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Welcome to my Multimedia web page completed in Spring 2010 Semester at Boise State University. By the end of the presentation, students will be able to identify basic principles that are common to all levels and areas of musical theater. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License.
Blanche Woolls describes in The School Media Manager (2008) how changes in education have influenced and affected library media programs over the years.  Due to economic difficulties or teacher shortages, libraries were staffed by untrained professionals and plagued by loss of funds (Woolls, p.
Progress in school library media programs is reflected in the development of the AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner (2007). Today, school library media specialists are also responsible for information literacy.  With constant technological advances, librarians are challenged to help students access, select and evaluate the vast amounts of resources student’s have at their fingertips.
Having the school library specialist involved in the development of the school technology plan is essential in order to maintain a technology-rich environment in the library (Woolls, p.
The list of qualities for an effective school library media specialist is quite comprehensive:  outstanding teaching skills, enthusiasm for learning, service orientation, creativity, and leadership (Woolls, p. Applying the techniques I learned from this assignment, I also produced the following additional posters for my company. Of the principles discussed in this course, the Coherence Principle is backed by the second greatest number of experiments and has the second highest median gain in transfer (Mayer, 1999, p. On its face, this may seem like a logical extension of  the visual split-attention principle and especially the auditory split-attention principle (Mayer, 1999, p. Unfortunately, one year later in my Edutainment class, I violated the coherence principle on multiple levels in a short video on making a digital comic (Bushong, 2011).  The purpose of the video was to show a workflow for creating a comic. While the comic video does cover the desired information, it violated the Coherence Principle in the following ways. In addition to the extraneous graphics, I realize now that I added whole sections of narration to the video solely for interest and elaboration (Clark & Mayer, 2008, p. Such a replacement would have reduced 84 seconds of fluff to a tight 5 second description that segued straight into the storyboarding.
While the Coherence Principle is intertwined with most of the principles we have learned so far, I think the strongest connection is to Contiguity Principle, the Modality Principle, and the Redundancy Principle (Clark & Mayer, 2008, pp. The justification for extraneous material lies in arousal theory (Clark & Mayer, 2008, pp. As I have progressed though the EdTech program, I have learned a lot about how the theories behind games and other multimedia can influence the learning process. So while the evidence clearly shows that learners slow their production when listening to music (Clark & Mayer, 2008, p. I worked with Lana Grover on my Edutainment podcast this week, and it was a wonderful experience.  I think we got ahead of ourselves with this project (more on that below), but in doing so we learned a lot. Here Lana and I updated the audience with events and activities of the last week.  This gives us a chance to keep the audience up to date on what we are working on, but also provides us with an opportunity to let the audience know about upcoming shows. For this episode, we reviewed Psyko Audio Carbon headphones and SoundCloud.  In addition to reviewing the products, we discussed how the products could be used for edutainment purposes. 5) When the final production was almost ready, I realized that I was getting a hissing noise in the audio portion of the video file.  I could not continue with this, so I had to start over. The target learners are video game and film makers that want to benefit from the momentary nostalgia that can be created through sounds. 2.       presenting the same sign again in a new or modified context to create an stronger emotional connection to the scene.
One thing I used to wonder about was the slamming sound that we hear when someone is thrown down to the mat.   The sound occurs in a wrestling ring, but not when someone goes down in a boxing ring.  Why is that? Of course, that leave the question, “but what does it matter if the sound is heard under the ring?  It matters because wrestling promoters also have a microphone beneath the ring to capture all of those banging sounds, and project them through the PA system to the audience. In  order to complete the same sound walk, one would have to complete the main storyline the core game.   In order to get the most diversity out of the experience, I used the teleporting system built into the game.

For my recent Pedagogy of Sound course, I was tasked with listening to the sounds of a film, and to compare my interpretation of the film both with and without the visuals.  For this assignment, I chose to watch The Gamers at the Origins Game Fair.
The Gamers is an independent film about a group of gamers spending a Friday evening playing Dungeons and Dragons.  As they continue their adventure, we catch a glimpse of what a typical evening of role-playing entails, including far too much soda, complaints by dorm neighbors, arguments over game rules, the thrill of victory, and the pain of defeat.
The Gamers had a bass riff that played  during the funnier portions of the film.  The riff communicated to the viewer  when moments of silliness were about to occur. After watching this film, I went back and watched other films, television shows, and even listened to a radio show. On the whole, I found this to be an enjoyable experience.  I recommend any readers of this blog to give it a try. All images linked on this site are used with permission, and are solely owned by their respective copyright holders. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This is my presentation on principles of multimedia and contiguity for EDTECH 513 - Multimedia at Boise State University, Summer 2009. An Example of Good Use of Multimedia This is a good use of multimedia because it includes both text and graphics to go along with the text.
An Example of Poor Use of Multimedia This site is a poor example as it only includes links with no descriptions and graphics to support the text. Another Example of a Poor Use of Multimedia This AT&T site from Canada is a poor use of multimedia since there are entirely too many “Decorative” graphics. An Example of Poor Use of Continuity The picture above shows directions on how to assemble Disney’s “Wall-E.” However, there are no instructions whatsoever, so the reader is left to try to figure it out for themselves, without any guide to lead them or help them troubleshoot.
Another Example of a Poor Use of Contiguity Here, the text does not match the graphics, therefore, the principle of contiguity is violated. While particular methods are often associated with certain strategies, some methods may by found within a variety of strategies. New educational concepts have seen the light changing thus the learning and teaching priorities that spanned several generations of learners.
The adversaries of the learning style theory say that this concept is misunderstood and not scientifically proven, and they argue that learning styles do make instructors understand what motivates and cerebrally stimulates their students, but they cana€™t guarantee a successful outcome nor predict it. Last but not least, you are more than welcome to share the knowledge concerning The Myth of Learning Styles by embedding the myth of learning styles infographic at your site or blog. Like flipped classrooms and 1:1 environments, ita€™s one of the top ways for teachers to leverage the power of technology in the classroom. I currently work as an Educational Technology Specialist for West Hills Community College in Central California. These standards are based on the idea that learners use skills, resources and tools and having an effective library program is essential to the development of informational literacy skills of students (Woolls, p. Information literacy is defined as the ability to find and use information and is “the keystone of lifelong learning” (Woolls, p. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
Also, some of the scenes portray graphic violence, and learners that do not wish to experience these scenes should be steered toward the video game examples.
Further, the general melody to the background music throughout the game is based on this same tune.  After 50+ hours of exposure to the tune, players are rewarded with a lighter version whose music reinforces the sense of relief that comes at the end of such an arduous task. Users should not have to click back and forth between pages or scroll up and down a page to tie the information and graphics together.
When a graphic is a video showing how to perform a task, the narration describing each step should be presented at the same time as the action shown on the screen.
E-Learning Infographics What does it take to create a successful E-Learning project Infographic So, what does it take to create a successful E-Learning project? Teacher Infographics Instructional methods are used by teachers to create learning environments and to specify the nature of the activity in which the teacher and learner will be involved during the lesson.

Instructional strategies determine the approach a teacher may take to achieve learning objectives. Today's educational landscape is witnessing a huge and transformational change due mainly to the advancement in digital technology and social media. My job is to assist our DE faculty with our college's learning management system, Blackboard.
The presentation includes basic information about the people and places involved in musical theater. 29-31).  There are so many factors to consider and though the librarian doesn’t have to be an expert in all of them, they should be aware of their uses and implications in the library or classroom.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the Coherence Principle, provide examples of its application and misapplication, and to examine its relationship to other multimedia principles.
Transformational, Interpretive Guidelines that result in completion of a task; cause-and-effect relationships Principle An animated illustration of how to use a spreadsheet. Students are viewed as active participants whose engagement and involvement in the learning task is the driving factor behind the success of the overall instructional strategy employed in class, and finally, learning that used to be content based is now more task and project based.
E-Learning Infographics Instructional Design Infographics Teacher Infographics Advocates of the learning style theory argue that instructors can achieve much better results when they take their studenta€™s learning style under consideration and create a course that best fits this exact style. Blended learning has taken off as one of the big trends in education over the past several years. However, therea€™s a new guide to understanding and implementing whata€™s being billed as blended learning 2.0. Today, librarians are encouraged to take a stronger leadership role in their schools by collaborating with classroom teachers and placing the resources of the media center into the curriculum (Woolls, p.
Librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to make sure information literacy skills are taught within the context of the curriculum and not as isolated library lessons. This is one aspect of library media specialist where my technology background gives me an edge.
A learner-centered approach to multimedia explanations: Deriving instructional design principles from cognitive theory. Other Infographics Social Learning Infographics Ever wondered how will online education be ten years down the lane? The How We Learn Infographic shows how learning will evolve in the coming years and the need for an online social learning platform for learners and teachers with which users can create, share and find lessons on a variety of interesting topics. The graphics below created by JESS3 for Blackboard captures some these changes in education. There are a few key stages of proper implementation that you should know if youa€™re looking to start climbing the blended learning tree. E-learning and the science of instruction: proven guidelines for consumers and designers of multimedia learning, 2nd edition. Transformational A series of steps resulting in completion of a task Procedure Animations of how the heart pumps Still diagrams to illustrate how a bicycle pump works. Each part represents a different resource and the description of where it falls into the rankings and what the color wheel means are in close proximity to the graphics. Transformational Interpretive Relational A description of how something works Process A tree diagram of biological species. Three excel formulas to illustrate formatting rules Representational Organizational Interpretive Groups of objects, events or symbols designated by a single name Concepts A screen capture of a spreadsheet.

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