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If we give an overview regarding the ancient educational system we will find that there were only few selected fields which were being taught with expertise and with significance, other than that there were no prominent variation in the education. In the present and the modern education there are so many fields of education which are being promoted and developed which have given the students vast variety and alternatives from which they can choose the best possible alternative as per their capability and their own personal interest. The countries which have made themselves highly developed and modernized in the education has not just restricted it to themselves but also promote it and also transfer it from one country to another which was not possible in the ancient times, so now one developed country in the field of education has made numerous countries developed and groomed in the area of education giving each country equal opportunity to improve themselves as far as education is concerned which was just a dream in the ancient times. Government officials and state lawmakers are pushing to try to get more technology in classrooms and to the families of students. Some officials believe that such a measure should be started as early as preschool or kindergarten in a child’s life, writes Benjamin Wood for The Desert News.
Some people worry about the cost of adding more technology and if the outcome will make the cost worth it.
The other problem is making sure that educators and parents are familiar with the new technology, says Wood. The bottom line is that technology is useful and aids in the learning process, but lawmakers need to weigh that against rising costs and student privacy risks.
In early December, UiB researchers attended SANORD’s fourth biennial international conference in Malawi to strengthen the university’s ties to southern Africa. REDUCING POVERTY: The SANORD conference discussed issues of poverty and how educational institutions have contributed to reaching the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. SPEAKING AT SANORD: UiB’s former Vice-Rector for International Relations and chairperson of SANORD Astri Andresen speaks to the SANORD delegates gathered in Lilongwe, Malawi in early December 2013.
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All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. Education is improving day by day and the systems and the quality of education is being enhanced and expanded all over the world, this has given the world a better opportunity for growth and for securing better career in their lives.  When people compare the modern education with the ancient education it is totally useless because there is no comparison in these both ages and tenures of the education which is on the continuous way of progress and development. These traditional and typical education was consisting of only the education in Arts, Medical and Engineering.

These fields in the modern education comprise of Medical, Engineering, Arts, Mass Media, Business Education and Medicine. These changes have made the modern education far better and advanced as compared to the ancient educational systems. Many believe that a rise in the number of technological resources may help better the quality of a student’s education. Many young children are out into a low quality day care or sit in front of a family member or neighbour’s TV while their parents work. If they are not, it will be nigh impossible for them to help students with their work or teach with the new technology. The federal education budget spends less than 1% on research and development of new educational technologies, reports Stephanie Simon of Politico.
It will include what teachers need from technology, how student learn best with technology, and how apps are used in classrooms.
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The modern education is more improved in the standards, quality, scope and even the variety if compared with the ancient educational system. These three fields were considered as good education and such small surface area for the students gave birth to huge competition for the seats, due to such limited education system the job opportunities were also being carried out limited which kept many of the students unemployed because they were not having the proper and desired education. This variety and good quality of education has created the environment in the countries in which the students provide the infrastructure for acquiring better education which were not being provided to the ancestors and as per the ancient education system.
According to Wood, some wonder if the technology will distract students from real learning and others wonder if the technology will all too quickly become obsolete. Because the federal government seems uninterested in funding new technology development for schools, the private sector has stepped in.

The data helps the app developers tailor the app to individual students, but so much student information going to a third party makes parents and educators nervous.
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The National Front of Teachers and Employees (NFTE) and Initiative for Human Development jointly organised the dialogue session on September 17at the National Press Club marking the Education Day supported by few other organisations including ActionAid Bangladesh.It is greatly inspiring to see that relevant stakeholders have gradually started to realise the importance of increasing allocation in the public services like education and health sector through progressive taxation.
Utah is slowly adding pilot technology programs to see how students and educators take to them before making them a state-wide investment. Education experts are repeatedly bringing the key facets of this burning issue at the forefront at different dialogues and expressing solidarity in support of the demand which was reverberated in the dialogue of Sept 17.
At SANORD we focus on these disciplines as equally important as natural sciences and technology. Nurul Islam Nahid attended the meeting and asserted the government’s commitment towards the issue.ActionAid and other development organisations have long been advocating for better allocation in the public services through redistribution of Tax and holding the state accountable to ensure this. She believes that research at UiB has also played its small, but vital, part in these early days of the global work towards abolishing poverty.“The first thing that springs to mind when I think about UiB and the MDGs is in the area of mother and child health. For any country, especially the LDCs like Bangladesh, Tax revenue is a sustainable source of financing the key public services such as education and health. Governments usually prefer to use tax revenue, rather than depending on donors’ aid or loans to cover the public expenses for example hiring new teachers, paying teachers’ salaries because it is a relatively secure and predictable source.
So, there is no alternative but to raise money domestically through expanding the national tax base which is in fact the main source of revenue for the governments.Progressive and pro-poor taxation help attain the key social objective of redistribution, enables governments to invest more in education, creates equitable access and improves quality of education.

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