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American inventor Thomas Alva Edison was incredibly prolific, with his name on nearly 1,100 (1,093) patents.
American farmers could store recently-harvested, eligible commodities (36 of them) in a government warehouse (12 of them) for up to 1 year. They would receive a mortgage certificate recording quantity and quality, and an equity certificate recording ownership. The mortgage certificate could be used at a National Bank to 50% of the value of the commodity based on the 25-year average price. To retrieve the commodity, they would the equity certificate and 50% in cash of the equity value.
The system was design in a manner as to benefit the farmer, regardless of the current price and 25-year average price of a commodity. If you read the paper describing Edison’s currency system in detail, very little of it resembles Bitcoin — except for not using a gold-backed currency.
However, as much of a genius as he was, if he did later come up with a more Bitcoin-like currency system, there was no way, of course, for him to implement the idea. Some of the alternatives (aka “altcoins”) are now defunct, including the very short-lived Coinye, which used music celebrity Kanye West’s caricatured likeness in their logo. The Royal Canadian Mint even launched an “electronic currency” called MintChip in 2012, which is backed by the Canadian government.
Bitcoin appeared in 2009, supposedly invented by someone named Satoshi Nakamoto — which is possibly a pseudonym — who is supposedly from Japan, but evidence suggests he was in Germany at the time. Bitcoin requires a network of contributors and their computers to maintain the system, to keep it decentralized. Bitcoin prevents double-spending, which would result if the same bitcoins were spent in two different places simultaneously, either through some form of digital copying, or some other means. Double-spending is avoided by having the transaction ID and amount of bitcoins exchanged in each transaction displayed publicly. Bitcoin is based on computer-generated algorithms that involve cryptography for security, and allows for anonymous currency transactions — at least in theory.
The bitcoin system uses “SHA256? and “ECDSA” cryptographic algorithms, the first of which is endorsed by the U.S. Bitcoins are created at a rate of 25 approximately every 10 minutes, with over 12M in circulation at the time of writing.
Satoshi Nakamoto is said to own about 1.15M bitcoins, having mined 32,485 blocks of 50 bitcoins each in 2009, most of which he held onto.
The Winklevoss brothers are estimated to own about 1% of the available 12M bitcoins, or about 120K.
Exante, a Maltese Bitcoin hedge fund (first of its kind), launched in Mar 2013, started with 80,000 bitcoins.
Explaining the mathematics behind how the Bitcoin system works is beyond the scope of this article.
There is a market for Bitcoin and anonymous digital currency in general, and usage and value show this to be true.
Personal information about Bitcoin transactions cannot be stolen, such as happened with Target Corp’s credit card data breach of millions of customers.
Bitcoin’s value has increased dramatically, reaching US$1240 on Dec 4, 2013, then fell to almost half after China cracked down and after China’s central bank was cyber-attacked. Salaries — a police chief in Kentucky became possibly the first government employee to receive his salary in digital currency (after taxes and deductions, of course). Losing your private key that unlocks a bitcoin wallet means possibly losing your holdings permanently.

In early Dec 2013, between $6-40M in merchants’ bitcoins were stolen from Sheep Marketplace, a black market copycat that popped up after authorities shut down Silk Road and seized $28M in bitcoins}. While Bitcoin is decentralized, if anyone gains 51% of the auditing power, they can “double spend,” which make the currency useless. Bitcoin payment confirmations can take as long as 10 minutes, which makes transactions such as POS (point of sale) awkward, but double-spending would still be avoided because of the way the system is designed.
Mandatory “key disclosure” laws in some countries (UK, Australia, South Africa) have been used to jail people who refused to turn over cryptographic keys. Members of the Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit working “to standardize and promote the open source Bitcoin protocol,” were served a ceased and desist warning for allegedly engaging in the business of money transmission without a license. Of funded startups that list a country of operations (33 of 34), the United States is most represented with 21 startups. The Winklevoss twins (early investors in Facebook) not only have a (future) Bitcoin ETF (exchange traded fund) listed, but they’ve previously invested $1.5M in Bitinstant Bitcoin exchange — which is at least temporarily if not permanently shutdown. China has one of the largest bitcoin exchanges, BTC China, in terms number of coins traded in one day — 100,000, for a then value of $100M, and about double the next biggest exchange, Japan’s Mt. Andreessen Horowitz has invested in Facebook, Airbnb, Foursquare and Box, as well investing in another bitcoin startup, OpenCoin. Cyber security company Kaspersky Lab says to expect increased attacks from hackers trying to steal bitcoins. A few articles that have gone viral are saying 36 cities in 20 states in the United States have “abandoned” using the dollar. The articles talking about the “renegade currency” also doesn’t name the cities that have abandoned the dollar. The article, which was published on MoneyMapPress, doesn’t after any concrete examples of cities getting rid of their dollar. At the bottom of the Money Map Press article, there are “testimonials” that read similar to an online ad campaign. Damit aber ist der Wechselkurs von Bitcoin ein Spielball von Spekulanten und Währungszockern.
Wobei die Bitcoins aber auch dann beim Empfänger eingehen, wenn dessen Computer abgeschaltet ist. Some of his inventions include the phonograph, motion picture camera, kinetographic camera, incandescent light bulb, universal stock ticker, electric power system, electric railway, electric locomotive, alkaline batteries, at least three types of telegraphs, a perforating pen, carbon telephone, and many more. Bitcoin has climbed in value from $13 per 1 BTC (one bitcoin) in Jan 2013 to over $1,000 in Jan 2014, with a brief high of $1,240 in early Dec 2013, just before it lost nearly half its value, then started climbing again, surpassing $1,000 in Jan 2014. A paper published by University of Washington (Tacoma) indicates that a lesser-known Edison invention was a “… ‘commodity reserve’ monetary plan… to guarantee price stability” and to help American farmers. Now, in addition to being a prolific inventor, Edison was also a very persistent person, working on inventions until he got them right. At best, though, he might have inspired a chain reaction of people, like the infomercial claims, which eventually resulted in the Bitcoin system.
The first appeared in the early 1990s, and at least 80 such currencies have been created in total. However, Litecoin actually outperformed Bitcoin in ROI, at least in 2013, climbing from about $0.07 per unit on Jan 1, 2013, to $23 at some point in Dec 2013 — a multiple of about 328 times, compared to Bitcoin’s 95 (at it’s Dec 4, 2013 peak of $1240). There are many speculations of his true identity, with one theory that his name is a mashup of four Asian electronics companies: SAmsung TOSHIba NAKAmichi MOTOrola =?
The smallest fraction of a bitcoin is one-one hundred millionth (1 divided by 100M), which is known as a “satoshi”. This is just over 2 quadrillion atomic units (satoshi), or about 2.1?10^15 = nearly 21M bitcoins.

Justice department after seizing a stash of 144K bitcoins from the alleged founder of the black market Web site Silk Road — an event that possible inspired an episode the TV drama “Person of Interest.” The stash was worth about $28M when seized.
A more complete technical explanation is available at bitcoin.org, authored by Satoshi Nakamoto. The value of the system increases as more transactions occur in Bitcoin prices rather than the cash equivalent. Some of them are one-off transactions, such as a condo unit in New York City that was only purchasable with Bitcoin. However, services similar to Paypal but which use Bitcoin could be created, who would offer fraud protection and chargeback services.
Given that’s not what this organization does, it’s worrisome for other bitcoin-based companies. The first of these worldwide is said to be in Vancouver, British Columbia (announced around Oct 2013). The twins said in Nov 2013 that the bitcoin market will reach $400B — 100 times what it was then. It was due to this startup’s growth that the Chinese government made it’s warning to banks, in early Dec 2013, about dealing in bitcoins.
The Venezuelan government postponed another week the entry into force of the new exchange market announced more than a month ago to control the 'black dollar', in a context of inflation and shortages, leading causes of the protests against President Nicolas Maduro which have so far caused 31 deaths.
Die Problematik ist, dass Bitcoin im Vergleich zu den renommierten Währungen wie Euro, Dollar, Franken oder Yen noch sehr klein ist.
Man muss den Wechselkurs von Bitcoin eher mit der Währung eines instabilen Landes in Afrika, Asien oder Lateinamerika vergleichen.
Die Transaktion wird im zentralen Protokoll festgehalten und sobald der Empfänger online ist, wird ihm der Zahlungseingang angezeigt. Since he was not the first person to think of a commodities-backed currency, he was already working to improve an existing idea.
As a result, the currency lost almost half it’s value shortly after, but has since regained most of the top value. Das derzeitige Bitcoin-Volumen von umgerechnet etwa 1,2 Milliarden Dollar hört sich viel an, ist aber im Vergleich zu den knapp zehn Billionen Euro in Europa verschwindend wenig. Das erklärt teilweise, warum der Wechselkurs von Bitcoin so erheblichen Schwankungen ausgesetzt ist. So it’s entirely possible that this genius inventor late improved upon his currency idea and maybe thought of a way to remove the government’s involvement and to decentralize the system.
A harsh dose of medicine to many overblown power structures."Editor's Note: Have you seen this unstoppable phenomenon? Governments fear this money could hasten the end to paper money- and start a powerful revolution."Some analysts believe the revolution has already begun.
He's interviewed dozens of CEOs, investment funds and other major players involved with investing in bitcoin.
He talked extensively to his network of contacts in Silicon Valley to get a read on where this currency is heading.He's now made all that research available to average Americans.

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