students at all levels, including those on CIPD-accredited courses.
Mastery of manufacturing technologies, a forte of the Chukyo region, and the creation and implementation of an educational program to train the next generation of international human resources.
My goal is to maximize the rate of local procurement and optimize global procurement while achieving quality, prices, and delivery dates that meet world standards. This course is a human resources training program designed to train students in the use of CATIA V5, software used in the automobile and aircraft industries.
This course is a human resources training program designed to cultivate the ability to notice, evaluate, and solve problems lurking on the factory train plant managers able to play an active role both domestically and abroad.

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers a wide variety of corporate and professional education programs to help individuals and businesses succeed. The High Performance Leadership training series includes four one-day workshops addressing each of the top four essential leadership skills: communication, supervision, coaching, and conflict management.
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi partnered with Career WebSchool to provide high quality, affordable, online education programs to prepare you for a career in real estate sales or appraisal or meet mandatory continuing education (MCE) for renewing your license. The Finalists were identified through an extensive online preferences survey of HR managers in Asia, which ultimately shaped the winners of the awards on the night.
We develop a diverse international perspective through our curriculum and research activities.
With a network of more than 70 members of industry, CBS receives a wealth of insight and expertise that works to shape our business programs for the benefit of students and industry alike. Comprised of company CEOs, directors, and senior government officers, the board provides regular input into the University's research and course direction, ensuring that the courses are responsive to the market and its evolving needs. These younger generations need guidance through coaching and mentoring rather than control and micro-management.
Come up with a sabbatical policy that would allow these employees to embark on paid leave in support of worthwhile causes.
Their views were obtained via an online survey and the results were further validated during focus group interviews. It also hopes to capture the expectations which Gen Z workers hold towards their prospective employers. Your organisation participation in this survey will provide us with insights as to what Generation Y expects from their leaders and how they are being motivated.
The respondent data will be kept in accordance with the Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act (2012). In addition, I seek to train future leaders in possession of technological and planning abilities that will enable them to autonomously develop a regional strategy.
The course trains students not just to be tracers who draw blueprints but to be design engineers able to understand everything from product functions and manufacturing processes to model structural analysis. This is accomplished through a curriculum of seminars at the Nagoya Institute of Technology where students will learn production and quality management, and a curriculum of kaizen activities the shop floors of participating companies.
John Sullivan, Louis Carter, Maya Hu Chan & Charles Hampden-Turner, this is the must-attend events for all managers and HR leaders.
Comprehensively covering all major areas of the field, this edition has been updated with the issues and debates facing HRM today. The CAD room is open weekday evenings and weekend afternoons, so you can study in a way that matches your lifestyle. Our online continuing education courses offer a convenient, affordable way to enhance job skills.
Leaders at all levels need to have a broader skill set, one that equips them to think and act globally in a VUCA business environment. They must do so while embracing cross-cultural diversity and cultivating collaborative relationships within and outside their walls.

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