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Aspirations International Exhibition, the largest International Education Exhibition in Sri Lanka, concluded its 9th season on 12th July 2015, at Hilton, Colombo. The special features of this year’s exhibition included a unique station on Science and Medical studies abroad and an opportunity to explore into a scientific career. Unveiling “Aspirations World of Medicine” …The exhibition also unveiled one innovative initiatives by Aspirations Education Research Unit.
Dr I.U Weerakkody, Group Consultant , Aspirations Education stated “Parallel to the launch of “education super highway” we are delighted to present “Aspirations world of medicine” an initiative focus on high quality medical education career guidance.
Amidst many other offers, “Aspirations Application Month” (11th-17th July) is one of the most popular where selected universities will waive off the Application fee during this period.Those who missed the exhibition could still contact Aspirations Education to obtain benefits and incentives made available to them at the exhibition by certain universities and institutions. We are the most renowned Stall Designer in Pharmaceutical Industry and have created great exhibition stalls in various Expos in Pan India. Our expertise in the industry has given up upper hand in the market in order to provide highly professional outlook to the exhibition stalls designed for Education Industry. Whitfield Barracks, and check out Whitfield Barracks on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Whitfield Barracks (Chinese: a??e??e·?a…µ???) were barracks in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
The site was designated a military area in 1864.[1] In the 1890s, the Barracks were first built for the British Indian garrisons. The Government was criticised when the Executive Council approved plans in 1982 for a strip of retail premises fronting Nathan Road to be carved into the hill of Kowloon Park. Block S4 (formerly Block G) is situated at the southeast corner of Kowloon Park, along Haiphong Road, and is accessed through its entrance on Nathan Road. Block 58 (formerly Block A) is situated at the southwest corner of Kowloon Park, along Haiphong Road. The remaining Blocks 58, S4, S61 and S62 of the former barracks were listed as Grade III historic buildings from 1997 to 2009. This year the exhibition attracted more than 25 globally reputed universities including Monash University, Melaka Manipal Medical College, Deakin University, Swinburne University, RMIT University, La Trobe University, University of Westminster and USA Study Group with its theme “The education super highway to your world of Aspirations!”.

Keen students and their parents who visited the event reaped the benefits of the exhibition by exploring the study options available for them in internationally accredited Universities and higher education institutes. The Exhibition also introduced a new range of options for students to study in world class universities at lower cost, which includes options for transfer, lower cost destinations and scholarships. A deeply integrated “Aspirations world of Medicine” was launched parallel to the inauguration of the exhibition.
As world of medicine was initiated as a solution for the all the problems faced by the parents and the children before selecting the universities and after completing the degree programs. We have offered our highly professional services in Education Exhibition considering indepth detailing of the industry. Our Pan India Presence have given great advantage to our client offering single source of contact for all their Exhibition, Display need. It was named after Henry Wase Whitfield, who was appointed commander of the British Army in Hong Kong in 1869.[1] The area is now the site of Kowloon Park, where four reconverted barrack blocks and parts of the former Kowloon West II Battery remain. Twenty five barrack blocks were built by 1906;[2] the Barracks were developed in subsequent years.
The move was first proposed when the Barracks were converted into public open space in 1970, and ignited some controversy. They are a pair of identical two storied colonial military barrack blocks, and were originally part of six barrack blocks built parallel to one another.[1] The roofs are pitched with Chinese tiles with tar finish.
It is a two-storied colonial military barrack building which is similar in type to Blocks S61 and S62. The exhibition turned out to be a resounding success and confirmed the trend of the past 8 years.
The exhibition catered to the needs of these enthusiastic students by providing a unique opportunity to have ‘one on one’ interviews with the university representatives.
Career guidance professionals, educationalists, medical doctors have come together by networking the best medical universities in the world to provide free comprehensive career guidance.
We have created ball parks in Pharma industry with our vast experience and great hands in the market.

They housed the former Hong Kong Museum of History from 1983 to 1998 before the completion of the present Museum at Chatham Road South.[2] An extension block linking the two historical barracks was constructed in the 1980s to provide more space for the museum facilities. The exhibition created an exclusive hub for students to interact with the universities directly and conveniently. Lalith De Silva - Dean - Faculty of Architecture University of Moratuwa, Former president, Sri Lanka Institute of Architects and Proprietor at Habitat Chartered Architects & Engineers, SL and Guest of HonourDr. Lalith De Silva iterated “Aspirations Education Foundation, hand in hand with Aspirations Education is looking after the underprivileged community, which is a responsibility of all of us in the corporate sector. This provided an exclusive platform for students to gain information about wide range of areas such as study programmes, career opportunities, living cost and conditions, availability of accommodation, transport and other practical aspects pertaining to studying abroad. Aspirations Education possesses strong partnership with a number of prestigious international Medical universities in Australia, Malaysia, China and UK that meet the high standards of the Sri Lankan Medical Profession. We hope to raise the standards of foreign medical education and to give hope to the parents and to the students who wish to enter one of the noblest professions in the world”Introducing their vision, the Aspirations Group Chairman, Mr. Career guidance is very important for one’s life to select the best career because you are directed to the world of work after that.
Every student is professionally guided through a process that is highly reviewed by panel of medical professionals and educationalists at Aspirations Education. AjithAbeysekera specified “At this crucial juncture in our country, providing genuine career guidance and counselling to students keeping their interests and aspirations at heart, is all important in giving hope to a new generation through a sound education and no amount of hard work such as organizing ‘Aspirations 2015, The education super highway to your world of Aspirations!’ would be superfluous to carry out this mandate.
Select your career, build up your career, be a leader and fulfill your corporate responsibilities. One main aim of organizing the exhibition was to inform students who can afford to look for higher education options in universities and institutes abroad, who might be misinformed due to a lack of proper channels to disseminate relevant and accurate information”.

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