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Marian Wright Edelman Quote“Education remains one of the black community's most enduring values. First lady Michelle Obama delivered a passionate commencement address Friday, urging more than 600 graduates of Bowie State University to honor the school’s history and to pass their commitment to education on to future generations.
First lady Michelle Obama speaks at the commencement ceremony for Bowie State University, Friday, May 17, 2013, at the University of Maryland in College Park, Md.
Located in suburban Washington, Bowie State has about 5,400 undergraduate and graduate students. The first lady said education was a lifeline to the first students at the nearly 150-year-old school. This music created by people your age who looked like you , talked like you, dressed like you sometimes do not think about the effects upon children who view this content.

Tip: To turn text into a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above. The university invited the first lady to speak and moved its commencement to the University of Maryland’s College Park campus to accommodate a crowd of thousands, which greeted the first lady with a standing ovation.
Obama typically gives a few commencement addresses each year and has spoken at several other historically black colleges and universities since President Barack Obama became the nation’s first black chief executive. Its founding “was in many ways an act of defiance, an elegant rebuttal to the idea that black people couldn’t or shouldn’t be educated,” she said. One in 3 African-Americans are dropping out of high school, she said, and only 1 in 5 between the ages of 25 and 29 has a bachelor’s degree. Doesn't thismake you think whenever you see your kids looking at this type of video makes you question do they really care about education.

She also cited statistics that show college graduates make more money and live longer than high school dropouts.
Ferguson a black economist and education expert at Harvard, states that the global success of hip-hop today has had positive influences on the self-esteem of black youths but that children who came obsessed with it "may unconciously adopt the themes in this music.
We have to take some of the responsibility: every song you hear tells you about this woman's a ho, or he's selling this drug, or I'm going to shoot you if you don't do that. The commercial success of gangsta rap and music videos, which portray men as thugs or women as sexual objects, a argument has been going on amongst parents, scholars and community leader about the impact of rap and the surrounding hip hop culture.

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