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Faltan unos meses pero las fechas estan anunciadas: el proximo 19, 20 y 21 de junio del 2015 el Electric Daisy Carnival va a vibrar desde la ciudad del pecado.
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, es el festival de musica mas grande de los Estados Unidos, que atrae a mas de 400.000 aficionados durante los tres dias.
De la mano de Insomniac, la productora que presente los shows mas innovadores y masivos a nivel mundial, un evento que se ve reforzado por las instalaciones a gran escala, la iluminacion de estado-of-the-art, la pirotecnia, el diseno de sonido, y los efectos especiales de ultima generacion.
Sin duda, un mega evento que solo se puede llevar a cabo con la ayuda de una productora que a lo largo de sus 20 anos de historia, ha producido mas de 250 festivales, conciertos y noches de fiesta de California, Colorado, Florida, Mexico, Michigan, Nevada, Nueva York, Texas, Puerto Rico, y el Reino Unido.
Big foot steps seem to keep growing as the festival behemoth Insomniac Events and their fearless leader Pasquale Rotella are considering the expansion of their crown jewel otherwise known as the Electric Daisy Carnival. Taking a gander at the logistics of the event from a financial perspective, the team of sleepless owls are looking to make their events more cost effective. Whatever all those fancy terms mean, the masses are sure to not put any type of argument against one of the biggest raves two times in one month! Obviously, admission to a show of this caliber is not cheap, as venue production, booking fees, and numerous other expenses add up quickly.
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Going since 1998, DNB Tuesdays is the longest consecutively running drum n bass weekly in the United States. Being able to get the most production value for their buck is something Insomniac has come to do better than any event production company in the space. On top of that, Rotella also tells the Las Vegas Weekly that there might even be a little more pageantry at the show if it is expanded to two weekends. Events are massive spectacles, with tens of thousands of dancers paying hundreds of dollars for tickets. However, what’s rarely discussed is the amount of money per ticket that is charged by the state’s live entertainment tax.
In an effort to increase the funding for state education without increasing business license or property taxation, Sandoval has proposed as much as a 10% increase in entertainment taxation—potentially adding an additional $35.00 to the price of an EDC ticket.
Two years ago, the same debate arose, and Insomniac, the company behind EDC, balked and cancelled plans for two additional shows in the state. It’s you, the fans, that end up paying for the tax hikes—but at the same time, such taxation can yield tangible results for residents. This well known event showcases emerging talent alongside headliners such as Total Science, John B, and more, from the local Pacific Northwest DNB community to as far away as Europe.

And, if any one event could fully represent the fusion of the commercial and artistic, the debauchery and glamor of the scene, it would be the Electric Daisy Carnival.
In Nevada for instance, shows with an attendance exceeding 7,500 people must charge a 5% tax, and events under 7,500 must charge 10%. Considering that Electric Daisy Carnival had an economic impact of over 300 million dollars last year, and that Insomniac’s contract with Las Vegas Motor Speedway expires this year, the move to increase entertainment taxation is a risky one.
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the manner, and whether or not you’d be willing to pay an additional $35 for the show.
Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, since 2011, the festival has been a testament to the stadium-packing abilities of talented producers and DJs from all over the world. Insomniac is no stranger to changing locations of events; EDC itself shifted venues numerous times over the past decade or so.
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