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Si te preguntabas como seria Internet en el 2020, entonces por que no observar esta interesante infografia que intenta predecir las variables mas representativas de Internet dentro de una decada, en lo que respecta a cantidad de usuarios, poblacion mundial, la tendencia hacia lo verde, la tendencia hacia la Internet de las Cosas (Internet of Things), la tendencia hacia todo inalambrico y mas.
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What if we had the tools to splice atoms and molecules together in new and innovative ways?  What if we could go beyond text-book chemistry, and invent new molecules that behaved more like nanoscale machines?  What if we could create systems of molecules that could self-replicate – just like biological systems, only better?  All of these goals are coming within reach as scientists learn how to build new molecules atom by atom. The achievement with the nanocar was significant because it demonstrated for the first time structurally controlled directional movement on a surface due to rolling of the wheels rather than the common non-directional stick-slip motion of molecules on a substrate surface.  The next goal of our project was to construct a nanomachine that can convert energy-inputs into controlled motion on a surface.
But this research raises a yet more intriguing question:  If we can use biological parts to make non-biological motors through nanoscale engineering, can we get into the very workings of biology itself? Thirty years ago, the notion of controlling the code of life itself would have been laughable.  Now it seems within reach.
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