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Each day is packed with carefully designed activities structured around the six main development areas. The children will construct and talk about some of the familiar spaces and places in their communities. Children will use toy vehicles and different art mediums to create wheel-track designs and patterns.
Children will use garden tools to dig in soil and use their senses to explore seeds, plants, and flowers. Working together, self-directed play, outdoor time, and healthy meals are all part of your Toddler's day at KinderCare.
Getting fun developmental learning toys for a 1-year-old child that is educational is a big deal. A Few of our Favorite Toys for 1 Year Olds: These are some of our favorites, but really you should pick whatever strikes your fancy.
Expert advice: Our child-experts matched all our toys, books and games to a child's development.

There are several toys for one year olds available to help achieve these developmental milestones. Classic Walker Wagon — Pushing the wagon while walking will help new walkers get stronger and perfect their new skill.
Here at ebeanstalk we provide the largest selection of developmental, education and fun toys for children.
We love Cause & Effect, Soft Building Blocks, Walkers (with and without a storage compartment) and Classic Books are perfect for great child development. These introductory puzzle skills help toddlers learn to solve problems — a great educational toy. More important than how cute this toy is, is how great Rody is for balance, developing core muscles and his "squishy feel" is good for tactile development. The reason is, these kids are changing so quickly and need so many different toys to help them learn and grow. The activities for this age group are built around toddlers' limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Also, Snap Beads teach the basics of learning to take a toy apart and put it back together again!
This minimizes the "spills" when your little one leans forward — keeping the toy and your child at the same speed.
Also, when they have mastered the art of walking, this classic toy will still be one of their favorites as it will be a storage container for their blocks, dolls, cars and more.
Think about it; a 1 year old is quite different than a 21 month old — but they are both 1 Year Olds.
So with the help of our Child-Experts, who took their time, put all the one year old toys in a big room, and then separated them based on a child’s development — your job is much easier.

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