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In this video, Heather Reid OBE tours the six global climate zones and provides more detail about the characteristics of each climate zone.
Why don’t you join me on a quick tour of the globe to find out more about climate zones around the world? Heather Reid OBE reflects on the impact climate change will have on our understanding of climate zones. Education Scotland is the national body in Scotland for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching. 25+ Knowledgeable Collection of Education Quotes Posted in Quotes By Naina Emmanuel On July 20, 2013 The process learning, gaining and getting knowledge is called education.
There are two kinds of educations, one a religious education we get to know the God and our purpose for coming to this world and other is for worldly affairs, education we get for our career.
It is said that education is the only that cannot be stolen from anyone though precious gems, pearls and money has a doubt of being stolen.
To survive in this society, one must have a sense of responsibility, broaden mind and thoughts, must be financially secured, aware from currently affairs, and must have strong communication and social skills which only comes from education. The great leader Quaid-e-Azam said: prosperity and advancement of the nations’ depend on educated youth of that nation. Mahatma Gandhi said: “live as you were to die tomorrow, and learn as you were to live forever". Aristotle says, the difference between educated and uneducated person is as same as between, live and dead.

She finally reached a life-changing moment when a member of the Taliban shot her point-blank on her way to school on Oct.
Through every interview, Malala not only expresses the importance of educating the ignorant but also remains humble, even as she is depicted to be Pakistan’s “Mother Teresa,” much like Mahatma Gandhi’s humility as Indians called him “the Father of our nation.” Her take on progressive action through peace and education is an echo of Gandhi’s stance to use nonviolence as a weapon against imperialism. Gandhi was able to make millions of people stand up for their rights against the strongest imperialist power in the world’s history. However, unlike Gandhi’s fight for independence, Malala’s fight is made more difficult in the world of drones and weighted international relations.
Although Gandhi was assassinated, Malala has proved that a bullet would not be able to stop her from raising her voice to fight for the education and the empowerment of young girls. Come on it shouldn’t take long.Temperate ZoneThe first climate zone we’re visiting is temperate. The video begins with an overview of the climate zones followed by a brief tour of the world in which the features of each zone are explained in more detail. Education is a word that itself is an act of literacy; an educated person is considered as most respectful, sensible and wise person in the society. As she describes on the Jon Stewart show, she debated what to do if a member of the Taliban came to attack her, even considering hitting the man with her shoe but told herself, “’If you hit a Talib with your shoe, then there would be no difference between you and the Talib. Malala was not only nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, but she has also created a fund for educating girls in developing and war stricken countries including Syria, Afghanistan and India with international as well as celebrity support through Angelina Jolie and others. As she continues to promote that education is the solution to war rather than violence, one must consider how exactly education can be used to stop Taliban fighters.

The video concludes by reflecting on the impact climate change will have on global climate. Education makes a man capable enough to decide between right and wrong and in the era we are living is the time of technology and literacy, success without education is like an impossible thing. Without education we are like insane, that has no sense of learning and listening to others. From surviving this near death experience and going through multiple surgeries to finally being able to actually walk and speak after a bullet went through her head, which severed a nerve in her face and shattered her left eardrum, Malala’s survival and recovery is nothing short of miraculous.
For Gandhi, it was the people of the South Asian subcontinent and for Yousafzai, it is for the girls of not only Pakistan, but of all developing countries where they follow the double standard of leaving girls uneducated and at home. How can we insist on creating a dialogue with religious extremists who seem to be adamant that Western influence can only be negative? This video has also been made available in separate sections to give teachers more flexibility of use.
These challenges along with others remind us that as we rile behind Malala and her beliefs, only crying out foul will attract attention but we won’t get results unless we implement policies in which education and dialogue is created between the extremists such as the Taliban and advocates for girls’ education. Now countries close to the equator where the weather is hot and humid have a tropical climate. In tropical climates during the wet season it can rain very heavily almost every day but at the same time temperatures stay above 25? Celsius even in the winter.

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