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If you read my blog, you’ll know that I recently came to terms with having an eating disorder.
I’ve always known there was something wrong with my eating habits but I did not face the fact that it was down to an eating disorder.
You should  start by telling a friend about your mental state, or a relative or even just say it aloud to yourself. You can only start thinking about recovery once you understand what it is you are recovering from.
It’s designed to monitor Anxiety, but I have found it helps keep track of everything. And I’m not going to pretend that I know anything about the origin of mental illnesses. You can record your mood, from feeling great to feeling awful and add a couple of keywords- this is good for looking back on e.g.

Be kinder to yourself with daily positive affirmations- not criticising yourself every morning can truly change your day. Negative thoughts are really ugly, so don’t inflict them upon yourself or anyone else for that matter.
I learned that I self-harmed because I had low self-esteem and by doing it, I no longer felt numb. You can also record how much you drank, slept, exercised, spent outdoors and whether or not you ate well. The biggest step you can take is to recognise that you are unwell and then decide that you want to recover. Frankie learned that people deal with feelings in different ways, I have always been a very closed person and I don’t convey emotion well. I like doing this because it makes me so much more aware of what I’m doing and how it affects my mental state.

Self-harm was my way of dealing with that, it meant I didn’t have to face what I was feeling. Mix up your routine, try something different. Just please don’t you ever give up on yourself! It builds up throughout the day, my hands can get restless and I find myself wanting to self-harm.
By learning what triggers me, I now know that sometimes I just have to eat something, rest or exercise and I will feel 10 times better.

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