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News from Cooperative Extension is part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension For Your Information Network. In thinking back over the last twenty years, even ten years, education has changed dramatically in some areas.
Years ago most early childhood education programs were completed from home with parents but that has been changing to where there are now multiple types of programs available for children. Although there may be some education principles used in a daycare or childcare setting, most of these facilities are for caring for children whose parents are working and unable to stay with them at home. If choosing to enroll a child into an education program, do some research on a few different schools. PoPo inc was founded by Pankaj Sharma & Manik Sharma with an aim to make it India's leading tech firm by 2020. There are education programs ranging from one or two days a week, to a full five day program each week.

Most preschool programs are more in line with what one typically thinks of with an early childhood education program.
There are some families who can afford to have a parent at home in order to help educate the children in preparation for their school years. Look at things like teacher to child ratio, cost, curriculum used, food served and allergy protocols, and if it is a religious program. Basically Sundar Pichai is a great businessman of india and Senior vice President at the very famous company GOOGLE. He holds an M.S from Stanford University and MBA from Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania. After this in May, 2010 sundar Pichai announced the open-sourcing of the new video codec VP8 by the Google. Many of these programs have been developed in order to meet the rising demands on levels of education, as well as to help meet the needs of working parents. These programs vary in days and hours offered, but should offer a variety of learning experiences preparing them for the next age level of learning.

Others may be more focused on certain methodologies like Montessori where instruction is done according to a particular style of learning.
You cannot be too careful when choosing a good early childhood education program for your child. There are other schools that will rely heavily on technology even at a young age, but others where technology is not used in the classroom to promote more free thinking and creativity. Some may choose to enroll their children in a program for growth in areas of socialization or a particular skill their child needs to improve.
In the month of April of 2011, he was director of Jive Software.Sundar Pichai was also worked in Engineering and Product management at Applied management in Management Consulting.

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