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First I want to start off with a quote I heard on a recovery site (they were trying to add humor to recovery).
I just wish I could take off and live somewhere else around people who don’t trigger my thoughts. People get caught up in physical appearance when it does not reveal the level off struggle and suffering . Increasingly, research is showing otherwise (which comes as no surprise for those of us who have struggled with eating disorders).
The median age was mid 20’s for all groups (slightly younger for AN, unsurprising given the diagnostic crossover data in literature). Crow et al relied on the National Death Index database compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics for their data and classified the causes of death into suicide, substance use-related, traumatic and medical. This would suggest that this SMR value is actually more realistic and reflective of the AN population (although, it is unclear if it is reflective of the non-treatment-seeking sample, that’s naturally very hard to evaluate). As the authors note, it is quite possible that the elevated mortality and SMRs in EDNOS is actually contained in a small subset of the group, given than EDNOS was, literally, everyone with an eating disorder that didn’t fit AN or BN (in other words, a very heterogeneous group).
Table 2 further subdivides the deaths by the cause (suicide, substance use-related, traumatic or medical). An important note on exclusion: obese patients with binge eating disorder were not included in the EDNOS category (because they were referred to a different, obesity-focused clinic). The common perception of eating disorder not otherwise  specified as a “less severe” eating disorder thus seems unwarranted. And, context matters: note how different these findings are from the meta-analysis I blogged about in my previous post.
Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new posts Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Are All Anorexia Nervosa Patients Just Afraid Of Being Fat and Can We Blame The Western Media? Tip JarIf you enjoy the content on the blog, please considering supporting the website with a donation. An estimated 52 percent of eating-disorder sufferers have what’s called Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, or EDNOS, according to the National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders. The problem is that people who suffer from EDNOS tend to exhibit an atypical combination of disordered eating issues—like both fasting and purging, resulting in severe malnutrition. Take a look at the signs below, and seek help if you identify with any of them—your life could depend on it.
You won’t go out to dinner, because you aren’t comfortable eating any of the meals on restaurant menus, or you skip out on plans to fit in a workout. The people closest to you mention you’ve lost too much weight, say you work out too much or point out strange food habits, like avoiding specific restaurants or food groups. You spend most of the day thinking about food; what you can eat, when you can eat next, and what’s in each dish.

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Also to Kati if you think the pic will be triggering feel free to change it (feel free to change anything I write here). How can you be purging if you are gaining weight?” That was the most horrible thing I have ever heard in my life! My ED also started out as anorexia and then after a relapse from revovery I started bingeing. The inherent assumption in the word sub-threshold is that the patient is not as sick. Symptom frequency and behaviours are not that bad. Perhaps this is because the sample of BN and EDNOS patients is quite large (906 and 802, respectively), and perhaps therefore, more reflective on these populations. This is something that will be very important to evaluate in future studies, especially to strengthen the empirical validity of the upcoming DSM-V diagnostic criteria.
While this is interesting, the absence of SMRs makes it difficult to evaluate with respect to the non-ED population at large. It will be important to combine datasets from many areas around the country (and in other countries), particularly to evaluate any differences in mortality between different racial groups (ie, to conduct a multi-site study).
I guess the assumption is that this bias in underreporting is similar for both the observed and expected groups? Incidence, Prevalence and… by Tetyana October 10, 2012 Six month of blogging and I have yet to do a proper post on the prevalence of eating disorders.
No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. And although it’s the least commonly known ED, the mortality rate for EDNOS is highest of all eating disorders—5.2 percent of people who suffer from EDNOS ultimately die from it.
Or EDNOS sufferers could exhibit standard ED behaviors, but have body types that disqualify them from diagnosis: “You may have all the symptoms of anorexia, but your BMI is still in the healthy range or you are still menstruating, so you won’t be diagnosed,” Costin says. Sure I am physically doing better but mentally I think I am the worst I’ve ever been!
Despite everything I was going through this year I still managed to get a B+ in university (which in my mind is a bad grade but that’s not the point). Given that most ED mortality research has focused on anorexia nervosa, Crow et al wanted to compare mortality (from all-causes and suicide specifically) in patients with anorexia nervosa as well as bulimia nervosa and EDNOS. It is also not defined exactly what traumatic and medical mean, which would have been nice – just to know your guess based on the name is correct. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Because the symptoms are so varied from one patient to the next, doctors have a harder time settling on a diagnosis.

If you’ve gone vegan in the name of better health, but find you actually can’t make yourself eat a cookie, you may have EDNOS.
I feel sad sometimes but usually the thoughts get stronger when I am mad at myself – they come from self-hatred. I tried telling them not to talk about my ED because it makes the thoughts worse but they just keep talking about it! I want to move out but I can’t afford it until I am done uni and I still have two years left. I know i was sufferening in seceret for 6 year with bulimia it was not until i started with restricting and over excersiseing and started losing alot of wieght really quickly. Furthermore, they were interested in studying a heterogenous sample over an extended period, as opposed to fairly homogenous, short follow-up studies.
Honestly, the only time they spend one on one time with me anymore is when they want to talk about my ED! I feel like I used to be a perfect in control anorexic and now I am an out of control greedy pig who just needs to learn a little self-discipline. There are other things that I would have to do first before I could… and my best friend needs me. I really want to restict and lose weight to prove people wrong, and my body refuses to lose weight. She has Depression and I am pretty sure that if I was to end my life she would end her’s too.
I just told my therapist that I felt happier when anorexic…and in two weeks I will no longer have a therapist either.
I wanted to tell him that it is getting harder to purge and that purging only gets rid of ___% of the calories and that is why I am gaining weight. I wanted to tell him that I was really sad, anxious and my hunger came back (I lost my appetite for a while) and so I have been shoving cookies in my mouth constantly. I know that 3 meals and 2 snacks seems way too much in the beginning but just try to slowly get to this routine. I know I am working towards a healthy mind and HEALTHY body but the sick part of me still believes healthy in the context my Dad was using = weigh gain = fat.) I wanted to get better again so I told my Dad I was purging and wanted to get help.
And congrats on completing a year (or another year??) of school…that takes a lot of hard work, but you got through it.

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