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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. It might cause epistaxis to some but don’t get me wrong, theoretical foundations in nursing was taught to us during our freshmen year. Thus, it is only a go- over for nursing professionals.To start with, a theory is defined as an organized system of ideas that is intended to explain a set of fact, event, or phenomena.
It is further described by Mosby (2006), as an abstract statement formulated to predict, explain or describe the relationships among concepts, constructs or events. It was not until that rationalism and empiricism was taken into account by Florence Nightingale to prove that indeed, nursing is both a science and an art.Nevertheless, not only researchers in the world of science have the prerequisite to formulate and prove interrelationship of concepts. Nursing care as an evidenced based health care intervention is also based on principles which affect its education, profession, and practice.

Thus, a nursing theory provides direction to what nursing care is effective and ideal.It is described by Meleis (1991) as an articulated and communicated conceptualization of invented or discovered reality in or pertaining to nursing for the purpose of describing, explaining, predicting, or prescribing nursing care. The concepts that nursing has tried and successfully infused in nursing theories are: (a) person- which refers to the recipient of care, (b) environment- which pertains to the external and internal factors influencing the person, (c) health- corresponding to the holistic level of wellness of the person, and (d) nursing- known as the caring interventions that the nurse provide to the person. These involve nursing education, research and clinical practice.In Nursing Education, the theories in nursing has paved its way in introducing the framework for nursing curriculum, program objectives, course objectives and descriptions, and clinical performance criteria. Empirical knowing described as the principal form of relating factual and descriptive knowing usually found in textbooks, journals and lectures; is also one of its beneficial influences in education. Furthermore, nursing science as a melting pot for its practice can broaden its professional discipline through research.
Considering that we are embracing the new era in nursing which is evidenced based practice, pursuing nursing research efficiently reflects its high hopes for progress.And lastly, in Clinical Nursing Practice, on the other hand speaks of its ethical, moral, and scientific approaches in nursing care.

A nursing theory for instance, of Florence Nightingale describes the common sense of providing service in its most discreet ways while having an impact on client’s health.
She had pursued continuing education specializing in Psychiatric Nursing but had her practice on MNCHN.

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