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At JDM Aust we only offer what we believe is the best possible technology available, IFE Eddy Current Separators are used worldwide and are considered one of the best in the world today. The eddy current effect appears if nonferrous conductors of electricity are exposed to a magnetic alternating field.The eddy currents in turn generate magnetic fields whose flux are opposed to the fields generating them, thus causing repulsive forces which discharge nonferrous metals out of the material flow. The IFE eddy current metal separator consists of a belt conveyor with two tail pulleys.The driving drum on the feeding side is driven by a geared motor, the belt speed can be electronically adjusted by continuous control. Upon customer request the separation of transparent and white HDPE bottles has been realized FOR THE FIRST TIME in a sorting plant.
We were very impressed with the way JDM addressed our needs for new machinery at our recycling facility. Javelin Eddy Current SeparatorJavelin Eddy Current Separator has the strongest and deepest field in the industry which insures the longest throw which assures more and cleaner UBC recovery for the owners. Eddy Current Separators are designed to separate non-ferrous conducting metals such as aluminium, copper and magnesium from a given product stream.
Increasingly used in the recycling industry, Master Magnets ECS units are built to combine the highest separating ability with a long and trouble-free operating life. The Mastermag Eddy Current Separator range consists of 4 models, available in a range of sizes to handle specific material throughput rates.
Eddy Current Separators, such as the Bunting Eddy Current Separator, use a magnetic rotor along with forces of alternating polarity spinning quickly inside of a conveyor belt driven non-conductive drum to separate non-ferrous metals from ferrous metals.
Bunting’s Eddy Current Separator is crafted with advanced magnetic finite element design software that optimizes the gauss flux density in the working area above the belt.
The eddy current separator is easy to maintain with its easily lowered drop down side panel providing quick and easy belt change. Worldwide Recycling Equipment Sales, LLC is constantly replenishing its stock; to see full company inventory of all products, click here. Copyright ©2016 Zycon Global Services, LLCBy using Zycon, you agree to our Terms of Use.
Plastic ShredderThis plastic shredder is applied to granulating various plastic pipes, plastic film, plastic bottles etc.

Metal ShredderWith new type structure, this metal shredder can be used to handle various metal scraps, aluminium cans etc. Wood ChipperThis wood chipper is used for reducing wood (generally tree limbs or trunks or other wood scraps) into smaller parts, such as wood chips or sawdust.
Electrostatic SeparatorWe offer high voltage electrostatic separator for separate metal powder and non-metal powder from 100 meshes to 2 mm. IFE Eddy Current Separators are used worldwide for this application and are considered one of the best in the world today as we use only the best magnetic material available.
An extremely strong, fast rotating permanent magnetic system is located in the head pulley. Their after sales service has been impeccable and the products we were recommended perfectly match our requirements. From concept, to quotes to delivery to technical support, we could not have asked for better. The external drum rotates at the speed of the belt, acting as the head pulley, while the internal rotor operates at a higher speed than the drum. The high level of gauss intensity in the core enhances the separation of a wide range of non-ferrous materials in a variety of sizes.
In fact, only one tool is required to loosen the belt, drop the side panel, replace and re-track the belt and have the separator back up and running in just a matter of minutes. The NEW Bunting Eddy Current Separator has an 8 pole, very high intensity magnetic core with a rotor concentric design in a carbon fiber core.
I have forwarded your contact information on to our marketing specialists and someone will be in touch with you soon regarding this offer. No portion of this site or its content may be copied, modified, reproduced, transmitted, distributed, or reverse engineered without the express written permission of Zycon. IFE supply a wide range of Eddy Current Separators ranging from production widths of 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and the world’s first 2500mm wide production unit. The core is protected with the tough urethane belt and a carbon fiber epoxy shell, increasing lifespan and decreasing wear.

I have passed your contact information on to our marketing specialists and someone will be in touch with you soon to discuss pricing and shipping. We also have an equipment locator on staff that can assist you in locating any specific parts that you might need for your project. The number of revolutions of the magnetic field is also continuously adjustable and can thus be adapted to the individual cases.
This separator collects the ferrous metals that stick to the magnet and rejects the non-ferrous metals as the alternating magnetic fields throw them out of the product flow. This model of eddy current separator attains a high recovery rate and provides users with cleaner separated material. The rubber-lagged inverter, motorized drive pulley at the in-feed provides exceptional driving force, and the separator uses the highest quality urethane belt with flexwall. Be sure to check your junk folder and spam folder in your inbox in case if our email ends up there. Be sure to check your spam folder or junk folder in your inbox in case if our email ends up there. The whole machine is a modular construction on a base frame (feeder, Eddy Current Separator, splitter unit) which can be easily transported and installed. The separator also comes equipped with a second brush seal outside the flexwall, creating a double seal of protection from material getting inside the conveyor frame. An extensively equipped control makes possible an optimum adaptation to the respective charging material, thus ensuring best separation results.
The magnet is a Hi-Intensity, Rare Earth Neodymium Eddy Current Core with carbon fiber discharge pulley.

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