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Arcademic BuildersClick to play single-player and multi-player games online!Practice math facts with your friends. Print and bring each completed Daily SuDoku back to our Bay Farm Media Center and get raffle tickets to win free books from past Book Fairs! Go to The Daily Sudoku and choose "Kids" to print and play a Sudoku puzzle each day during summer break. If you want to play the game you must get your parents’ permission to download it to your pc or mac computer. Use the comments box below to let me know what you think of the game, your scores, and progress through the game and I will post them on this page during the summer. Make a summer Word Cloud, save it on your computer, print it, and bring it in when I see you in August. During the battle between the Gods and the Titans, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Poseidon had kids. Check back throughout the summer to read and learn more about the characters and preview the beginning of the story. Alex takes sword fighting lessons with his sister's best friend, Sapphire Sea, and is skilled at it.
Daughter of Poseidon, age 14, Sapphire Sea is the head captain of the Griffin High swim team.
You will usually find her swimming laps in the school pool, or shopping with Allison and Melissa. Brother of Sapphire, age, 16, best friend with Alex, Treyton has blue eyes and blonde hair.
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March 31, 2011 by jalger Edmodo is regarded as a social networking site for teachers and students.
The Edmodo website is actually very similar to the layout and functionality of Facebook , which immediately makes it familiar to most students.

While Edmodo has may features, the creators have done a good job simplifying the process to get teachers started. Students will need to create an Edmodo account, but they can do this easily by entering the code you give to them and a few details about themselves.
Most people will feel familiar with the layout of Edmodo because it looks and feels a lot like using Facebook.
The excellent “Edmodo for teachers” guide has detailed information and images showing you how to get started. Some students may use it more as a social networking site than a site for academic purposes. There is little doubt that technology and social media has become an integral part of most peoples’ lives, especially students. However to use Edmodo effectively teachers need to set clear rules and expectations for their students about the use of and purpose of Edmodo. In their own words the creators of Edmodo “set out to create a tool that would engage students with the technology that has become an integral part of their lives while keeping them safe and protected.” And I feel that they have managed to achieve their goal. To all who has used this site, I am doing some research on the benefits on social networking sites for students-teachers. The role of the 21st century teacher is an exciting change from traditional teaching methods of the past. With so much information readily available to anyone the skills of digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative learning are a must for every student. I have been using Edmodo since September 2010, after it was mentioned on twitter and i decided to explore how to use this in PE. It has had a significant impact on the delivery of the BTEC course and the students have benefited  from using this FREE resource in PE. Edmodo is amazing FREE resource that i have introduced to the rest of the PE department at Djanogly City Academy Nottingham and it is now being used in GCSE PE classes. It’s called "Geek Mythology" and something new will be added to the tab each week so be sure to check it weekly.
Use the on the control bar of the video to make it full screen to see everything in detail.
They worried the Titans would get to them, so they sent them to Earth with halfblood parents to disguise the kids as normal mortals living in Greece. His weapon is a pure sword with a rare metal, and greek carving designs on the gold (yes gold) handle. It provides a free and secure social learning space for a class to connect and collaborate. Accessible online and from any mobile device via free smart phone applications, Edmodo really does help promote anytime, anyplace learning.
Simply fill out a few details including your email address, a chosen user name and password.
Edmodo allows teachers to utilize social networking for teachers and students in an educational context and it engages students in part because of its similarity to Facebook.
Otherwise it can result in just another medium for social interaction without constructive learning. It would be great if you can just answer this simple question: How has Edmodo help students with their mental performance?

It is not only limited to files, as when you post a video from YouTube it is automatically saved and is available to students without giving them a extensive list of links to look at. The students are then possible to see their grade on Edmodo, meaning that they dont have to wait till the next class to find their grade out. I would recommend that any examination class should use Edmodo and see the potential it has to enhance learning and teaching. Now you can play the game of  "I Spy" online at Scholastic where pages from the books come alive! The Titans were making a portal from Olympus to Earth, but Zeus caught them, and put it down on Earth in a box. Teachers and students can post messages, discuss topics, assign and grade class work, and share digital content such as links, pictures, videos, documents and presentations. It is good practice to reset your group code after all members have joined your group, just to prevent other unwanted people from gaining access. Students are able to post messages privately to the teacher or publicly to the group, but they cannot private message each other from within Edmodo. When used effectively Edmodo encourages group collaboration and proactive learning outside of the classroom. In addition, when students post resources to the group they are also automatically saved in the library and are available for them to read. Allison usually wears her lucky heart headband with her pink chiton, and if not, she would be wearing her red short dress with white tights. This is a good feature in my opinion as it allows the teacher to see and manage all comments and thus discourages issues such as cyber-bullying from occurring. Once you have created the group, the students can then join that group by receiving the class code from the teacher. Therefore, creating a collaborative learning environment and the students exchanging resources. We’ve talked about never giving out personal information or full names, and the responsibility of always being polite online. Her best friends are Melissa Moon and Sapphire Sea, and they love to shop in the Immortal MarkePlace. If she isn't wearing her blue chiton, she would be wearing her light blue short chiton with her hair in a ponytail (she is also into fashion).
It then allows the students to see your messages in their feed and access resources from the class library. Which is great because when it is posted you know who the author is and minimises the opportunity to plagiarise. And that is all you need to get started with your social networking site for teachers and students. His favorite colors are light blue, teal, and dark blue.Where in the World?:Where in the world are you going?Where did you travel this summer?

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