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Giving students the right tools and opportunities to process their thinking, ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and present their work are all part of the learning process in an interactive classroom.  Here are some tips and related tools to get you started. Edmodo is a powerful learning platform.  It provides features that allow teachers and students to create and participate in discussion, share resources, gather feedback through polling and quizzing and differentiate instruction through the use of small groups. With Edcanvas, students can bring together a variety of resources that can be presented to others.  Teachers can either create a free account on the Edcanvas website or, if you have an Edmodo account, add this free app to your group from the Edmodo store. This entry was posted in Classroom Tools, Tips, Web Tools and tagged edcanvas, Edmodo, Google Forms, MentorMob, Padlet. I have often loved having Top 10 lists in my life, and Edmodo has recently attained the status of deserving one. 9-I am frequently asked by students to give them the recipe for a cooking lesson they loved. 8-If students are ill, or absent for a Far East sports tournament, learning can continue with online assignments.
7-The library is a good place to store links, pictures and articles that you may want to reference again the next time a unit is taught. 3-Quizzes can be given on Edmodo and as soon as they submit it, they can have instant feedback on how they did. 2-When groups of students choose a recipe for a cooking experience, I have them upload it to Edmodo and then with the app available on my iPhone, I can easily access the ingredients while shopping and have no need to write out a list. 1-In my efforts to have a paperless classroom, Edmodo fits both #4 and #6 in this article and has provided a venue for students to share reflections of their cooking experiences–heavy folders that I used to lug home every week to grade have disappeared from the top of my desk, leaving it less cluttered and my back less sore from carrying work back and forth.
Have you thought about ways to start using Edmodo as a place for students to create a new product or point of view? To be honest, however, the caliber of my students’ edmodo conversations is not very high. Jeff, I highly recommend checking into the 6 Thinking Hat framework to expand the quality of students’ thinking and writing. You did a fantastic job sharing the benefits of Edmodo, especially adding a video link in your post.

Recent updates to Edmodo make it even easier to collaborate and communication within your groups. Give students tools that provide you with feedback about their opinions, goals, or learning. We’ve seen teachers create them for surveys, quizzes, goal setting, and project management. When creating a canvas, all the tools you’ll need are right there.  You’ll be able to search using Google or Gooru, Flickr, or Educreations, and add files stored on your computer, or from a Dropbox or Google Drive account. I can post a recipe, and ask the students to read through it and post any questions that they have with ingredients or cooking directions.
Posting articles from sites like Fooducate and asking students to analyze current food trends is a valid way to continue learning even when they can’t be together in class. In addition to creating groups with students, we have recently started a staff group at CAJ. Even for those who rate themselves tech challenged, the format is easy to navigate and for anyone familiar with facebook, it is an easy transition.
When assignments are posted, the due date and a list of who has turned it in is available at my fingertips. We’ve been using edmodo at my school for over a year now, and I have a group that is just for my third grade class.
I guess I could write another blog post about the 10 biggest mistakes I have made on Edmodo and let you know about the parts that haven’t gone as well. I always love to read posts where people just give straight forward reasons on how something works. So great to see how you are using Edmodo in your classroom and all of the ways it’s working for you! Once they come to class, they are ready to get started right away if they are already familiar with the recipe. When I grade it, students receive notifications and don’t have to wait until I upload grades.

My students are posting pictures from their sleepovers and changing their avatars to their favorite pop stars, but there’s not much learning going on. The biggest one was creating a quiz and forgetting to reset the correct answer on two of the questions, so everyone who took it didn’t do so well. It is simple to read and lets you know right away whether or not this tool suits your purpose.
We are always tight for time on cooking days and being able to have the class all ready to start makes for a much smoother day.
This is so convenient (although now that I learned about Diigo last weekend, I need to further investigate which is best for my needs). For example, I like to teach my class songs, and before teaching a new one, I will post a youtube video on edmodo so they can learn the melody. Your list of 10 things you like about edmodo has given me some ideas about how to move forward.
I’m currently using it with middle and high schoolers to reflect on their cooking experiences, but have also met a co-worker who used the adult version in a company he was previously employed with. Initially, I questioned the value of using all my professional development funding for Coetail, but I am so glad I did. Given the structure to guide their writing, I have found that kids often have great ideas that I would never have thought of. The learning has been huge, and even though there are some things we did that I am not ready for, I am so much farther ahead than I was 2 months ago.
I copy the questions into Edmodo, and they respond as a graded assignment, so providing something like that may generate better quality responses.
We ended up having a great class discussion on the pros and cons of mechanically separated chicken.

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