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Description of the Program EvaluatedThe Tunnel of Oppression aims to define and understand what oppression is and recognize whatforms it takes to urging participants into action by humanizing the issues of traditionally andhistorically-oppressed groups, providing participants an opportunity to distinguish between thevoices of the underrepresented and the voices of the dominant culture.
ResultsObjectives and ActivitiesBelow are the results of the online registration in relation to the program objectives. RecommendationsIt is essential that the Tunnel of Oppression at Boise State University receive funding to continuein spring 2013.
I would like to evaluate the science safety program that was used in the district after a mercury spill closed down the science wing of one of our high schools.
The results of this evaluation could be used to revamp science programs and safety standards in our district.A  This could result in a better adherence to safety standards because teachers would be more educated in all safety risks in a science laboratory. The project that I intend to evaluate is a program offered by the New Beginning School of Continuous Education (NBSCE) located in the Turks and Caicos Islands. This program is of particular interest to me, because I usually teach Electrical Installation on a part time basis at the institution. 1.Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data in order to determine whether and to what degree objectives have been or being achieved.
2.Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data in order to make a decision. In light of the nature of my evaluation project, I tend to embrace both philosophies at this time, this is because I am interesting in analyzing data to determine if the program objectives are achieved as well as to prompt decision making on the part of the stakeholders. The project that I intend to evaluate caters for the needs of at risks children, particularly those teenage-pregnant mothers who dropped out of high schools, and other youths who migrated from numerous foreign countries where English is not their primary language, and they find it hard to integrate in the society. This program will definitely benefit from an evaluation because it is my intention to conduct a SWOT analysis to determine the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and limitations the program has on the participants.
The inherent limitations in the evaluation of the program would be the authenticity of the data provided by respondents. The results of the program can provide the school with insights into the appropriateness of changing its policy, mission, direction, and program of studies offered. For example, when aracist statement is made and bystanders do nothing and remain silent, oppression continues.
It was determined that the Tunnel has the potential of offering more options for BoiseState students than is currently available. The operation of the program needs additional resources for future productionbecause it requires many weeks of planning, training and implementing.The Tunnel of Oppression is an excellent opportunity for all people to learn about oppressionand how to deal with it appropriately, including prevention. 8and 10am on Nov 9 and 10 in the Student Union Simplot Ballroom.The Tunnel is a visual, theatrical and interactive production that helps raise consciousness aboutvarious forms of oppression.
This experience may beupsetting and might leave you with strong feelings of sadness, anger, fear, or other intense emotions.Most who participate in this program find it beneficial in the long run and are able to manage theiremotions. The EPA supervised clean up of the spill which cost the district approximately $13,000 per day and took about 4 days.
The mercury spill made the district realize that there might be other safety guidelines that are not being followed. This program caters for the needs of at risks children, particularly those pregnant teenage-mothers who dropped out of high schools, other youths who migrated from numerous foreign countries where English is not their primary language and they find it hard to integrate in society at large.
However, for the pass year they have scrapped the electrical, and the Cosmetology programs citing budgetary constraints as the main reason. At the same time, crucial decisions are to be made by stakeholders; in this case the Government is to decide whether or not they will increase the fund currently allocated to NBSCE facility.

Not all information gathered will reflect the true picture of the institution; as a result, the final report may be bias. 8-10, 2012, looking for goals attained and theimpact of the theater topics on the success of the program. This evaluation shows that there was a significantlypositive impact in people understanding from experiencing this interactive theater. Visitors pass through a series of dramatic vignettes and learn aboutthe many forms of discrimination. I would like to evaluate whether this program should be used periodically for all staff or possibly for new hires in order to avoid a situation like this in the future. An evaluation of this program would help the district determine if this was an isolated incident, or if many science classrooms are not meeting safety standards.A  The main limitation of this evaluation is that I wona€™t actually be able to conduct it since school is not in session and the training has actually already occurred. The main purpose of this evaluation is for decision making with an attempt to solicit more funding from the Government so that the program maybe sustained or expanded to include more practical skill areas. Against this background, I want to evaluate the program and provide a convincing report to stakeholders about the teaching of practical skills. Evaluations are carried out to decide on the expansion of or curtailment of programs, products, or activities Boulmetis & Dutwin, (2011). Each committee developed their own script, props, and scene underthe guidance of the Tunnel Director.This evaluation is to determine whether the objectives were met, to determine the number ofpeople registered to go through the Tunnel, and if it was necessary to present the program in twoparts, such as fall and spring.
The participants filled out aquestionnaire with answers for strongly agree, moderately agree, neutral, disagree, and stronglydisagree in a check box scale to find out if the learning outcomes were achieved. After reviewing the post-survey data, proposalsfor the spring Tunnel 2013 will define expectations and guidelines for scenes, utilize theUniversity Foundation program faculty, continue the post-discussion group, and the timeline topromote the registration two months in advance.ConclusionThe evaluation of the Tunnel of Oppression program was successful in analyzing the datacollected and providing insight into the participants’ knowledge—the evaluation is an importanttool to build and expand this interactive program. If a faculty member has sent you to the Tunnel, she orhe should have told you this experience is optional. The goal of the project is to find out from administrators if the program is meeting the needs of students, and to find out from students if the program will help them integrate themselves in the society. This can result in them being reluctant to provide key information that can be used to decide the failure or success of the program, and whether or not they will receive additional funding to expand the program.
Using evaluation results, management may decide to advocate on their best-working programs, eliminate ineffective programs or to draft in 'on demand' programs.
A pre-survey was given to people before they enter the Tunnel anda post-survey (same as the pre-survey) was given following the debriefing. Determine different variables of the campus community and the outside community and to seek a stream-of-consciousness raising on campus. The post-surveywas completed after debriefing.Data SourcesCopies of the questionnaires can be found in the Appendices and the monitoring processidentified to meet the stated goal.
The survey and evaluation of the Tunnel ofOppression revealed results of making a positive impact in people’s lives. Multicultural Student Services presentsthe Tunnel to promote a campuswide commitment to challenging oppression and to helprecognize people and organizations actively committed to social justice. If you are receiving course credit for participation,you should have been given options of other activities or projects that will earn you the same credit. In order to determine this a€“ two questionnaires will be developed and surveys administered to the subjects mentioned above. To determine iflearning outcomes were achieved, participants filled out the questionnaires.The purpose of this evaluation is to determine different variables and different views of thecampus community and the public, people who may experience oppression or allies who mayrecognize situations but cannot articulate. Surveys given to the participants are to determine differentvariables of the campus community and the outside community and to seek a stream-of-consciousness raising on campus.The survey also provided information on how participants may experience oppression, and howallies may understand oppression but cannot articulate their thoughts.

One percent of the participants strongly agree, eight percent moderately agree, tenpercent Neutral, forty-eight percent disagree, and thirty-three percent strongly disagree thatracism is no longer a problem in today’s society. The data will be collected, analyzed, and a report will be sent to the relevant authority for decision making. In addition, gathering data is to assess and interpretoutcomes on the impact of the program.Another purpose of this evaluation is to determine the participants’ challenges, connecting whatthey have seen in the Tunnel with personal experiences.
Determine different views of how participants may experience oppression and how allies may understand but cannot articulate their viewsProgram ComponentsThe program included registration to walk through five different theaters: racism, size-ism,transgender issues, global education, and the war on women. The definition of oppressionand what is formed it takes a little time to process everything. One hundred percent of the participantsrecognize that Boise State community is inclusive of all people. To contain expenses,BCESS will disseminate copies of the final report electronically and mail a hard copy. If youagree moderately, you should circle number 4, if you neither agree nor disagree, you should circle number 3.
Therefore, evaluation is essential in any programor project to justify a request for funding and the importance of the planning process.This final evaluation aims to describe and understand how oppression moves participants intoaction.
The purpose of the pre-survey was todetermine how much knowledge and understanding participants had about oppression, and ifthey had the ability to formulate constructive, ethical responses. Harris, Vice President of Student Affairs, employed acritical review of the program, providing useful feedback used to assess the costs forrecommended additional funding. This is toauthentically recreate the oppression that many marginalized groups face and is solely for the purpose ofraising awareness.
It contains a description of the program, evaluation procedures, a presentation ofevaluation results, and discussion of the program and its results for future use by others whowant to raise awareness of oppression. Harris, Vice President of Student Affairs,showed that this program was viable to continue for spring 2013. You should at no time feel you have to respond to any actors engaging you.There will be a debriefing room available with staff to help you talk about your reactions and feelingsafter you have experienced the Tunnel. This report provides formative and summative data tohelp determine the future of TOP and how it presents different types of oppression in our societyand around the world.The evaluation of the Tunnel of Oppression program was successful in analyzing the datacollected and providing insight into the participants’ knowledge—the evaluation is an importanttool to build and expand this interactive program. However, if you are concerned that you will be strongly,negatively impacted by participation, please leave before the program gets underway. The programhelps participants recognize unintentional biases and participants exposed to the Tunnel play asignificant role in the future for addressing local, national and global issues of oppression.In conclusion, the analysis result determined that the program objective was met.
The evaluationof the Tunnel of Oppression was successful in analyzing the data collected and providing insightinto participants’ thoughts and feelings.
Please turn off your cell phone!If at any time after the event you need to discuss your reactions with someone, Boise State students maycontact the staff at Counseling Services at 426-1601, or visit the office located in Taylor Hall, RoomB103.
However,there are recommendations that will help the Multicultural Student Services expand theirresources for all students at Boise State University.

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