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Creating an Envelope starts out the same way as a general letter, you create a blank new document.
Now that you have entered in all the information that is going to go on the envelope, you need to select the size of the envelope template.
This step is optional, but depending on how your printer handles envelopes you may need to set this to something different then the default.
Once you are finished setting up the Envelope Options you need to add the envelope the document. Step D:  Click on the second section (letter page) by putting the cursor anywhere within the second page.

Step E:  Place the cursor back on the Envelope Page (1st page) right under the Return Addrss (see picture) and Press Delete.
After you have created the Envelope Template using Microsoft Word, you will need to import this template into SI Lead Manager. If you know anything about working with sections, you know that a section break stores information about the paper size and orientation, margins, etc. When you delete the section break, Section 1 is going to take on the formatting of Section 2, so what you want to do is make Section 2 the same as Section 1.
These same settings are stored in the final paragraph mark of the last section of a document.

Section 1 is an envelope (probably in Landscape orientation, with an envelope paper size), and Section 2 is a “letter” (a Letter or A4-sized page). If you try to delete the “letter” portion of your document (which may be just a blank page), including the section break, you’ll end up turning your envelope into a “letter.” You don’t want that!

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