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Career and business education has changed in recent years with many free opportunities now available.
There are new types of free education from companies like Khan Academy and Coursera to name a couple.
Northwestern University, Six Week Session, Begins on January 13, 2014: This professional Content Strategy is for people anywhere in an organization who have content development experience and now want to significantly improve their abilities to understand audiences and develop strategic words, pictures, graphics, and videos to convey their organization’s most important goals.
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Branding & IdentityYour logo gives an important first impression, but it shouldn’t stop there. Graphic DesignOur creative solutions have doubled and tripled the business volume of many of our long-term graphic and web design clients.
Knowing what’s out there can help you build your career and business, especially when you need to enhance your training or that of your employees. What makes Coursera unique is range of classes available, from business to art, all taught by talented professors and instructors from prestigious schools, such as Stanford, Duke, and Princeton.

I am confident there will be several more free courses that you will find interesting and will help you further your mission.

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