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Your baby has started using objects as tools, pushing a ball with a stick or chasing the carrots around his plate with a spoon. His problem-solving skills are improving and now he’ll take the lid off a clear container to get the toy he sees inside rather than trying to reach through it.
On all fours or on two feet, giddy with the freedom of movement and mobility, a baby at this age will want move, grab, and get to whatever used to be out of reach. Books: At this age, children are particularly intrigued by baby books with flaps that open, textures that can be rubbed, and bunnies that need patting. Choose a push toy, like a wagon, that is heavily weighted so your baby can lean into it, and take a lap or two around the living room.

This is one of those toys that fascinate, and only occasionally frustrate, babies this age. Even if he can’t say much yet, a baby will try to communicate by holding the receiver and pushing buttons. Take these along to the sandbox, or out to the park and your baby will stay contented and busy for some time.
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Talk on the phone and then pass it off to him so he can babble, then hand it back to you for another round. But even after the novelty of walking wears off, your baby will enjoy pushing and pulling toys for months to come.

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