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Click the button below to add the Politics and Society In The Contemporary Middle East by Michele Penner Angrist to your wish list. Politics and Society In The Contemporary Middle East by Michele Penner Angrist is available now for quick shipment to any U.S. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. Centres of learning had grown up in a number of the leading cities of the West after the intellectual nadir of the Dark Ages, in many cases from the monastic and cathedral schools. In a Bull of 1225, Emperor Frederick II purported to confer upon his new school at Naples the prestige which earlier studia had acquired by reputation and general consent, and this example was followed by Pope Gregory IX at Toulouse in 1229. The term universitas itself originally could mean any community or corporation, unless qualified by the use of such expressions as universitas magistrorum et scharium or similar. What is now the University of Oxford apparently came into existence around 1115, with 60 to 100 students assembled round the Augustinian canons of the Priory of St Frideswide.
The University of Cambridge was created c.1209, although at first its growth was relatively slow and it was only recognised as a studium generale by Bull of Pope John XXII in 1318.
Both English universities, and those of northern France and Germany, were dominated by their teaching fraternities, after the model of Paris. Universities established after the mediæval period combined features of the earlier establishments. Despite the great influence of Oxford and Cambridge on intellectual life, the traditions of universities in New Zealand owes at least as much to the Scottish and provincial civic university model. Since the nineteenth century the structural changes that the universities have faced have been more a consequence of economic necessity and Government imposition, than scholarly reflection. Information Society & Educationaims to promote greater mobility and stronger links among education and training institutions.
In 16th-century Europe, it was all right to be a rich business person, as long as you followed societal expectations. Surveys of the carnage of the American financial crisis that began in 2008 have revealed the potent allure of personal gain above all else.
Stanford historian Laura Stokes is uncovering how attitudes toward "acceptable greed" have done a turnaround in the past 500 years.
Capitalism, Stokes has found, managed to flourish in the intensely community-conscious culture of medieval times. Stokes, a historian of early modern Europe, began her research when she came across unusually extensive documentation on financial disputes from the medieval era. Excited by this detail, Stokes delved more deeply into the records to look for a pattern in the language people used to describe their financial disputes. In a 16th-century quarrel between cousins, "one man criticized another's greedy behavior, saying, 'Cousin, cousin, you've acted poorly and committed injustice,' " Stokes said.
The story of Klein Hans Fisher, a Swiss man who owed a massive debt on his mortgage, highlights the difference between our modern financial mindset and the medieval one.
As the court records show, a wealthy businessman in Lucerne had issued Fisher the mortgage in the late 16th century. The records indicate that Fisher visited the land at harvest time and took the "rent" payment due to Lord Badmer. But Badmer does not exercise his legal right to repossess the land – that would have been unacceptable behavior. In another, more dramatic, example of the community rejection of selfish business practices, murder was seen as the only response severe enough to deal with a pompous businessman, Uly Mörnach.
Although his impressive property holdings might be admired in today's culture, he was seen as downright despicable by his medieval peers for the way he threw his financial weight around. In medieval society, his disregard for the rules of social responsibility and the value of community honor was a misstep that disturbed his neighbors deeply, so much so that they collectively conspired to murder him – with many of them escaping legal repercussions. Stokes has found religious studies to be an invaluable area of academic insight into understanding patterns of social attitudes in 16th-century Europe. Stokes, however, is careful to note that social attitudes and religious attitudes, while related, are by no means the same. And, while quite different, "these value sets are present in today's society," said Stokes. Camille Brown is an intern with the Human Experience, the humanities web portal for Stanford University. Christiea€™s, the London auction house, on Wednesday said it took $14m in a sale of art works by the late Egyptian artist, Mahmoud Said, setting a new record for the most expensive Middle Eastern painting sold at auction. The Dubai auction raised $14m, double Christiea€™s presale estimate of $6.7m and an increase of 117 percent on last yeara€™s contemporary Middle East art sale, which was also held in the emirate. The Whirling Dervishes, a 1929 painting by Said, was sold to an anonymous bidder for $2.5m, well above its estimated price of $300,000-400,000 and setting a new record for a Middle Eastern painting sold at auction. Christiea€™s on Monday said it would remain privately owned after gas-rich Qatar revealed it was keen to buy the business. The auction house, which has 53 offices in 32 countries, is privately owned by the French businessman FranA§ois Pinault. The Financial Times had quoted Qatari Emir Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani as saying he was eyeing the auction house as part of Qatara€™s bid to become a cultural hub in the Gulf. Disclaimer:The view expressed here by our readers are not necessarily shared by Arabian Business, its employees, sponsors or its advertisers. Get to know more about the main event, dress code and presentation skills required for standing in front of the judges. He is a career academic with research, teaching and senior management experience in the Universities of Liverpool, Wales and Middlesex, respectively, and at the Manchester and Durham University Business Schools, as well as visiting appointments overseas, primarily in Scandinavia and South Africa. He has some 40 years experience as a teacher, trainer, researcher and consultant in the field of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, both in the UK and internationally, and was a pioneer of entrepreneurship education in the UK. He has 10+ years of experience in the software industry with a proven track record in software design, implementation, systems architecture, data analysis, project management, and data mining. Boseli started his software career after graduating from Ain Shams University in 2003 (Computer Engineering) and, following that, successfully delivered a series of successful software projects in Egypt, US, Canada, Europe, and the Gulf for clients that included global companies, regional organizations, and governments. In 2007, Boseli started his entrepreneurial path by joining IdealRatings – a San Francisco based startup; which has grown to be the global leader in Islamic fund management and index services. Form 2006-2012 Boseli focused on community impact with special focus on sustainable development. In a few short years, the Hult Prize has become one of the most prestigious student competitions in existence today, offering teams unparalleled opportunities and resources. Pressured by such trends, Fukuyama calls for a new middle class politics that rescues ‘liberal democracy’ from extinction.
Business is a particularly popular area of postgraduate study, especially as students are not always required to have a Business related background.

An MBA is normally aimed at those students who have experience in the field of Business whereas for other courses this is not essential. An MBA (as with other postgraduate business courses) will vary in length, study mode, cost, location and reputation according to where you choose to study for yours.
Business schools specialised in particular areas of business, so it is a good idea that you also consider this. Full-time courses are usually available as a one or two year course, depending on the institution you choose. Finally and most importantly, make sure you choose to study in a location that you are going to be happy in for the duration of your course. These were at Salerno (1) in the course of the ninth century, and Bologna (2) in the eleventh century. Towards the end of the twelfth century a few of the greatest schools claimed, from the excellence of their teaching, to be of more than merely local importance.
Other studia generalia were subsequently founded by papal or imperial bulls, and in 1292 even the long-established universities of Paris and Bologna found it desirable to obtain similar bulls from Nicholas IV. The more ancient and customary term was studium and subsequently studium generale,the specific term universitas being confined to the scholastic guild within the studium. The structures of both universities were heavily influenced by the example of Merton College, Oxford, which was established in 1264 as a residence for secular clergy- those who lived a communal life but, unlike the regular clergy, were not monastic (8). Those in Italy, Spain, and southern France, following the lead of Bologna, were controlled to a much greater degree by their students, who tended to be older men than those commonly found in the northern universities (11). Indeed the oldest university in this country was that of Otago, created by the Province of Otago, rather than the central Government. Neither however have greatly affected academic dress, the nature of which still reflects its origins in early mediæval England. It is impossible to do so with any degree of precision, largely because the first universities- those having their origins in the eleventh to thirteenth centuries- were the outcome of spontaneous social developments. Both remained under the supervision of their respective ordinaries- the bishop of Lincoln and of Ely, until after the Reformation. They were effectively separate after 1926, and styled as independent universities from 1958.
Learning in the Information Society: Action Plan for a European Education Initiative (1996-1998). While businessmen in the Middle Ages did amass personal fortunes, open greed was unacceptable to the community and could even lead to murder.
Self-serving behavior deemed necessary on Wall Street today might have been despised in medieval Europe. Men of business successfully built financial empires based on trade and credit, even though unbridled greed was universally condemned.
While poring through the documents at the Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt (an important archive of the city of Basel), she was intrigued by the amount of text dedicated to preserving every detail of these interactions – down to specific "he said, she said" conversations.
In examples of court depositions, she found that people emphasized the collective damage done to the community over their own losses.
He was a property owner who insisted he had the power and the right to do what he wanted with his property.
In one instance, Stokes found, he beat an old woman when he discovered her taking water from his meadow.
Her primary interest and material for the exploration of the history of greed is not the religious condemnation of the practice as much as it is about the shared moral code that she has found across religious beliefs in collective communities.
Despite a heavy emphasis on greed in modern business culture, we still value social responsibility.
He is an Honorary Professor at Almaty Management School, Kazakhstan and currently holds adjunct Professorships at the Universities of South Australia and Tehran and Visiting Chairs at Loughborough and Reading Universities in the UK. As a result of his personal research, he has published 150 journal articles and 18 books and research monographs, including “Entrepreneurship” (McGraw-Hill, 2003). He also co-founded a number of startups in various industries including medical, real estate, and digital advertisement.
During this period, and through Rotaract and Rotary International organizations, he led the delivery of tens of projects in the areas of community service, human development, and illiteracy. She has been with the company for almost four years, including a 10-month internship she held while working on her Bachelors degree. With the goal of educating and engaging students at its core, this truly international prize has created a platform to support the launch of social enterprises that are tackling seemingly intractable global challenges. We use a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives licence, so you can republish our articles for free, online or in print. It’s a well-known political maxim, one that’s often used in support of the view that to be middle class is to be solidly, instinctively on the side of parliamentary democracy. During a recent visit to Sydney, he explained to me during a radio dialogue and public debate that ‘globalized capitalism’ is today eroding the middle-class social base on which ‘liberal democracy’ rests. We’re moving, he said, back into societies where extremes of wealth and poverty are fuelling ‘oligarchic domination’ and nasty forms of populism. In settings otherwise as different as Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Romania, Croatia and the United States, the middle class, however it is measured, is shrinking in size. I find his overall thesis and proposed remedy unconvincing, as I’ll explain at greater length in a future post on the changing relationship between the middle classes and democracy.
Have no idea where to start looking for information or how to decide which course is for you? There are many different types of postgraduate Business courses available, the most commonly referred to perhaps is the MBA (Master of Business Administration). MBA’s are an excellent way to boost your career development but with a choice of nearly 500 MBA’s across institutions in the UK there are a lot of decisions to be made! The reputation of the university of your choice is even more important for your MBA than it was at undergraduate level.
If you have your future career path mapped out in front of you (lucky you!) then choose an institution that is best suited for your career needs. The one-year, intensive MBA courses which are being offered more and more at the moment are a good choice if finances are a concern of yours.
It really doesn’t matter if you think you’re getting a bargain on tuition fees if you spend two years being miserable because you hate where you live! Universities as we know them today started as scholastic guilds, and developed on an analogy with the tradesmen's guilds and the later guilds of aliens in foreign cities which sprang up in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in most of the great European cities. These great schools began to be called studia generalia, or places to which scholars resorted from all parts of Europe (3). It came to be accepted that without a licence from the Pope, Emperor or King, no studium generale possess the right of conferring degrees, licences to teach.

The universitas often meant simply the student body, usually called the nation, organised for the communal protection of the foreign student body, men who otherwise, being aliens, were at the mercy of local inn-keepers and tradesmen. The notion that Oxford owed its origins to the arrival of scholars and teachers from the recently established schools at Paris, attracted by the proximity of the palace of the scholarly King Henry I, need not now be accepted (7). The collegiate structure which was a significant feature of many early universities remained strong in the English universities (9), and both were only formally incorporated as distinct legal bodies separate from their colleges in 1571 (10).
The combination of various features from each model was by no means uncommon however, and this was shown most clearly in the universities of France in the fifteenth century (12). Nineteenth century universities were often the product of provincial civic pride, and owed their existence to a growing desire for education, rather than the production of gentlemen. For with the first degrees came the first academical dress, modelled on that of Cambridge.
As the earliest universities grew out of associations of students, many of them came into existence as result of the migration of students from one centre to another. Doctor Franklyn, sometime Bedell of Convocation of the University of London, made a lifetime study of the subject of academical dress. One might even have been murdered for using wealth as a justification for circumventing societal norms. When the woman pressed charges, Mörnach lied about the matter in court, and laughed about it later to his friends. His research is currently focusing on Entrepreneurship Education and Innovation and Entrepreneurial Universities, and he is the Research leader for the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Project in Egypt.
In 2010, he held the post of Rotaract District Representative responsible for managing 10 countries and more than 1000 Rotaract members. But what happens if a middle class shrinks in size, loses its bearings, or suffers outright social disintegration?
Whereas the unpredicted rise of a vibrant middle class spelled an end to Marxism, along with socialism and other inherited Left alternatives, we’re now witnessing the unpredicted end of middle class politics, the middle-of-the-road kind we’ve known during the past generation. So the global triumph of liberal democracy, the process he famously dubbed the ‘end of history’, contains a strange, unexpected and bitter-sweet twist: it turns out that the victory of liberal democratic ideals is threatened by the declining power of its prime social agent, the middle class. Middle class earnings are declining, despite longer working hours and rocketing numbers of two-income households. For the moment, readers might find interesting our differences of opinion on Late Night Live.
Read on for some helpful information all about Business degrees at postgraduate level, specifically MBA’s. The part-time option might be ideal for people who are working and cannot halt their career in order to study. A few schools such as Oxford however were too well established to be seriously questioned, and these were regarded as studia generalia ex consuetudine (4).
The fusion of the universitates into a single universitas was a gradual process (6), but by the close of the mediæval period however these distinctions had been lost sight of, and the term universitas was used alone. The Scottish tradition of universities was more influenced by the Continental model, and a greater emphasis on popular education than that found in England before the later nineteenth century. He is the editor of the Emerald Journal “Education, Business and Society; Contemporary Middle Eastern Issues”. Most notably, she supported the international expansion team from a regulatory reporting perspective to launch the Amazon India website in 2013. Do such developments naturally spell trouble for the principles and practice of parliamentary democracy? In a recent Foreign Affairs essay, Fukuyama summed up the thesis with a gloomy prediction: ‘some very troubling economic and social trends, if they continue, will both threaten the stability of contemporary liberal democracies and dethrone democratic ideology as it is now understood’. There are ranking tables available to help you decipher the business reputation of various universities. Most of the contact time will be in the evenings or weekends, allowing you to continue at work. Paris, the earliest of the northern type of university, was unusual in that it was created by its masters. Hattab has special interest in issues related to Entrepreneurship, especially in the Arab world. With a counterpart-team in Bangalore, India, Mohamed traveled every six months to collaborate with the team on new projects and onboard new members via daily trainings and working sessions.
Here at Getting in we thoroughly recommend that you check this before applying, especially whether your MBA of choice is internationally accredited (for example, by the Association of MBA’s). An executive MBA is ideal for a working professional with at least five years experience in the industry.
Her areas of interest include entrepreneurship education, social entrepreneurship and youth and women entrepreneurship and she has published articles in International Journals discussing these topics. Mohamed owned launching all electronic payment methods capabilitiea on the Amazon India website, ensuring compliance with banking and government regulations. Furthermore, she owned the relationship between Amazon and the external audit team, whom ensure the Company was in accordance with payment laws. Hattab is the author of the first report discussing entrepreneurship in Egypt and won the Best Paper Award presented in The Annual Conference of Economic Forum of Entrepreneurship & International Business, Cairo – Egypt 2011. Most recently, she is working on new business segment called Amazon Home Services, wherein customers can now go to Amazon to purchase a handyman or installation service, cleaning aids or babysitters, or even piano lessons.
The long-term solvency deficiency of some pension plans and the disappearance of pension schemes provided by private employers make matters worse. Mohamed will spend the next year improving the customer experience, the service offering, and developing meaningful reporting mechanisms to assess the progress and growth of the business. Only a minority of middle class people believes any longer that their children will live as well as them; they find, in fact, that for financial reasons their adult children move back home.
She has been one of Judges in different business plan competitions to support start-ups in Egypt and Middle East (Google’s Ebda2, OECD’s MENA 100), Founding Member of the Middle East Council for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship, Egypt and a mentor for new start-ups. Before Amazon, Mohamed was at the University of Washington, majoring in Accounting and International Business, with a specification in Arabic language. Mohamed also spent a semester abroad studying at the AUC to fulfill the international business requirements. They have trouble finding easy credit; and with median family income flat-lining through time, they feel squeezed from above by the growth of super-rich moneyed elites. Dinner parties at which nothing can be discussed except mortgages, education and children are a dying ritual, or so it is said.

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