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I was doing a test to upload pictures and i found out that when i upload pictures more than 2000px the webpage turn to be slow.
So let's say I have a JPEG file of 4mb~ and I don't want to read it all to create a preview. Android supports three image formats with this rating: PNG (preferred), JPG (acceptable) and GIF (discouraged). In Joomla 2.5, how can I do a form field type SQL with the condition WHERE in the SQL query? I would like to write IPTC data, such as title, description or keywords to an jpg file, but it does not work.

The same images with different filenames were uploaded fine, so I suppose it's the filename (java, php) and not the filetype (jpg) causing the error. As the title now I have a trouble with exporting a base64 image data to PNG, JPG, and PDF in GWT so I need your help from you.

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