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Over 3 million participants were involved in the Brazil conference to address national education concerns. Oswego State faculty members Alfred Frederick and Tania Ramalho were the only representatives from the United States to attend the 2014 National Conference of Education in Brazil. Representatives from the 26 states in Brazil attended to discuss a variety of topics related to education. Frederick, a distinguished service professor who has taught at Oswego State since 1985, was invited to the conference because he has been a consultant and visiting professor to Piaui since 2013. Brazilian society and culture when he worked at the Federal University of Santa Maria for seven years as a professor. Frederick said he feels a Eurocentric curriculum doesn’t give developing students a positive self-image because a significant part of society is excluded from school curriculum. Ramalho explained that these 3 million participants in the conference deliberated for two days to come up with recommendations to address national education concerns. Frederick hopes that moving forward from the National Conference, educational systems will seek to reflect the realities of the country’s demographics. He noted that these issues of social justice are relevant not only in Brazil, but throughout the world, including at Oswego State.
Colombia's head coach Jose Pekerman listens to a question during a news conference in Rio de Janeiro June 27, 2014. Colombia are relishing the prospect of meeting Brazil in a World Cup quarter-final between two countries that share a history of playing the game beautifully, Colombia coach Jose Pekerman said.
Colombia, playing their first World Cup in 16 years, have impressed crowds in Brazil and television audiences around the world by winning all four games so far and scoring 11 goals in the process.
On Saturday, the Brazilians in the crowd at the Maracana cheered them on as James Rodriguez, the revelation of the tournament to date, scored a goal of individual brilliance and then rounded off a perfect team move to seal the win.

Rodriguez, 22, is now the top scorer in the competition with five goals, ahead of superstars Neymar of Brazil and Argentina's Messi who have four each.
The attacking midfielder, who plays for Monaco in the French league, said Colombia would not be overawed when they meet their illustrious hosts in Fortaleza on July 4.
The opportunities in international education are endless.  Countries all over the world offer opportunities not only for their students to study abroad, but for students around the world to come study in their country.
Here at Student Management Group, we have always prided ourselves on the personal attention and complete service we offer our students.  It is extremely important to us that students interested in studying abroad are informed of their options, and receive the best opportunities and services possible.
Students and their parents were able to explore countless educational opportunities, and attend seminars and workshops on the best ways to gain admission to foreign programs. This past March, we were one of 70 educational institutions, from 15 countries around the world attending the GATE conference in Brazil.
Not only have we traveled to other countries, but we have brought representatives from around the world here to New York!
Recently, a group of Vietnamese educators and representatives traveled to our headquarters in New York to learn more about our programs. The goal of this visit was for them to gain a better understanding of what each program can offer to their students.  They were very excited to bring all of this new knowledge back to their students in Vietnam, who they said would be excited to participate in our programs. We will continue to travel around the world, spreading information on the incredible programs here at Student Management Group.  Check to see if we are coming to a place near you! About SMGStudent Management Group has become one of the premiere high school exchange program organizations in the world. Frederick teaches there from May to August before continuing his education classes at Oswego State.
He was personally interested in the topics of multicultural education discussed at the conference and in the proposals that were accepted on that subject.

He feels strongly that it is vital for the contributions, history, struggles and heroes of underrepresented people to be highlighted in future curricula. Some proposals were rejected, but many were accepted and changes are in store for the education system of Brazil. He believes that all societies, whether Brazilian or American, need to interact with, appreciate and understand diversity and that the curricula used in schools must reflect this appreciation. In their recommendations, they emphasized the importance of Brazil remaining committed to achieving excellence in public education. He believes that this will help students feel more capable to contribute and become more active participants in their education. Marginalized groups are often underrepresented in school curricula, and he believes an important component of social justice lies in culturally relevant teaching.
Unfortunately, it’s a meeting that will leave one of two very good teams out," Pekerman told reporters after his stylish Colombia side moved into the last eight of the tournament by beating Uruguay 2-0 on Saturday. We specialize in fostering incredible educational and cultural experiences, where students not only receive a high quality education but also the tools necessary to develop into future leaders. The exhibition had educational institutions from Ireland, England, Switzerland, Italy, and more.

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